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  4. Just renewed our annual multi-car for the daily drives with Direct Line including my SP30 received last November. Premium up £30 on Mrs.F’s Cooper S & £70 on my Tiguan. Not happy 😕 took ages to get through to them as the call centres are all WFH, but used a couple of comparison sites and the quotes were the same so stuck with them.
  5. My building and contents insurance went down by £38 this year.
  6. ^ Not many benefits of getting older but this is definitely one of them 😛
  7. The "good deal" is because I am 60 with full no claims, and the insurance is from SAGA - So, it's not all good news, ha ha!
  8. That's a good deal you have mate. Have a good weekend weather should be good.
  9. That's good news mate, and quite unusual these days. Customer loyalty doesn't seem to count for anything from what I can see. I can't imagine how mine will get any cheaper, I only pay £18 per month, so it's already cheap as chips
  10. So for the past couple of years I have had a price reduction on my car insurance and this year £42 quid cheaper than last year! so I'm very pleased with that, a bit surprised all the same usually it goes the other way. It's nice to know I'm not being ripped off for once. What's been the case with you guys, pay less this year or more? have been with the same company 3 years. Is this a loyalty thing? I hope so.
  11. Evening

    These replacement switches are just what’s needed.

    I’ll have a pair for £60

    Let me know how we’ll arrange this



  12. Earlier
  13. Excellent write up...I took my 986 3.2s 2000MY to a local Porsche specialist for a gear selector change and on pulling away the key started sticking, now have to turn it back a quarter turn, and now lose power, feels like petrol is being restricted and car turns off..fires back up albeit reluctantly after a couple of minutes. ...I called the mechanic and he said i would need to change my ignition switch.....any other recommended mechanics in the Birmingham area? I will check with OPC ref part unless there are other recommended suppliers? Any advice/tips? Many thanks.
  14. Same here so never changed it. Guvs.
  15. Afternoon,Just a quick thank you to all BoXa.net forum members for all your custom over the last few months, we've insured more Porsche's than ever before!Don't forget, we give a healthy discount of up to 15% for any forum members so please contact the team for all your insurance needs on 02380 268351 or visit https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/Look forward to speaking to you all.Many ThanksLeah BurtAIB Insurance02380 268351
  16. Thanks Scuba. Oh well 15 it is then!
  17. Been asked before, those that have more than 15 characters did so before the limit was imposed. Were they to edit now they would be restricted to 15.
  18. Had a search but can't find any detail on this. When editing my profile I can only enter 15 characters for "My Ride" yet loads of other members have longer lists of vehicles including specs. Anyone know how to put more detail in here? Thanks Andrew
  19. Thanks sorry yeah its 986 2001 3.2 s think the bleed valve is under the cover for oil etc in boot Thanks for the tips
  20. Is this a 986 or early 997.1 - Pressure release valve under Oil and Coolant filler in Boot Leter 997.1 have valve in Engine Compatment When it all done jack up the back of the car it makes it much eassier OPen the release valve and just run the car I have never had to use special tools BUT do check the coolant regularly and carry at least 2 litres with you If you jack the car up from behind when you have the hose off it will help get rid of the old coolant Halfords do a great deal on COMMA G40 Extreme Concentrate buy in 5 litres (or 20 on line) You will need 10 lites of Concentrate or 20 litres of Mixed
  21. Hi Have a very small leak from the front return connecting pipe seen in wheel arch o/s Noticed smell of coolant from the wheel arch after a run not losing hardly any coolant Have got the hose in fact both hoses feed and return to replace.Going to Jack car up on stands remove front under tray Has anyone got any advise before I start am I likely to find any issues or is a straightforward clean up and replacement bleed system Thanks
  22. Just bought a clutch assist spring for €65 from the dealer. The Porsche tax is strong.
  23. My daughter is doing the dance with insurers ATM and I have told her their first proper offer sounds very reasonable.
  24. I've just had my daily driver Mondeo written off after someone drove into the back of it. Relatively low speed and on first inspection you would think it needed a new back bumper and a few pieces of trim. The other side's insurers accepted full responsibility so it seemed like being a case of getting it booked into the body shop and sorting out a rental. However, it turned out that the boot floor was badly creased and to cut the story short, it was an economic write-off. A shame as it was a really nice car, still driveable and with everything still working as it should. So, I awaited the unreasonably low offer from the insurers which I would then dispute before eventually being forced to accept. I bought the car 16 months ago for £5,800 and had put some 20k miles on it since so I really wasn't expecting much. It's a 2010 car, originally bought by a Ford employee and with as high a spec as you could get but of course that and the perfect service history count for nothing in such cases. So, I thought I must have misheard when the insurers phoned to offer £5,085. If I wanted to keep it the price was £4,000 so it wasn't too difficult to go with the £5,085. The car breakers collected it this morning and while it still seems like a terrible shame to see it broken up, I must admit the payout eases the pain!
  25. That's a large increase. It does vary with insurer, some load 10% some 25% for example - it depends on their stats of their risks insured with/without sp30s, also if you go with a budget insurer they do tend to be slightly higher, same with their admin fees (some are cheap to start up like you see on comparison sites but will make money back on changes throughout the year with large fees etc) Generally with specialists, if it's your first/only one then it doesn't have much of an impact - happy to take a look for you? 01635 874646 Club discount for mentioning BoXa.net and obviously I'm online for added support too Carlie 01635 874646 www.aplanspecialist.co.uk
  26. Thanks all.. seems cancelling and going elsewhere ends up about the same.. still looking for a solution, but it's some system generated thing, and her previous 0 points brought down the insurance on my car, and my daughters, so it might be just one of those things I have to accept. Damned annoying tho
  27. Well that's me jinxed. Just shot past a van doing 36 in a 30 zone. Window was open but camera way back in van. Two weeks sitting watching the letter box.
  28. Depending on the Porsche, a lot of specialist lenders will base their quote on the residule value of the car, after say four years. That way you can get into a £60k car for for a lot lower monthly repayments, with the balancing figure of say £20k at the end of the deal. This balancing figure is hopefully less than the trade in value of the car, so you have a deposit going forward. Magnitude have good reports and do a lot of work with the "Youtube" generation ! My Brother bought a Macan via an OPC and went this route. £55k car, circa £500pm repayments and £19k to either pay to buy the car, or part ex against another car. Hopefully a 2015 Macan S will be worth more than £19k in a years time ! He used his old car as deposit.
  29. I have good experience with Money Expert. The best loans at 2,5% in comparison with previous Sainsburys, 3%. Too much for my salary and income. The good thing when taking a loan from them is that as bigger is the loan at lower rates. My Mercedes CLA Class costs 25k. I'm paying 450 monthly for 48 months. But the car is brilliant, guys it's so comfortable and luxurious. It's my first car of this type, pevious I drove simple cars. But I decided to make a gift for myself, 3o years old, it's a number.
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