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  2. Good video here , worth a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cImhs_uwrAU
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  5. Interested in a set if they fit 17” wheels ?

  6. Will the centre caps fit 17”” wheels ?

  7. One thing I would add, if you feel like a union is not budging with a decent flare spanner. Just cut the pipe off near the union if you can and use a 6 sided socket.
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  9. Hi 

    happy to take the badge if still for sale ? 


    cant seem to reply to ad unless am being thick 

  10. Following continued developments and updated guidance from the government and health authorities please see below our company statement:We know that many of you may be experiencing the impact of the Coronavirus already or will be worried about what it could mean over the coming weeks. As always, our priority is taking care of our members, our customers and our colleagues.We want to reassure you that we are fully operational, open as normal and completely unaffected by the current economic developments. Some of our staff are working remotely so our team are on hand for any quotation or support queries. We can be contacted via phone on 02380 268351, email info@aib-insurance.co.uk or website www.aib-insurance.co.ukMany ThanksLeah BurtAIB Insurance02380 268351
  11. Have someone change the bulbs to led in the gauge cluster. If so where did you get it?
  12. I used a flare spanner as it gave a good solid fit and allowed me to impart some shock into the bleed nipple to help free it. One thing I find helps is to start by trying to tighten the bleed nipple with a couple of solid taps with a hammer. It’s counter intuitive, but helps to break the seal before attempting to unscrew. Don’t think I’ve check the bleed nipples since I did it last year. Now you’ve mentioned it, I’ll check while I have the wheels off doing a rear drop link this week.
  13. Thanks for passing on your experience @MattO89 most helpful.
  14. I found the Plus Gas stuff better for loosening seized ones, but to be honest neither were brilliant. The calipers in mine had clearly not been bled for a long time, so not the fault of the product. I tried a mix of the different weapons that you've suggested! Generally speaking, I had most success with whatever was deepest. In my case, that was a socket. The ring spanners I found too thin, and therefore too hard to keep at exactly the right angle, so most likely to damage the nipple. When a couple of the nipples on the front calipers seized, I didn't want to risk helicoil-ing them myself given the cost of replacements. I got them done here; https://pro-calipers.co.uk/ (I'm based in London, so although a trip on the tube with caliplers was a bit of a pain, it was the easiest option!). I got the replacement bleed nipples from the same place. I decided to proactively replace all of the bleed nipples with stainless ones, even the ones that had come undone ok previously. This had mixed success - one of the rears was cross threaded. I'm not sure whether that was the original, or my mistake with the replacement. The ally calipers are very, very soft so you have to be super careful making sure you're threading the new stainless one it at exactly the right angle. I rebled the fronts when I dealt with the rears - there was only a couple of weeks between them. The new ones came undone fine at that point. I've not needed to since!
  15. I'm about to tackle some of my brake lines so some follow up questions: - Your picture indicates you used Plus Gas, your write up says WD40. Have you found one better than the other? - On the bleed nipples, I have seen a write up suggesting using a 6 point deep socket (i.e. 6 flats on the the 6 flats of the nipple) to best release the nipples, did you do this or use a flare spanner or 12 point ring spanner. Would you hazard a guess as to whether any of these might get a better result than you in rounding them off? - Where did you source your stainless replacements from and have they remained unseized so far?
  16. Cjames

    PCM Navigation Discs

    Sorted thanks to Richard 👆
  17. I have a UK 2012 map. Drop me a PM with your email address and I'll send you the details. There is a 2015 map, but I don't have it.
  18. I think 2.0 is nearly past useful update, but await Richards comment.
  19. Cjames

    PCM Navigation Discs

    Thank you Tony
  20. @Richard Hamilton might be able to help. I've tagged his name so he should see this post.
  21. Apart from the occasional, very rare spat ,and some friendly p*ss taking of those known to be up for it, it's pretty much always gentle round here so don't worry. Sadly can't answer your enquiry but hopefully someone else will.
  22. Please be gentle new here and new to the wonderful world of Porsche. So ive just bought a 986 with a PCM 2 stereo i want to have the navigation working as a back up but it asks for the discs when i try to put in an address, i was given some discs but they are pretty knackered an it wont tread them also they are 2008. So what im asking can anyone point me in the direction of some free up to date downloads or something?
  23. 550 Anniversary, £305, agreed valuation, all mods declared, AXA via Locktons 👍 Could potentially have got it fractionally cheaper with Aviva as have 2 other cars with them but couldn't add all the mods online and couldn't see how to get an agreed valuation and couldn't be bothered to call them. Not as old as some of you lot on here 😂
  24. Thanks TrevTee! I'll let Chris Sheen know about your comments Carlie
  25. I have just renewed the insurance on my Cayman with A Plan. The cover they could offer to meet my needs and their service on the phone was better than others could offer. Similar price to others. I also took out my Monaro insurance with them, same reasons. Many thanks to Chris for finding the cover I was looking for at an acceptable price.
  26. Cheers lads I’ll pass on 98150502132 to my dealer and I’ll try and find it on Porsche accessories page to link for them to make 100% sure , they have me this number and it’s €460 + vat sure deffo not the right part lol 981505021d9
  27. So much will depend on the company car list, how much the allowance is & the rules around it, and what your personal circumstances/preferences are I take an allowance. Initially the main reason was nothing to do with the car, but because it's a fixed income, it enabled me to get a bigger mortgage! 15yrs later I still take the allowance, even as a high mileage driver. Main reasons being: 1) The allowance is comparatively generous compared to the list of company cars available 2) I'm not fussed about driving around in the latest / flashiest car 3) As long as it has 4 seats, <10yrs old, presentable & regularly serviced/MOT'd, I can drive what I want regardless of it's worth With the allowance I save 50% for the next car, approx. 25% on running costs and the rest pays for the Boxster 👍
  28. Opted out of company cars 20 years ago. No brainer that I am better off in my own vehicle, but stop reading if you like having a new car every 3-4 years. I got myself a MK1 Ford focus 1.8 Ghia and ran it for 4 years. Pocketed 20k in that time and spent minimal on the Focus (just regular servicing) After that I started buying BMW's , tend to buy cash 1 year old and keep for 5-6 years. No regrets as I don't need a new poverty spec Hyundai, Toyota or VW every 3-4 years. Company pays us 20p/mile and at the end of the tax year, I claim the difference from the tax man which is currently set at 45p/mile
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