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  3. Cheers. Air seems the best solution, getting access to it may require a bit of thought.
  4. I tried to use one of these (bottom left in picture which is longer than it looks) but as you know the drain holes are hard to find and access...my issues were resolved by the Indie blowing air down the hole I think...others have used similar bladder/trombone cleaners to help clear although I'm not sure whats down the bottom end... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B075NC1FNX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. No, it was quite a quick look as weather was closing in and I had nothing suitable to hand. Is something like this advisable to use? Bit wary of poking anything down the drain holes tbh. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Herco-Single-Trombone-Nylon-Brush/dp/B000K3E9KO/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=trombone+cleaner&qid=1579044076&sr=8-3
  6. did you not poke a trombone cleaner down it?
  7. Thanks that is going to be helpful, just a couple of questions, the flexible pipe, do you have to detach it from something or is there room to push it to one side ? what runs inside the flexible pipe ? thanks
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  9. Having noticed a bit of condensation in the car over the last couple of weeks I decided as a precautionary measure to check the soft top drains. I'd already had a good feel around the carpets and there was absolutely no sign of moisture and to be fair my DD Corsa has been worse than the Porsche, but I felt it was worth doing for peace of mind. Please bear in mind this is simply what I have done to satisfy myself that the drains were clear. So first off all I opened the hood until it reached the point it was as far down as possible until the two side (tonneau?) flaps wanted to start to close. A wee bit of practice had them fully open at the right position. Once opened, it is not immediately apparent where the drain holes are as they are covered by flexible tubing as shown below. In the above pic, the drain hole is to the front of the flexible tubing on the left as you look at it. You need to reach in and "tuck" the flexible tubing out of the way to allow the drain hole to be seen, as in the next pic. This was hard to get a torch in to give light whilst taking a pic as I was on my own, however if you look to the far left you can see the maglite torch, follow the beam down and you will see the drain hole illuminated. Now it was a case of seeing what I had it the garage I could utilise and voila; I managed to insert the end of the flexible funnel into the drain hole whilst ensuring the flexible tubing normally covering it was still pushed to one side. Now it was simply a case of pouring a little water into the funnel to check it was not blocked and was running out underneath the car. Once I was sure there was no blockage I slowly emptied the bottle of water into the funnel, refilled the bottle and repeated. Video below. Once you are satisfied the drains are clear it is simply a case of ensuring the flexible tubes are reinstated in their original positions and close the hood.
  10. Admiral multi car here - five cars, 4 drivers, two kids (23 yr old twins) insured on their own and each others car, me and the mrs on all the cars, paid 1500 fully comp. - When we added the 5th car few years ago (mrs got a little pug 107) they did some magic with ncd and the incremental cost for a 3 yr old 107 was £38 for the remaining 10 months. I tried Locktons for the Boxster but they weren't able to compete - would have been great for 5K - but I am not their target demographic because I put about 10K a year on the box.
  11. Super video! Have you or anyone managed to wire them up to the factory heated seat buttons?
  12. For anyone browsing this subject - just beware that the plastic / paint covering on your old anti-roll bar might have seen better days. This means it will fall off when you remove the old bushes and will leave you with a smaller diameter ARB where the bush fits, possibly meaning the bush won’t grip the bar as tightly and possibly failing MOT. I’d suggest if not an issue, leave well alone unless you can get a replacement cheap ARB or are upgrading it anyway.
  13. I've tried many many times for multi car and multi bike policies without luck and still cant better my individual policies. I have 4 bikes (1 valued at 12k) and 3 cars including the Boxster for under £1000, I am 50 this year.
  14. Hi every1 need help ive got 2000 986 im changing brake pipes i cut brake pipes at the junction box underneath car behind seat it splits into 2 for back brakes 1 PIPE has m12 male connector the other an M10 is the m12 go to nsr Or osr
  15. Hi where did you get the live wire from ? Thanks Paul
  16. If fitting to the (981) GTS, I would recommend using 2 looped small/thin zip-ties top, centre, as a safety-tether. it should be easy enough to do this and hide the zip ties from general view - may require a tiny pilot-hole drilling in the hidden upper section of the opening - deeper in from the front of the opening so well out of view. I had the misfortune of losing my Centre grille after correctly installing the entire 5 piece set for the front of my BGTS. Zunsport were excellent and sent me a replacement Centre section no question, but I’ve used the above method to ensure if for some reason said replacement pops out, it won’t fall out onto the road and be lost.
  17. Next chapter, have added younger daughter to Admiral multicar, her renewal was £469, joining my administered policy, £294, isn't a year of course as renewal is August, but even so....
  18. Ive tried multicar before but it actually worked out much cheaper insuring individually ?
  19. Need to start getting quotes in as early as possible (28 days)? The closer to the renewal date the more they will quote you?
  20. im clearly getting royally bent over!
  21. im with admiral multicar, my 981S, Audi S3 2014, Honda FRV (daily) and my daughters Mini One (shes just passed) and i pay gbp 145 a month
  22. I'm around £580 per annum fully comp. for the 718 and my daily, a 19 plate Corsa Griffin. 10,000 miles pa each, Lynn can drive either. Aviva multi policy.
  23. Got 4 cars on my multi car policy, the latest added car was my q7 back in June which I paid 1k for 6 months insurance which was mental of me but I couldn’t be arsed to ring around and I thought I’d get a cheaper quote come renewal which is 2 weeks away now.... well I’ve just had the renewal through for all 4 cars (2018 q5, 2018 i3s, 2001 polo, 2018 q7) they want over 4K and 2.5k is for the q7!!!!!! wtf even when I had the Macan and rs3 it was miles cheaper time to get busy
  24. Fingers crossed we can be competitive on your 2nd car too 😊🤞 Track day insurance is worth discussing at renewal as we don't just offer individual track day cover but can attach bundles at renewal which can save a lot of money if you're planning on doing 2 or more Carlie
  25. That's a shame 😞 do make sure you try us in Thatcham every year though as insurers do change their criteria all the time, as much as we'd love to win them all that's not always possible even though we try lol Worth checking your details too at renewal, people forget to tell us they've changed jobs for example and little things can effect a quote. Carlie
  26. Yep, could probably find the individual parts after a bit of trailing around, and would be a lot cheaper. The ferreterias do have lots of obscure odds and ends. Took the lazy and easy option with the kit, horrible price for what it is though!
  27. I followed that how to you found its very good I got an hinge from B@Q I know thetes not one in Spain but plenty of ferreterías in Spain or ebay mine is still going strong after a few years and cheap as chips. If I can do it anyone can.
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