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  2. 981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    Thats great, I love these modifications. I just need to scour ebay for a house with a bigger garage and electric door for under £25
  3. 981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    Looks awesome, a great mod. As said, you just need a suitable garage door icon to finish it off.
  4. 981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    Love things like this, nice work
  5. 981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    Wapping the remote in foam doesn't reduce the range in any way? Negligible, or just doesn't bother you personally? (I drive down a straight road to my house, I'd like max range; someone else made a U turn into a cul de sac so could press his button at the "back" of his house and the door would be open by the time he got to the front). The full set of silly stickers off eBay didn't have a more suitable icon? Think I remember Sonar. Wish I could wire my remote into my Homelink buttons but I barely know one end of a soldering iron from the other
  6. 981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    Looks like an excellent / discreet / useful and reversible mod! Nicely optioned 981 too...
  7. 981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    Nice job!
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  9. 981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    Almost certainly, just have to source the binnacle with the switches. There is one on eBay but the reason I didn't is because I find trying to locate a switch in that location by feel, especially in the dark is a pain.
  10. 981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    Good job. Couldn't you have done the same with the spare slot on the overhead console as per the option?
  11. 981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    There is a kit on eBay from a 991 GT and it has a switch with the legend 'PIT SPEED' which I think is pretty cool but it's £170.
  12. This is something I've been meaning to do since I bought the car. I normally have to scrabble around in the centre cubby to find the garage door remote as I was too mean to specify it as a factory option as it was about £200. I did a similar mod to Mrs Radio's Mini and it works great so it was time to take the 981 apart. I removed the switch cluster behind the gear selector to look into the feasibility of enabling one of the spare switch blanks, The unit simply pulls out by getting your fingers between the open ashtray lid and the switch. This is my unmodified switch There are six screws on the back to open up the cluster and the pcb just lifts out along with the rubber contact pad. You can just see from the pic that the three sliding actuators are missing from the unused positions. So after popping out the blanks this is where I was I had been looking around on eBay to find a donor switch but they are about £100 which is a little steep just to cannibalise it for a couple of parts. So I asked on here if anybody had a spare one and @Greenman offered to send me one that he had. Its from a Cayman and all the positions are populated with the actuators as well as a selection of switch covers some with legends and some blanks. It also has the little chrome dividers that sit between the switches and add a bit of bling. So I fitted one of the donor actuators to the spare slot below the auto stop/start switch and selected a cover with a legend for an option that the car doesn't have (I think its the switch to lift the front end for speed bumps on the 718) I then soldered two wires to convenient pads that connected to the switch contacts. You can see the resistor that I removed to isolate the contacts from the rest of the components. I left it in place on the outside chance that I might ever need to reverse the mod. I routed the wires through a convenient hole in the bottom of the enclosure and soldered them to the switch contacts on my garage door remote controller. I then wrapped the remote in foam to stop any rattles and cable tied it in the space under the switch making sure that it was well clear of the gear selector cables - there's actually loads of room. I then refitted the switch block. The finished job I just need to think of some things to fit in the spare switch slots, ejector seat or machine guns perhaps There's loads of spare bits left from @Greenman kit so if anybody else fancies doing something similar then I have the parts.
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  14. Insurance renewal time...

    Just been quoted £260.00 for the year me (31) and mrs (26) with Aviva
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  16. Thanks Kevin I'll look in to this when I get a minute and let you know how I get on🤞,Simon 

  17. HI Colin, cannot reply to your  e mail, regarding waterpump costs, system comes back as you cannot receive messages.


  18. How To: Purchase a budget 986 Boxster

    This guide really helped me evaluate my recent purchase and decide to proceed.
  19. Roof outside of the channel or gulley

    I LOVE this site! Looked at the video, stapled my existing elastic band a little tighter and hey PRESTO, FIXED THE PROBLEM. TOTAL COST: 5 minutes, 4 staples !!! Thanks
  20. Insurance renewal time...

    I'm with LV and its £575 a year, didnt go for the lowest and was advised as who to use and the cr%p ones by my friend who work in an insurance claims department.
  21. Insurance renewal time...

    I called my current insurer A-plan as my renewal is due. After the usual questions etc, they came back to me with the ... “insurance premiums have gone up” “insurance tax” slaes b*ll*x, etc but we can reduce the quote by........... wait for it..... 54p yes, a whole 54pence called locktons based on the above post, they only insure to a max of 7500 miles per year and they wanted £400 more than my renewal !!!!!
  22. Insurance renewal time...

    For my 986 it was around £315 for the year from Locktons, annual mileage 5k. That included PCGB Membership (which I probably would have joined anyway). Plus UK & Euro breakdown cover. Add those two together (£70 + £70 ?), that makes it about £175 for the actual insurance. My current broker is Elephant (for my everyday car) and of course, they transfer you to Admiral Multi Car, as you cant have two cars with Elephant. They quoted £370 for the Boxster, with no added benefits. I gave my local A-Plan broker a go as well and after about an hour they rang back with "a really special deal" of £550 !!!!
  23. My renewal letter popped through the letterbox yesterday morning from Aviva. Was thinking to myself how much has it gone up from last year, so didn't even bother opening it. Opened the darn thing this afternoon only to be somewhat shocked that its just a few pounds more expensive then last year. £20 discount if I renew online too. I need a lie down
  24. October Competition

    We can offer a range policies for daily drivers, modified vehicles, limited mileage, track day cover, classic cars, and much more. As I have mentioned before, the name change friom A-Plan Insurance to Cherished Vehicle Insurance is a good thing. It just means more schemes and flexibility. Feel free to give us a call on 0333 207 6597 or click the link on my signature and we will call you back. Clare
  25. October Competition

    Wow, thought id give it a try until i saw 'cherished' policy
  26. October Competition

    This October we want to give our clients the chance to win a Meguiars Deluxe Car Care Kit!! Keep your car looking showroom sharp. To enter simply obtain a quotation, take out a policy or renew a policy with A-Plan Cherished Vehicle Insurance throughout October. Give us a call on 01635 874646 or Click the link on my Signature and quote reference CLW1017! *Drivers over 25, must have held full uk driving licence for 2 years. Quotations for policies due in October 2017 – 15 November 2017, one entry per person. No cash alternative will be offered. Subject to availability. Closing date will be 31/10/2017, winner will be announced on 01/11/2017. Offer only available at A-Plan Cherished Vehicle Insurance, Thatcham.
  27. Insurance renewal time...

    When I swapped the 56 plate 987 2.7 (value £10k) for the 981 S (faster, newer and 6 times the price!) it generated a refund in premium to me! IIRC the 987 used to be circa £550 to £740 pa whereas the 981 is around £360 pa
  28. Insurance renewal time...

    I'm saying nothing more ... but I only speak the truth
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