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  4. That's a large increase. It does vary with insurer, some load 10% some 25% for example - it depends on their stats of their risks insured with/without sp30s, also if you go with a budget insurer they do tend to be slightly higher, same with their admin fees (some are cheap to start up like you see on comparison sites but will make money back on changes throughout the year with large fees etc) Generally with specialists, if it's your first/only one then it doesn't have much of an impact - happy to take a look for you? 01635 874646 Club discount for mentioning BoXa.net and obviously I'm online for added support too Carlie 01635 874646 www.aplanspecialist.co.uk
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  6. Thanks all.. seems cancelling and going elsewhere ends up about the same.. still looking for a solution, but it's some system generated thing, and her previous 0 points brought down the insurance on my car, and my daughters, so it might be just one of those things I have to accept. Damned annoying tho
  7. Well that's me jinxed. Just shot past a van doing 36 in a 30 zone. Window was open but camera way back in van. Two weeks sitting watching the letter box.
  8. Depending on the Porsche, a lot of specialist lenders will base their quote on the residule value of the car, after say four years. That way you can get into a £60k car for for a lot lower monthly repayments, with the balancing figure of say £20k at the end of the deal. This balancing figure is hopefully less than the trade in value of the car, so you have a deposit going forward. Magnitude have good reports and do a lot of work with the "Youtube" generation ! My Brother bought a Macan via an OPC and went this route. £55k car, circa £500pm repayments and £19k to either pay to buy the car, or part ex against another car. Hopefully a 2015 Macan S will be worth more than £19k in a years time ! He used his old car as deposit.
  9. I have good experience with Money Expert. The best loans at 2,5% in comparison with previous Sainsburys, 3%. Too much for my salary and income. The good thing when taking a loan from them is that as bigger is the loan at lower rates. My Mercedes CLA Class costs 25k. I'm paying 450 monthly for 48 months. But the car is brilliant, guys it's so comfortable and luxurious. It's my first car of this type, pevious I drove simple cars. But I decided to make a gift for myself, 3o years old, it's a number.
  10. I doubt you will get a pra rata refund though - check first what it will cost you to cancel.
  11. I got an sp30 in Jan of this year and it made bugger all difference to the Boxster premium come April. I would cancel the policy, get a pro quota refund and look elsewhere. £170 is extortionate
  12. It does not make any difference at renewal but they have you over a barrel just now. Try and take her insurance elsewhere and they will hike your other polices stay and they demand silly money. 20+ years ago mine didn't care.
  13. Aren’t admiral one of the few insurers that require you to report points immediately and will adjust your in year premium, rather than most other insurers who are happy to be told at renewal? When I got 3 points it did indeed make bugger all difference. I suspect when renewal time comes you may get a more competitive quote elsewhere if admiral stick with that Premium level.
  14. It never used to make a difference. No doubt part of the charge is for re-documentation.
  15. Wow! That seems a lot. I'm sure in the past when I incurred an SP30 it made literally no difference all...
  16. Not Boxster related but you guys are full of good advice. My missus added an SP30 to her licence recently and Admiral are looking for £170 in addition to her existing premium.. now some of that may be down to slow notice for it.. to be honest I totally forgot about it to add on to the multicar policy. Seems absolutely mad that a car which costs £233 to insure annually rises by £170 because of an SP30!. - And yes I do accept that the premium for a BMW M140i is really cheap to begin with Is this normal? I've not had points myself for years, but thought there was a general "SP30/3 points makes bugger all difference"
  17. Porsche Huntington – New and used Porsche vehicles, genuine parts, and certified service center.

    1. wolverinemac


      Do you deliver right hand drive cars to Brighton BN21

    2. topradio


      And there was me thinking we had a new OPC just up the road😄

  18. Would it be possible to have a copy of the CDR24 radio owners handbook in pdf please, as my car (bought yesterday) hasn't got one.

    Many thanks


  19. AdyG

    Bluetooth for my 987

    #Remodot Encouraging to hear that the support was good. 🤞I experience the same. I've sent a message to the seller and they have been back asking for more information which they now have. Hopefully something will come back tomorrow. From what I read its generally a good piece of kit. Here is hope 👍
  20. Yes, probably so now moved. 🙂
  21. @Araf, @Menoporsche should this be put in How To???
  22. Good post sure that will help a lot of people out!
  23. I connected my power feed by tapping into CD changer feed. My box site next to the CD changer. The LED light is hard to see. My unit failed after about 8 months, seller was great, good feedback and service sending a new unit out the day after I'd tried the fixes he gave me. Sorry cant be of more help.
  24. AdyG

    Bluetooth for my 987

    Hi, Not sure if this thread is still live? I've fitted a MR12VOLT today and no joy. I have a 12v permanent feed and earth at the plug where it goes into the unit but nothing? Should the Bluetooth led light up? I've messaged the seller but any suggestions greatly appreciated. Cheers Ady
  25. Very useful @Gutley, looks like I may have to change the ignition switch soon as just had a weird one where radio and tiptronic gear indicator stayed on after I removed the key and the car refused to lock. After I restarted and took the key out it was fine, but suspect this will get worse.
  26. EVO Chris

    Ac removal

    Are you intending on keeping the car and moving it on one day? Resale will be dented if you remove the system, these cars are always more attractive to buyers with an extra or 2 more than the next one, only of course if the history and condition stack up.
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