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  3. Indeed, the front 2 on the Fiesta are already well kerbed!
  4. Some may say that is a blessing in disguise. I know I'm a tad sexist, but at least your refurbished alloys will remain in mint condition :-D
  5. No black box involved. This policy when I renewed it a month ago with a provisional named driver was about 200 cheaper than it was with Diamond. So now with a new full licence holder its another saving. She hates the Boxster, too hard a ride, too low and too difficult to get in and out of. She hasn't even tried driving it yet. The heavier clutch and steering won't go down well. When I had the old moped she tried that on the second day and dropped it so don't think driving the Boxster any time soon is going to happen
  6. Also depends on black boxes etc these days. I know I'd consider my nephew's insurance high for a 19 yr old. Result Ed, and that she has passed. When will you let her drive your Boxster ?
  7. It seems to be happy days indeed test passed 2 days ago, policy updated and no additional premium. Policy was new just over a month ago. It's only a 2016 Fiesta and the premium is circa 370. I had to call again to double check they didn't make a mistake. I still can't quite believe it!
  8. Depends on the premium paid at inception and which company. Due to the driver being in their 30's the loading formulae are different. 17-25 are the "At Risk" group generally. Check their certificate, if all is as agreed then happy dayz
  9. I'm surprised too. I rang my insurer and advised that the names driver is now a full licence holder having passed the test yesterday. I reconfirmed all the details and the call handler noted all the details and said its all done is there anything else I can help you with! There was zero discussion about the premium which of course I do t mind. I've done everything I need to in terms of notification.
  10. It used to be the case that the premium went down. I'm with Purdie on this. Maybe it's a question that you should put to one of the insurance brokers on the forum in their sponsored areas?
  11. Very surprised if no increase in premium for the reasons you mention. I know different circumstances but when my teenage son paased his test some years ago they tried to hike the prmium from £1200 pa to £3k+. We moved insurer needless to say.
  12. Older person in 30s going from car provisional to car full licence. Test passed yesterday.
  13. Are you talking young driver recently test passed? Or older person adding another string to the bow (motorcycle)?
  14. I was always under the impression that once you go from a provisional licence to a full licence that the insurance cost goes up as then you are a new driver but now entirely at your own devices. I've just called my insurer to make such a change with my wallet in hand and nothing was mentioned about any additional premium. Is that normal?
  15. Yeah, that's not a problem. There is Jct 27 Retail Park at the top of the road, someone can drop you off there if you don't fancy the stroll up. Cheers
  16. Earlier
  17. Great Thanks I'll see when I can come down to you as I'm travelling from Hull, could I leave the car with you then go somewhere for a few hours and come back to collect it etc
  18. Insurance renewal time...

    Great stuff, I'll try and get the car out tomorrow haha depending on the snow
  19. What?? I think he must have been having a laugh
  20. Funny enough George was the Technical Advisor for R27 PCGB and told me it wasn't worth doing as the Boxsters alignment didn't drift much. Would still like to check it even though the tyres wear event.
  21. Insurance renewal time...

    How spooky!! Ive just done the exact same thing. Due to my local OPC no longer ‘allowing’ a valuation service my onsurer told me of this service by the PCGB so i joined and yes car info and 6 photos and the valuation was back the same day.
  22. Insurance renewal time...

    Yep I used the PCGB valuation service. I received my letter back the same day I believe. Very straightforward and Manning were quite happy with this and the photos I sent over for a guaranteed valuation figure.
  23. Ha.. jeez that's pushing it a bit... but as i've had a beer and I'm feeling festive.. go on then!
  24. Is this offer still on
  25. Insurance renewal time...

    I had my Locktons renewal through, premium increase of £14 which I can live with now £314 - includes Euro Breakdown, damage to the car if used on PCGB arranged track days and agreed value if I can be bothered getting PCGB valuation. Some good deals about @rowbos seems good if they take the company letter and protected it Having checked PCGB the valuation service seems very straight forward, so I'll now be doing this aswell, will be interesting to see what the say. https://www.porscheclubgb.com/membership/membership-benefits/vehicle-valuations
  26. Insurance renewal time...

    Now moved the Boxster to Manning - as above £309 and a feature set I am happy with Admiral tried to bump up the overall remaining policy cost as I was reducing the number of cars covered - after a bit of discussion it's come down to a level I am happy with (less than last year for the other cars) so job done for another year.
  27. 981 clear wind deflector MK2

    I really strugged for quite some time to work this one out but finally cracked it. See not as daft as I look.
  28. 981 clear wind deflector MK2

    no, not that posh here Patt...
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