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  3. I thought I’d test the laquer first in case it went t*ts up and ruined everything. Anyone for a fancy lacquered spanner.....
  4. Just got an excellent multicar deal from Admiral...
  5. I think considering how bad they were they have come out well. I have only ever repainted calipers that have been originally red so I’ve never had to etch primer. I tend to put a coat of lacquer over even if the red paint I’ve used says you don’t need it. I find they stay glossier for longer with the extra coat of lacquer. You haven’t got to go crazy, just a couple of light coats will do it 👍
  6. Its not 100% perfect but way better than it was. Doesnt have any laquer on it....should I?
  7. Update. I sanded down the little spots mentioned above. Primed them and respirated. Unfortunately you can see the difference in thickness where I sanded. Ended up wirebrushing the whole caliper again. Will be spraying primer over it this morning and starting again! The other caliper seems to be okay. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Colin.
  8. Excellent "How To"! Thanks for taking the time to document this and share it.
  9. Jumped in the car on Monday to drive home to find the from screen covered in thick mist that wouldn't clear and a overheating coolant smell. The water temperature remained normal, after a bit of research the heater matrix seemed the most likely culprit. As it turns out it's not that big a job as it is on normal cars where the heater matrix sits on the inside of the bulkhead in a Boxster it 's on the outside so easy replacement. I expected the matrix to quite expensive OEM £416 or Hella £120. Guess which way I went? Hella, correct. Anyway this how to swap one out. Remove the wiper arms, then the 3 Torx screws on the plastic scuttle At either edge of the windscreen are 2 nuts Disconnect the wiring to heated washer jets and remove the wiper scuttle in the centre you can see where the matrix is, behind the battery under the membrane Remove the wiper motor 3 screws,no need to disconnect the wiring just move to one side Disconnect the 2 struts, 3 screws each Clamp the two hoses Remove the membrane and undo the jubilee clips The matrix is held in by two screws and spring clips Reverse the procedure to finish off. You may will need to bleed the coolant system after I filled the matrix up with coolant before I put it back in.
  10. This is when the hood fails to locate around the windows in the correct way and, as you say, sits outside the plastic folding frame. Sometimes its an elastic strap thats loose in the back of the hood and takes about 15 mins to fix if you know what your doing, thats not me by the way. Read through from the begining as Sazzy makes it very clear whats what, good luck 👍
  11. Hi is this when you pop up the roof and the hood tries to sit on the outside of the plastic outer sections?
  12. I would always primer first myself
  13. Good Afternoon,Just a quick message to say we are now issuing green cards for our clients travelling into Europe.For more information, read this post on our website:https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/greencardbrexitWe recommend if you are travelling in Europe you contact us 14 days prior to departure to ensure cover is maintained.You can contact us on the usual number 02380 268351.Many ThanksAIB Insurance
  14. I’ll be trying some etch primer later on the spots.
  15. I always dust the sandpaper over (ensure decal fully gone), wipe down with brake cleaner then etch prime before painting them.
  16. Sorry its no something I have done before Don't frget the wheel will cover many of the blemishes
  17. Thanks. I’ll try sanding down the small area and adding some primer. The paint stated that primer wasn’t needed, hence the reason I didn’t use any.
  18. If they are just anodised from factory as some black ones are (cant see to well so maybe yours are) then you normally need a decent etch primer first, you cant just spray top coat on and expect it to stick or not react a little.
  19. Hi there Its normally grease/silicone that causes these types of problems. I think I sand the problem spots and put a bit of primer on them. Give them a light sand again and dust some red over the freshly primed spots. The primer should help stop the reaction 👍
  20. Removed the calipers over the weekend and brushed them down. Washed them with paint prep wipes and brake cleaner. Sprayed the caliper paint on, and did many fine coats, however there were always a few spots that didn't see to want to take the paint.....it seemed like the paint physically wouldn't stay on. I've circled these in the below photo. Any ideas? Should I just mask off the area, sand it down a bit and respray? Or do I sand the whole caliper down again and start from scratch? I'm trying the next caliper with a different brand of spray incase there was something strange going on. Other than those marks, they seem to have come out okay, just need to apply the decals........
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  22. Hi Lonewolf

    Liking the splitters, take it you are based in the Blackcountry?

  23. If you have an S the centre grill is plastic welded from the inside. Not an issue if its not an S as you won't have the centre grill 👍 Jon
  24. Bumper off, only takes a few minutes to do this
  25. I have a 2001 Boxster 986 and was wondering if anyone could advise me on the removal of the front radiator grilles, as I want to spray them. Do I have to remove the bumper or can I just pull them off ?
  26. Don't worry, they extract the urine on new customers too. I've had my 107 with LV and my Boxster with A-plan, then Locktons, but heard so much about multicar I thought I'd give it a try. Admiral came up with £690 which is £200 more than using a specialist for the Boxster. Asked LV for their Multicar and they came back with £480 for both, but mentioned they also do Classic policies so I asked for a quote for just the Boxster and they came back with £144😂, 107 was £244, so I did a comparison search and got £160 from Hastings direct as LV were unwilling to price match as they have in previous years. I pretty much just want to be legally covered to drive since neither car is worth much, so this is perfect. Still can't believe how cheap the Boxster cover is. Just need to tax it and then it's back on the road😀.
  27. And that's fair I was too....but seriously its an absolute piece of cake. The hardest part is removing the cover of the plug, cut the cable tie off and have a fine flat blade screwdriver to hand. Exactly this......including step 5
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