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  3. Morning, As you know, we like to introduce our new team members, so click here to see our latest recruit, James Dunn! https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/james-dunn Many Thanks AIB Insurance
  4. Had mine done after having one or to bits fitted. It now drives like it's on rails and I should know having just drove it to South Spain and back
  5. Central locking

    All sorted it was the key at fault ...
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  7. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    That would be Photobuckets attempt to extort cash out of everyone... Many forums have lost photos to this fairly recent change at PB. There is a hack for Chrome to display photos still - I have not used this and can not recommend it - up to you if you want to install... http://thefactoryfiveforum.com/showthread.php?25628-Photobucket-fix-for-CHROME-users
  8. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    How comes I can see the photos? Just says “please update your account”
  9. Central locking

    Duplicate Q
  10. Central locking

    Hi all I have a problem with my central locking ,the car has been standing for a while and I've just charged the battery ..the central locking button and both boots buttons do nothing, if I lock the car after a few seconds I get two beeps from the horn sometimes just one ,and if I open the door the alarm goes off the only way to turn it off it's with the key in the ignition do I have to program this key thanks
  11. Soft top care Boxster 987

    Yep, another vote for the Autoglym kit. Something very satisfying about seeing the rain bead on the roof. If the colour has faded then Renevo gives good results. It is very runny though so it would be necessary to mask up windows and bodywork etc.
  12. Happy New Year!

    Just a quick note to wish all at BoXa.net, its affiliates and of course it's readership a very happy new year. We'd again like to thank those that have contacted us for car insurance, for those that haven’t and are in need of tailored cover at highly competitive rates, please call us on 02380268351. Kind Regards
  13. Soft top care Boxster 987

    Second here for Fabsil. I use a 2" (clean) paint brush. Gives great protection.
  14. Soft top care Boxster 987

  15. Soft top care Boxster 987

    Hi there and welcome 👍 The Autoglm kit is a great place to start, as it comes with a special sponge that won't damage your roof. Also the water proof treatment is good as it seals the roof and also makes the roof slightly darker and helps disguise any fading a bit. I wouldn't recommend putting the sealer on until you have the roof as clean as you want it. I actually applied mine with a paint brush as the over spray is a pain and I didn't fancy masking the paint work up😁 All in all £25 well spent and if you try this first it won't damage anything. If it doesn't remove all the marks you have then you may need to try something stronger but your always better to start with the safer option first. My roof was quite green and required me to use a separate mould remover,as well as the Autoglm kit. My roof still isn't 100% perfect but its 100% better than it was 👍 Another good roof cleaner is Renovo, which is slightly stronger than the AG cleaner. It works out slightly more expensive and you would also need to find a soft top cleaning brush or a soft nail brush. If you post some pics i will have a look and try and help from there👍
  16. Soft top care Boxster 987

    Welcome. Loads of tips on here if you search. Somebody may come along with a link to a previous thread. I use the Autoglym kit which comes with a cleaner and a waterproofer. I applied it when i bought the car at Easter and it's still going strong. Others swear by Fabsil Gold for waterproofing and i think various people have reported positive experiences just using standard car shampoo or snow foam for cleaning. Various schools of thought on brushing iirc but careful to avoid scuffing/abrasion.
  17. Soft top care Boxster 987

    Any tips on cleaning and caring for 987 soft top? (Newbie)
  18. So wish I was closer to you guys, really want to get the alignment done on mine but no sure who to trust around Wolverhampton and the OPC are so expensive:(
  19. Insurance renewal time...

    Just had renewal come for 996 ,nothing fancy courtesy car ,windscreen and legal ,£269 gone up £16,can live with that.
  20. Excellent, thanks chaps. I'll give it a try.
  21. That’s the best way forward following Richards instructions. You’ll still need it coded to work though.
  22. Retrofitting Cruise Control - Stalk Already Installed

    Hi ho. Looks like you cut 'n pasted my post on Renntech. The instrument cluster plugs are marked with tiny numbers at each end of the plug. Use VW repair wires, which have terminals fitted to each end, and insert them in the appropriate hole in the plug. I have a DIY for the complete job. If you PM me with your email address, I'll send it to you when I get to my PC tomorrow.
  23. I've had a read of those, thanks. It looks as simple as connecting the following up on 03-04 cars: Plug C (Grey) on the Instrument Cluster Pin 17 - Stalk Connector Pin 1 Plug C (Grey) on the Instrument Cluster Pin 4 - Stalk Connector Pin 3 Plug C (Grey) on the Instrument Cluster Pin 1 - Stalk Connector Pin 4 Fuse B7 - Stalk Connector Pin 2 Forgive my ignorance, but where do I find the instrument cluster and stalk connector pins?
  24. Yes it is, wiring is straight forward, the tricky part is having it enabled with piwis. I take it you've read this and looked at the corresponding links?
  25. Has anybody retro-fitted cruise control to a 2003-4 car? The car comes with the on-board computer, and I already have the cruise control stalk installed. Many of the guides online no longer have pictures attached. Is it a fairly simple job? Cheers!
  26. Police Mutual ... I'm surprised that Ian has only just become a customer Myself, I've just accepted the inevitable and gone with Saga - big drop in premium and I get European comprehensive cover without needing to inform them beforehand of trips.
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