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  2. Thanks Nobbie, can't see it covered in there but it is more likely to be damage due to vandalism. I need to renew my insurance at the end of April so will check with them then. An acquaintance of mine had his BMW soft top slashed with a knife on two occasions so I'm a bit wary but my car is garaged so less of a risk.
  3. Locktons Windscreen policy

    Not sure, what sort of damage are you talking about? Here's the policy details http://locktonperformance.com/scheme-policy.html
  4. Sounds good, do they also cover damage to the soft top - most don't?
  5. Locktons Windscreen policy

    Update. just phoned Locktons about windscreen claim and I can just choose whichever repaired I want and either get them to invoice Locktons, or pay and claim back. No issue with using OEM windscreen🙂 Very impressed with this policy, was a little more expensive than other options, but looks like when it matters, the extra is worth it.
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  7. First visit to Revolution

    Yes, they had a Mini I borrowed it for the day last year. Just the job.
  8. First visit to Revolution

    No but they do have a courtesy car - or a least did when I was there last.
  9. Hi are your zunsport grills up for sale? Just replied to my ad on winter wheels! 

    Your new car looks amazing great colour! I have bought a 2008 2.7 987 in cobalt blue great car. Anything to check on mine or preventative maintenance as I no you have had a Yellow beauty, I had a similar colour JENSEN Healey for nearly 16 years before my family come along. 


         Steven (arl30)

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  11. First visit to Revolution

    RPM Technik has teamed-up with Enterprise to offer courtesy cars to cover a wide range of vehicle sizes, types and budgets. Your chosen courtesy car is collected from us and dropped back at RPM for a quick and efficient handover. All cars are fully insured through Enterprise’s own insurance policy. RPM has negotiated preferential rates, and your courtesy car can be available from as little as £20+VAT per day. I don' suppose Revolution has a similar deal.
  12. First visit to Revolution

    There isn’t much to do when the weather is good either😀
  13. First visit to Revolution

    My only criticism of using Revolution is that there isn't much to do in the town when it's poor weather. The service they provide is excellent in all aspects. They will happily talk you through any work required and prioritise according to necessity/budget etc. If I liveda bit closer I would only ever use them.
  14. First visit to Revolution

    Have a walk into town. Not much to see but good exercise! They also have a waiting room upstairs with a TV, sofa, magazines, coffee maker etc and a viewing window over the workshop area. Take a newspaper/ book or a laptop if you need to work.
  15. First visit to Revolution

    What do you do with yourself while your car is being serviced.
  16. First visit to Revolution

    Revolution porsche are superb, had my first visit last year for a service. All I can say is they are excellent, very knowledgeable and great attention to detail.
  17. First visit to Revolution

    Sounds great, Revolution are a good crew!
  18. First visit to Revolution

    Now then John You won't be disappointed Mate, never had anything but excellent service from Russ and his lads over the past 5 years, they know their Boxsters
  19. First visit to Revolution

    Taking my first trip to Revolution later this month to have a Carnewal GT exhaust fitted, based on the excellent feedback on here I’m also going to be getting my Boxster serviced there because the Indie I’ve used for the last 2 services disappointed me last time with some shoddy work. It’s a bit further drive from South Cumbria but more miles back to listen to some enhanced music. John.
  20. Insuring 5 vehicles on one policy

    Thanks for giving us a call for the quotes glad we could help And... if you are still looking about for insurance, we are happy to quote you if you want to try us this year Thanks, Carlie
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  22. Hi who do you insure with can you please give me a bit of info 

    regards Mark

  23. Insurance renewal time...

    Yes, that's the deal I got. For some reason the cash back was tracked at £94.44 and should be paid by July...........
  24. It's showing £100 cash back for Aviva if you buy through Quidco by close of play Wednesday.
  25. Insurance renewal time...

    Snap, just did our Seat with Aviva via Quidco, £94.44 cash back.......
  26. Buy Aviva through Quidco. I did that for the Fiesta and got £50 cash back.
  27. so far (without any negotiation) I'm between Aviva and Direct line (Manning not yet quoted) Still miffed that it has doubled from 986 to 981, but looking at just over £500 with courtesy car, 8K miles and no added excess.
  28. Out of pure laziness I have renewed this albeit I paid the renewal 2 days late. The PCGB renewal isn't actually due till end of this month so wonderful whether I can get away with not renewing that ... ?
  29. Insuring 5 vehicles on one policy

    Hi, thanks for that and welcome. I just spoke to Cherished vehicle insurance who posted before you. They've come back with a very competitive quote ( £1440 ) for all 5, which, given the nature of the Evo, and the fact that the van has to be covered for business use, seems good to me. Also only £200 xs on each vehicle. Just for the record, I paid £1600 last year, with a £750 xs on the Evo alone, and have been warned to expect a 10% rise with the same company this year. It's a shame in a way, I've been at the same place for more than a decade, maybe we were both getting complacent with each other.
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