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  3. I recon around £420. Here is my working £35 x 12=£420!
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  5. Alex_L

    Zunsport grills

    I’ve had the front outer grilles since October last year and just got around to fitting them. I say fitting them but no matter how much manipulation and brute force I cannot get the hook to clip behind the parking sensor. Chucked them back in the box and emailed Zunsport...
  6. Variance is amazing - I am with Admiral - 5 cars/4 drivers , kids insured on their cars (2) me and mrs insured on all - boxster covered for daily commuting use - no mileage limit - 1250 fully comp the lot - to be honest when renewal comes I just can't be a***d to go through all the cars, usage, milage, no claims (admiral gave us credit for no claims over the 7 year max when we added a little pug 107 to the fleet - charged us 85 for the year !) for maybe 50 quid I possibly could beat it - and I might take the boxster out and put it on locktons or similar if I can get "daily driver" at a decent rate - I might try one day - but for now - it will do.
  7. I managed to sort mine through eSure on a renewal. It went up £30 but still cheaper than everyone else. I pay £60 more for my 1994 Honda Civic (which is annoying as worth 10% of the Porsche). I can stomach the £30 increase as I moved house twice mid policy, and my new property has no history as the postcode has only existed since September. Interestingly, I got RAC breakdown cover through my insurer for nearly £90 cheaper too. (full bells and whistles cover for me and the wife in any car etc). At just £120 through eSure, when RAC directly as a renewing customer (for 3+ years) wanted over £200! Madness. Even they didn’t understand it.
  8. Just had to renew my home insurance with Admiral when they asked about adding my cars on to my home policy to which I responded I thought I had already. So to my surprise I had not and have just been informed my next renewal quote for the Boxster has come down to £132.92. The wife's jag was the biggest drop though from £318 down to £188. The only down side is I now have to insure 3 cars and a house in the same month I have to road tax two cars and MOT them. I think next April I will only road tax the cars for 6 months so I can move that bill to October and stager some of the costs.
  9. Mirror my NCD and came in at £300 on the boxster with 5000 miles and including all the add ons and £270 on the Fiesta doing 8000 miles - very good considering Box and Fiesta not garaged and had a car park bump last year where I only took out the back light on a Merc - no damage to mine - £4425 !!
  10. Sorted mine now, through Adrian Flux (tried site sponsors but they would only give agreed valuation if I declared the car would be garaged every night at home address - and to be honest there are times in the summer when it's gonna be fine weather that I can't be bothered to put it away, so wasn't prepared to give that guarantee)... Only cost an extra £50 over my previous policy, but has agreed value, 1k miles more a year (5k as opposed to 4k) and the excess would be half price that Axa wanted should the worst happen - so happy with that.
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  12. Hi Mate,next week i'm going to fit the spyder front spoilers you recommended.Any tips ?ie type of fastners to use,did you drill the 2 small pilot holes to accept the 2 locating pins on the front ? or did you just rely on the adhesive strips to fit it ? If easier i don't mind giving you a telephone call to discuss/pick your brains



  13. Lacquer will keep the stickers in place and not degrade over time, i sprayed mine up, black with white decals but did it in situ, as others have said any imperfections really wont be obvious when on the car behind the wheel.
  14. Just PM me your address and i’ll pop a couple in an envelope for you tomorrow. Don’t worry about paying, they cost me about 15p each and I’m happy to help.
  15. Yes please if you don't mind. Happy to paypal you the post + cost of diode!
  16. I cut mine spot on first try (guess) haha
  17. When I did mine I didn't even bother with step 3 just pushed the diode in alongside the wires and it works fine. I did require step 5 though 😁 Dave
  18. Just done this mod. Very easy. Worked first time. Took 5 mins. I have 9 diodes left over if anybody wants a few?
  19. I did the same much easier to keep clean
  20. They are harder to keep clean without lacquer
  21. I sprayed lacquer over them ... just to be on the safe side. I tested the lacquer on a spanner and sacrificed one of the decals as a "test subject" ..... there wasn't any reactions etc
  22. Cheers John. Out of interest, did you lacquer over the top of the stickers or just stick the stickers on and leave them?
  23. +1 for what @chanlon1 I used these and they have been on over a year now and still look good and my cars outside all the time
  24. Great, thanks! Ordered!
  25. @dpg123 I ordered them from https://www.ccdecals.com/. I recall someone else using that site. £4.99 plus £1 for postage. Arrived in a couple of days. They were the white, 3 inch ones. 6 in a packet.
  26. Hi Chanlon, These look great - can I ask where you sourced your decals please?
  27. I'm with Locktons, agreed value, Euro breakdown (I've even used it once) no extra for agreed value and it was from PCGB
  28. I just went with Adrian Flux too. Cheaper than Aviva quoted me on my renewal letter, agreed value and European breakdown. Let’s hope none of it is ever needed!
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