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  5. present 981 GTS

    last one 981 2.7 base

    first one 987 2.7 base

  6. Picked up the part a couple of weeks ago but it's still sat in my workshop waiting for me to find the time to fit it. 🙄
  7. Thanks for the great guide - really informative and helpful :-)
  8. Earlier
  9. I think you did very well there and nice photo of the car - v pretty. 😀
  10. That's right mate, I never really felt like I fitted in at Saga anyway, I'm far too young (er... in my head anyway! ) I don't think there was much room for negotiation on the price - If it went any lower, they would end up paying me...
  11. So you're no longer a Saga-lout ? Talk them down further, surely there must be more in it ? (kidding - sounds like you got a great deal) 👍
  12. Just had my annual email from confused.com ready for my renewal next month, and I've sorted out a new policy. My current insurer (SAGA) wasn't offered on there this time, so I had a look at the first few on the list, and decided to go for Halifax this time. They weren't quite the cheapest, but there was only a few quid difference, so not enough to worry about. I've been banking with them for decades, and also have house and contents insurance with them, so it made sense to keep everything in one place. Also, I reduced the excess to just £100 (voluntary excess = £0, compulsory excess = £100
  13. Hi Excellent video. I would actually do it, but I have 987 seats and I think they are even more of a faff! Berni
  14. Ok no worries, I’m not bad with a screwdriver but just wanted more info, was originally looking at the replacement units that Sony etc do but this would be a good fix as my multi changer has issues with loading and unloading the cassette.
  15. Looks like Dave has changed the settings and he's not been on here since July.
  16. Hi unable to see pictures from flicker says private, could someone put them on here? Would like to see pics or video of install before purchasing. thanks
  17. Hi Richard I’m new to this forum and also a new Porsche Boxster owner ! I’m looking for someone to code my 987.2 for cruise control as your sort of near me can you recommend anyone ? I live near Romsey in Hampshire but work in Basingstoke.


    Adrian Fisher

  18. the rest of us missed it, pity we could have spammed them back..
  19. What a coincidence, you own a Porsche and are also on a Barbados travel group I frequent. So, this second job as a scamming piece of shyate, get much satisfaction from it?
  20. @Araf What is it about this thread that attracts to*sers (I know I started it🤣)
  21. got my first one in 15 years the other day.... i already pay enough ......
  22. Good luck with the installation @topradio 👍
  23. Thanks to @½cwt for this. I have ordered one from our local VW dealer £37 or so, be with them Friday.
  24. 987.1 3.2S 2006 with deactivate key switch at end of dash with passenger door open, not sure about isofix, think that came a bit later.... 🙂
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