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  3. A used ECU won't work on its own. The DME (ECU) and Alarm Control Unit are both programmed with the immobiliser code, and if they don't match then the car won't start. You can change them as a set of DME, ACU, and Key(s) but it has its downsides. Unless you have the security codes from the donor set (impossible to get) you will never be able to code a new key. The proper way to do it is have a new DME fitted and programmed to the car. The trouble is, a genuine 5.2.2 DME is now so expensive (£5000+) it might well be more than the value of the car. I would suggest contacting someone like bba-reman.com and see if they can repair it.
  4. Hi , I am driving a 1999 Boxster 2.5 and the Bosch Motronic 5.2 ECU has suffered water damage. Are these ECU`s individually programmed to work with a specific Vin no. only or can I buy a secondhand one from the shelf for my car. Any suggestions whom I may contact to purchase a secondhand replacement ECU ? Thanks FF
  5. Are you sure you have both of the vacuum pipes pushed back in? After cleaning mine it was running as lumpy as erm a camel(?) I found a vacuum hose had become detached, there were 2 similar hoses, one for each bank. Re-fitting the pipe made everything just fine. I hope you find a fix soon.
  6. Most have said don't bother cleaning simply replace ....
  7. RAC on the way. Incidentally since I cleaned the throttle body I've come across a raft of people on ten 'net who have had the same issues as I've had after cleaning it. i think in the future I'm going to be reactive as opposed to pro active when it comes to the internal workings of the engine!
  8. Yes I have home start. I'll give them a call. Thanks for all your help my friend. i was panicking when I've been paying that subscription for years snd never use them!
  9. I take it you have home start? Might as well be up front, gives them a reference point and don't think it will matter tbh.
  10. I will check but I don't think so. I may need to call the rac. Would you suggest I tell them I've cleaned the throttle body or play dumb?
  11. AA/RAC? Have a cuppa, go back out and methodically go back over everything you did. Look around the area, perhaps you have dislodged something nearby whilst you were working on the car.
  12. I've just disconnected the batter for 5 minutes. No joy. Now I start the car, it turns over then cuts out! Not sure what to do now.
  13. I don't have a code reader. I tried the wait for a minute reset which didn't work so I think I've got nothing to lose if I disconnect the battery. hopefully that will reset it.
  14. Any codes showing? Could try disconnecting the battery for 5 mins as a reset.
  15. When I was cleaning the throttle body the hose to the air intake (leading to the air filter) became dislodged however I refitted it to no vacuum leak. I didn't clean the maf as I didn't have the correct torx adapter (the ones on my car had a little indentation in the middle so my torx wouldn't sit in) i'm kicking myself as I've had the car for 1.5 months and it was running smoothly before!
  16. Have you made sure everything is connected back up? Vacuum leak? Did you clean the MAF?
  17. Hi , i desperately need need some help. I've just cleaned the throttle body as per the instructions and now my car is running rough, kangaroo hopping and cutting out! I'd appreciate any help possible as before I did this it was running supremely smooth and I only attempted this as its done 93K and I hadn't a clue as to if it had been cleaned before. Now when I start it the car cuts out. Help!
  18. Nope it will increase it only joking as insurance companies make their own rules up so who knows. All that matters is you get like for like cover ie what you need and what goes out your bank account 😉
  19. Thanks both. I'll certainly try them and see what I get. First, I need to add the latest accident to my Confused.com etc quotes to see how much they go up. Then, I will know what kind of figures I am looking for others that don't appear on the comparison sites to match/beat. I've still got a few weeks yet before renewal date, so plenty of opportunity to search around! As I hit the 50 mark earlier this year I am hoping that might offset some of the increase that the 2nd incident might load onto the premium. 😰
  20. ^^^^ what CAS said I've been with A-Plan for many years and have two car my every day and the boxster and they said they use my 9 years NCD on my boxster and mirrow my NCD on my everyday car. Mind you it's very confusing because I just got a reminder for my everyday car and it quotes only 3 years NCD so I called them and asked why if they morrow my 9 year NCD and they said although the policy shows three years that's just what NCD my everyday car is building up but they reflect my 9 year NCD in the quote. It's what you get quoted that matters, although you should check around something I must confess I don't always do. I'm well passed retirement age and get too confused.
  21. Try A-Plan on here - I have protected no claims and took out the back light of a Merc in a car park last year when I was with E-sure (had 5 mins previously taken a phone call saying house sale had fallen through 24 hrs before due to exchange ) and just didn't see the car in my wing mirror blind spot - Merc claimed over £4000 in damage (the owners wife told me he was going to change it in anyway , so must have been on contract and claimed for everything as it was only the rear light - no paint damage ) ! I have a 2017 Fiesta as my daily and 2007 SE for fun - A-plan mirror my NCD and I pay £300 a year on the Box fully comp with 5000 miles and £320 a year on the Fiesta with 7000 miles.I also paid an extra £42 a year for total loss cover on the Box as they don't do agreed value,but do do open market value rather than book value and then then the total market loss pays out an additional 25% of the cars open market value if it is written off.
  22. Protected no claims is just a gimmick IMO, its does not mean that your insured risk won't increase so all they do is increase that by more to offset the no claims discount ie they make up the rules....... Shop around every year, no matter what, insurance loyalty only get you ripped off........having said that I've been with classic line for a few years no. ITs a slightly different form of insurance so there is no, no claims discount but what matters at the end of the day is the cover and what goes out you bank account......worth giving them a shout as they are a small outfit (based in Hinkley) but used by a lot of Porsche owners around the country 😉
  23. Thanks for the reply. Totally understand about insurance being dependent on each individual. Was just after names of insurers that were OK with me using a garage of my choice for repairs without losing the benefits. I've already refreshed my comparison site details (albeit without the last accident but with the newer car details) just to see what kind of quotes would come back without the last accident being taken into account and the lowest quotes were less than I paid last year for my old 986. But those insurers will definitely be of the "use our garage network or no courtesy car" type. Will be interesting to see how much the comparison site quotes go up once the details of the last accident are added into the equation.
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