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  3. I was looking forward to getting cheap insurance with SAGA after everyone said how cheap they were and then they quoted me £600🤔, went with LV this year for £150🙂 Where can I buy that phone? Would suit me perfectly🤣
  4. Just embrace it mate, try to forget what they stand for, and think of the lovely cheap insurance Now... let's go shopping for a DORO mobile phone... none of this touchscreen nonsense... (kill me now!)
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  6. I had a wheel damaged (caught the kerb refuelling)by OPC whilst returning car to me - Excel charged £250 for the one wheel as it has the part painted option. The black is not the same as the centre caps 😒- so if given the choice I would buy it in the future and use OPC.
  7. just my 2c... I have alloy insurance on the GT3; was purchased when I bought the car - cant remember how much, but it was really cheap (came as part of a care package) couple of years ago when I scratched the rim avoiding a cat I used the service. Bearing in mind that the GT3 wheels are a satin 'brown' ish finish, and require centrelock removal, I was dubious that the outcome would be satisfactory. Took the car into the OPC to remove the wheel, the repair guy came into them, couple of hours later, all done. I could not, and still cant see the repair. It is that good. I'm using the policy again (Today, actually) as I have two small scuffs on both nearside wheels (and I'm buggered how they got there - only me drives the car and I sure as hell haven't touched any kerbs!). Again , being done in the OPC premises
  8. Just suck up the damage as it happens and spend the same on a quality 4 wheel refurb @3yrs (if needed)? Power is in your hands then, with respect to who you choose and the $$ stays in your hands in the meantime.
  9. Interesting topic, I repair alloys for a living and do so for most of the main dealerships. But I don’t do wheel insurance work, they use a separate firm of bodgers that just do smart repairs for the “wheel insurance customers “ It maybe suitable for a general PCP type car but I don’t recommend it for your pride and joy type cars! You really do get what you pay for 😉 but equally it maybe enough just to hand the pcp car back to the dealership 👍
  10. I insured my previous car with SAGA (VW Beetle) and when I changed to the Boxster I checked on confused.com. SAGA were not the cheapest, but the excess was a lot lower than anyone else, so I decided to stay with them. They were still about 3rd from the top, so not enough difference to worry about. I think the monthly payments only added about 20 quid as well, so a no-brainer to me. The only downside is... it's... SAGA, and therefore means I'm a lot older than I feel
  11. Davey P you got a good deal I may try them next year I'm a bit older than you so probably worth a shot. Regards...Pete
  12. It seems pretty cheap considering the potential to claim, so I suspect it is the sort of policy people take out and then don't get round to actually claiming on as they can't be bothered to dig out the paperwork. If you know you will get any damage repaired when it happens then it's probably a pretty good deal if you are keeping the car for the full 3 years.
  13. That's just it Scubaregs I got no warning until the renewal letter said they would be taking x amount out of my account just before it was due, insurance companies are sometimes a little devious IMO hoping you will let it take it's course, the letter arrived with just a day or so before renewal possibly hoping I would just pay and not challenge it. It was only when I made the call to them that they had a change of heart and reduced it. I personally think that could be seen as trying to pull a fast one. Almost £80 more than last year is not a small increase. The other company I use gave me a better deal this time £20 cheaper than last year, I think there a few companies who reward loyal customers but sadly not many. Regards....Pete
  14. Surely they had to warn you before automatically renewing though? In which case that is the spur to start doing your homework.
  15. Nice one mate, it's always good to shop around every year, but the insurance companies rely on people not having the time or inclination to do it. There's no incentive to be loyal and stick with the same company any more. A very short sighted tactic from insurance companies IMHO. I switched to SAGA insurance recently, which means it's now official, I am old and past it (59, in case anyone was wondering). However, on the plus side, the Boxster only costs me £18 per month to insure, so it's got some advantages
  16. I'm so glad I check my insurance quotes, mine was on Automatic renewal and if I hadn't checked I would have been stung because on this occasion the quote for renewal was almost £80 quid more!! so I called the company I deal with and asked them to take it off automatic renewal. When they asked why I told them politely they were taking the mickey, 30 seconds later I got IT £10 cheaper than last year so a good result in the end. Amazing what a phone call can do. So for those of you who do have Automatic renewal be wary. Take care all.
  17. I’ll look into it! The car’s on a PCP so not necessarily being handed back to the same dealer/may be traded in...
  18. Hi Ed, I’ll look into the cover. For clarity, the £211 is for the full 36 months, not per year. I guess the value (or not) is all in the T’s&C’s
  19. For a lease check your terms. I returned a lease Fiesta with the wheels damaged. It's often cheaper to pay the menu pricing.
  20. I remember someone not being very happy with the standard of repair done under their insurance policy as you had no choice over who did the repair, so the insurance company will likely choose a cheap one. How precious are you about the wheels? Is it to avoid damage costs at the end of a lease? If so, you,may find that the repairs don't meet the standards of the lease company inspector.
  21. So in 3 years you will spend £633. Will you lose that value over a scuffed wheel or 2? Even if you smart repair them will you even spend that much? What cover is there for irreparable damage? And how often have you buckled a wheel? How much is a second hand wheel on eBay?
  22. What are peoples thoughts on Alloy Wheel Insurance? I've done some comparisons online and the best I can find is £211 for 36 months cover. That covers 3 x repairs up to £150 each in a 12 month period. So that's 9 x £150 repairs = £1,350 (round of applause for my maths)... It's my wife's car and we'll look to trade it in in 3 yrs. It's got 21" black painted alloys which will be scuff magnets! Has anyone any experience in this (getting quotes, claiming, having repairs done etc)? Is it worth it? Any tips?
  23. A thumbs up from me for A Plan. Spoke to a nice chap called Matthew. Very efficient and came up with a very reasonable £240 for my new 996. Pretty good considering this is second car with no NCB.
  24. Hi

    Have you sold Bertie2?

    I just see your advert now, don't know why I've missed it when you posted... I visit the forum fairly often.



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  26. You also on the Macan forum after a Macan DS, ??

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