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  3. Ah thank you, glad the tribulations with my roof can help others 🙂
  4. Totally understand that - my drivers side wire was pushing strands through the sleeve so I knew it was broken. I debated doing the other one too but as you say why risk making it worse!
  5. It's a great guide, another thanks to @Sazzy from me too! However, I dismantled both sides (and had spare cables ready to go) only to find both my cables were fine. I considered replacing them anyway but was worried I'd make something that works no longer work! So I put it all back together and am going to replace the elasticated bands instead as I think that's the source of my problems.
  6. Just to say Thanks to Sazzy, spent 3 hours doing this today and now perfect, followed it step by step, brilliant.
  7. 4 in total front and back? or just front? is it worth doing them "just because" (prob havent been replaced since new tbh) or is it not going to make much difference unless they are completely buggered? ah yeah, true enough.
  8. He last visited the forum in October 17 so don't hold your breath. Sadly alot of posts messed up when photofekkit started charging.
  9. I would recommend using the Porsche oem bushes, 4 needed in total about £30 all in👍
  10. can you upload the pics again mate? and do you need 2 on front and 2 on rear? which ones did you use? it looks like its about 70-80quid if 4 are needed (from what i can see on ebay)
  11. Fitted the Mr 12v version today, easy peasy and works a treat, two thumbs good from me. 👍👍
  12. Im interested in these can you pm me the address please

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  14. The Thatcham team have insured our cars for years, apart from a weird time with a V8 Discovery 3 that they were really pricey on. Rang them first when the Boxster was bought and the premium was £350 or so, didn't even think about ringing around at that point. Didn't know about the discount then... Doh! I have also had to make a claim in the past and they were dead easy to deal with, I recommend them.
  15. @ShazbotTop marks for the humour in the commentary and the ingenuity. Not a mod I will need, my kids are fighting me to drive mine. But I like your style.
  16. I love the look now...especially with the LED Fogs in there too
  17. Such a cheap and worth while modification. It really is a simple 5 minute job too. Literally.
  18. Just done this mod, how simple, with great results, Ive fitted the LED aftermarket whole light units! This now saves me switching them on!! Love it.
  19. I have found in the past to help locate and keep in place gaskets and such light items. Just a dab of grease to make it sticky and it generally holds them. Check that grease will not interfere with the parts in question , but in general it doesn't.
  20. To help with getting air out of the system it is useful to leave the back of the car on axle stands with the bleed valve open when you first run it upto temperature with a few revs.
  21. I've just replaced my water pump on my 986. The biggest faff I had was putting the new pump in place without the gasket dropping off or not lining up. After losing my temper and knuckle skin I had a brainwave (for me it's a brainwave). I cut the heads off two longer M6 bolts to give a long studs. Screw these in two of the top holes on the engine, hang the gasket and then offer up the pump, fix a couple of the normal bolts in to tighten up the pump, replace studs with bolts, happy days. Then think to myself "why didn't I think of that an hour ago? Why didn't I take pictures? I removed the driver seat as I carry a few extra pounds and my body doesn't bend like it used to. Wear a head torch.
  22. I would avoid Markerstudy like the plague... I experienced a catalogue of issues when my previous Boxster was written off in a non fault accident, some tactics employed by their ‘non fault department’ also known as a claims management company were borderline criminal. I wish I had escalated it to the appropriate body at the time but with everything going on I just wanted it sorted. Couldn’t wait to leave them to be honest & a company I hope to never have to deal with again. Up until the claim they were ok, but then I did buy on price. You get what you pay for.
  23. Not done a starter motor But its basically the same engine I think the covers underneath are slightly different
  24. Starter motor is making the strange whine every once in a while when starting. I’ve looked everywhere online but cannot find a decent guide on accessing it. Plenty around for the 986 but not 987.1 thanks
  25. @Araf , given the excellent pics and details in this thread, I'd propose to adjust the title and move to How To, could be useful for others.
  26. I paid £180 to have my lines replaced. I didn’t even think it was worth messing on for that££.
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