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  2. Well, I blotted my copybook a month ago and had a walking speed altercation with a six week old Honda CBR650F whilst in my van. Entirely my fault, fortunately no-one hurt, not a mark on him, and the guy was an absolute gent. I was beyond mortified, it's a feeling of shame I hope never to experience again. Not a great year this, I got 3 points in September, twenty years to the month since the last time. The bike basically sustained the same damage as it would if it had fallen off the sidestand. Less in fact, because the guy was sitting astride it, so it was the same effect as him overbalancing whilst sitting on it and breaking it's fall. Looking at it immediately afterwards, it had a scuff on the headlight, a bent footbrake, a scuffed frame protector, a scratched front brake lever and chips in the paint on the pointy edges of the panels that stick out, plus a small scrape in the paint on the engine cover. The bike was £7500 at the end of August this year. I was astonished to learn that in all probability they will write it off, as the foot brake lever has touched the frame when it bent and chipped the paint..... they won't repaint the panels or the frame, and everything with the slightest mark on it will be replaced, not repaired. I've asked my ins.co. to make enquiries on my behalf with a view to purchasing the "salvage". In real terms, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. I insure 5 vehicles with one company at the moment. 3 of them, including the van, have protected no claims. I have no experience of being at fault in an accident, so am not sure what to expect at renewal time in April. Can anyone with a similar experience shed some light on what may happen, as I don't have a clue as to whether the premium will go berserk, or not change much, and I may need to budget if a horror show price increase is coming my way.
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  4. entdgc

    How To: Remove Boxster 987 Glovebox

    Great guide Note : 5/32" Allen key is really 4mm Dave
  5. Hi Clive.

    I feel really cheeky offering this and I wont be in the slightest offended if you say Pi!!! off, but if you do want to get rid of the red stitching one I can offer you £125, it'll cost me £25 to get it couriered to me and as I said before I can't justify spending silly money just for cosmetic reasons, although it dose look really smart.

    I'm even as we speak sorting out a "for sale advert" so I'm not going to get that £150 back and its not going to be a deal breaker anyway just another smart extra.

    Hope you do manage to find a buyer as it is worth more than what I have offered I know that.

    Steve G.   

  6. TheMadMad

    How To: Remove Boxster 987 Glovebox

    Many many thanks for this as I needed to do this due to the latch snapping shut. I used this instruction and it is all sorted now. Thanks!
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  8. Araf

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    Ours still haven't worked out how to open the milk though.
  9. Sazzy

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    Yep they're called polydactyl cats
  10. rowbos

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    Scarily enough that seems to be true! ?
  11. Araf

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    My roof is always covered in cat hair but as it's from one of our cats, I have no reason to complain. People have found pepper to be a good deterrent, in the past. I've never worked out how the cat is supposed to use the mill, without thumbs though....
  12. mike597

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    Get a fluffy bunny : https://youtu.be/Sn-UM4laLSA
  13. rowbos

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    Employ Grotbags as an Emu scarer?
  14. Billzeebub

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    Anyone know how to keep an Emu away from your car?
  15. nick997

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    We have a random peacock that sits on our car wing mirrors and attacks its reflection in the car windows. Be good to get an anti-peacock device. And a new wife as I think there could be some secret peacock feeding going on ?
  16. I'd like a Beannie as well but can't seem to reply to post.


  17. Hi Jim

    Interested in your climate decals, if you have any left.

    Jim b


  18. Hi ATM,

    Can't seem to post a reply to your sale. I'm picking up a new 718 in December, do you know if these fit the new model?


    I'm guessing they will need new TPMS sensors.


  19. Martin, looking for a set of silver with red and gold logo like your first pic I think for my 03 facelift 986 in silver.

    are you the man to see?

    can you email me? Not on this too often.



  20. red rocket

    Stone chip repairs.....aaaargh!!!

    Update: have given up on diy and am going for a front end respray - frunk lid, pu and top of wings to blend in. Got two local quotes; the first at £550 from a small 2 man band and the second from a larger, more 'professional' looking operation who quoted £1100 plus VAT. And suggested refurbing head and side lights for £180 on top. A bit of a Porsche Premium there methinks. Finally i got in touch with the owner of Caesars Camp Accident Repairs in Aldershot (not quite local!)who i talked to during some very impressive bodywork demos he was doing during our recent PCGB visit to the local indy, Marque 21. They use him for all body and paint jobs and reckon he's far better than anyone local. Turns out he lives locally and despite his day off came over this morning to look at the car. His quote was £480 + vat so he gets the job. Colour will be matched using a spectrophotometer so should be exact match and car will be waxed etc. Despite the distance, given the recommendation and having seen his demos it's an easy choice. As it happens will be in the general vicinity of Aldershot in a couple of weeks so can drop the car off then. Watch this space for the results.
  21. Thanks for your help recently

    I need a bank 1 cat & noticed you ad some for sale, is this stil the case ?

  22. Morning, Whilst we don't generally like to post, with rumors of the government increasing Insurance Premium Tax again, we sent an open letter to our MP. We feel passionately that continually increasing the tax on socially positive motor & home insurance acts as a disincentive to buy, hits the poorest hardest: https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/ipt Many Thanks AIB Insurance 02380 268351
  23. Do you do Vans on your multi car policies?
  24. My bolding. I saw lots and lots of people get made redundant during the period 2007 onwards - I always thought that I was so lucky to have avoided the axe falling on me, however it did fall a few years ago. Very, very fortunately my experience was similar to @Scubaregs -- I enjoy what I do now a lot more; I have a better work life balance; and am much happier person overall. Wishing you every success in the world @Patt .
  25. sorry to hear this Patt, hope you find something and quickly. It's a curse of modern living that redundancies are a fact of life
  26. Sorry to hear this Patt. The industry I work in is very volatile and I've been under the threat of redundancy 3 times in 8 years. Although I've managed to hold on I sometimes wish I hadn't. Every single colleague (without exception) that I've seen go has ended up in a better position with a nice pot of cash. I'm sure the same will happen to you.
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