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  2. Araf is correct, I run an ecommerce business and we cannot refund a transaction straight away as the merchant bank won't let us, don't panic just yet I sometimes get calls from customers saying they can't see the refund even when I have managed to process it, they always get them in the end.
  3. I know many of you will now this already but for the uninitiated, the Katalog always helps. Besides it's fun just to look though sometimes. If you're looking for a part number use the Porsche PET Katalog. You can download them as PDF from the Porsche website. Classic cars (including 986) Modern cars
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  5. I've just read that this is to credit card, and yes, this can take a while. You need to remember that most merchant accounts with credit card machines are set up so that money comes in easily but refunds need to be scrutinised to stop employees siphoning off funds from the merchant.
  6. No, it's a UK broker and a UK bank. An upper limit for cash transfers make me sweat this otherwise negligible issue.
  7. Ah, the Admiral. It took me 18 months to get satisfaction from another part of that group (Diamond) and then only after intervention from the ombudsman. Good luck, and I'm guessing that you are now realising that cheapest isn't always best. BTW, the anecdote above about the Monaro was will Bell - another Admiral subsidiary.
  8. Are we talking about across borders too? If so, this can take a few days and receiving banks will know nothing about it even though the funds have left the trading country.
  9. standard 'it will take up to 5 days' surely?
  10. Depends on what they mean by "done". They might have just passed it to their finance department for payment. In my experience, companies are usually rather slower at processing refunds than they are when charging you! I'd give it five working days and, if it hasn't appeared by then, chase it up. Unless you're up against your credit limit or the delay straddles a credit card statement date, it makes no odds.
  11. They say it was done yesterday, Friday. Crediting the refund back to my credit card. Surely, the bank should know of such an incident, just like it will know when there was a charge... The broker claims that I would have to wait a few days before the refund would hit my account. What is your take? Am deeply suspicious
  12. Thanks again for all your comments and words of advice. For your sins, here's quick update... My insurer, Admiral, continue to treat me with utter contempt. Because I haven't accepted their offer for my car we reached an impasse, so they suggested they send an independant engineer to look at the car and value it - Hallelujah! In anticipation of holding negotiations with someone who - a) knew Boxsters and their market value and didn't have a vested interest in milking me for all I'm worth, I spent two hours on Wednesday evening copying Autotrader and Pistonheads ads and getting my history file in order. When he got here on Thursday, it quickly became clear that he knew what he was talking about, making all the right noises while I was discussing it's history, plus points and negatives. However, his remit didn't include negotiating a value on behalf of of Admilra! He did, however, confirm that the history would be taken into account when he looks into the market and repirts back to Pirate (sorry, Admiral). Two days later, I still haven't had an improved offer - but I HAVE had two proofs of NCB that included the fact that the accident was my fault!!! Two stinking rows later and at least that has been sorted - they said this was normal if investigations were not concluded but I finally managed to pursuade the robot on the other end of the phone to call LV to confirm my blameless position. Which they did. If I knew three days before that the other party had admitted 100% liability, then why the Hell didn't Admiral??? In the meantime, the 3rd party's insurer, sent a repairer round to look at the car on Wednesday. He clearly knew his stuff regarding repair estimates but like most of the world's population (except Glass's, Parkers and CAP) he had a grossly inflated opinion of the value of my car, putting it at £10k! The initial report back to 3rd party insurer LV gave me a glimmer of hope that they might repair my car but that was soon didmissed - even I would admit that the repairs would probably run to £7k - £8k. In all fairness to LV, they have made their first offer and it is significantly more than my own insurers have offered - I'm now getting close to the sum I think I'll need to get close to buying something similar to the cherished, spoilt, once great beauty parked on my drive! That's it for now. I said it would be a quick update, and believe me, in comparison to all the goings on, it is! This experience has proved to me that the car insurance industry is rotten to the core and the fact is that whether we ever make a claim or not, it is us, the motorist, who pay for it. Had I taken up Admirals offer of a hire car at £140 per day, the bill so far woukd be £1820 - and who would ultimately foot the bill, LV? Of course not, it would be us, the motorist (or as insurers see us, cash-cows). This all stinks so.much that I have every intention of going to the press when I've reached a satisfactory conclusion.
  13. They will if you really stamp your feet. A Monaro owner did just this by getting his insurer to give him two quotes, then he went to the other party's insurance company, quoted the claim and asked for an additional £300. The first year was difficult but after they coughed he told them to expect his call in a years time.... He did some track days with us, so I'm sure he's registered here as Liam1986.
  14. f Just a quick note to thank all those that have arranged insurance with ourselves. We have had a brilliant response and managed to save many people money with better terms and conditions. For anyone needing insurance, call us on 02380268351 or visit Thanks again
  15. Would you replace the - tail - rear brake - indicators (side, rear, front) - front daylights ? if so with which size bulbs?
  16. Very helpful picture Menoporsche! Is this for a 987.1 or a 987.2? Cheers
  17. That may all come home to roost but a regular car insurance policy won't compensate you for a future possible rise in premium.
  18. I would also consider the fact that if written off YOUR insurance increase will be even more expensive than for a straight non-blame accident. Look at excess as well, I would factor that in any claim. do you have legal cover as part fo the isnurance if so time to get the leaches, sorry, lawyers to work..... good luck
  19. Well, I've finished speed-reading this can of worms and very interesting it was too. Glad to see the OP was successful in the end but was staggered by the vitriol he faced from other contributors - and the overwhelming support for the insurance company and what is clearly a rotten system!
  20. I posted this before too but I got a fair payout on my old Boxster by printing off the priciest and closest match Autotrader adverts. I also sent a copy of the service history papers and invoices. I also did something similar when I got taken out on my moped and argued my price up twice. There were no similar mopeds within a reasonable distance so I said they should allow me to buy a new one from the same dealer. In the end they confused themselves and sent me 2 additional 'adjustment' cheques but the second cheque also included the amount from the first one. I ended up with almost the new price, it was less than a year old at the time.
  21. It's easy to feel like you are alone and swimming against the tide in situations like this, but posts like this make you realise there is a tremendous network of support on this forum! Thanks everyone, it is really appreciated!
  22. Bladder empty, coffee on the go! Thanks mate👍😩
  23. The advice I was given and acted upon at the time was to let the third party handle everything as they had admitted liability and I was 100% no fault. The chap who gave me this advice said they would bend over backwards to help as it's in their interest to keep the costs reasonable and the best way to do that is to keep you happy so you don't get an accident management company involved. For me that advice turned out to be spot on and I'm so glad I took it. It is a minefield but what from I understand the insurance is obliged to put you back in the same position you were in before the accident so if you find a similar spec and age car and it's £5500-£6000 I think you've got a good argument to justify that total loss pay-out, yes it's unsold at the moment but if it's the only way that puts you back to where you were before the accident and that's the price then that's what they need to give you. Alternatively, if you can't find a similar spec car which was the situation I thought I might be in, you can go down the repair route as long as it's not CAT A or B. As the no fault party it really is up to how you want to proceed as long as you're reasonable which seems to be exactly how you're playing it and all credit to you for that. That's how I played it and the third party insurance were true to their word and got my car repaired at a Porsche approved shop and provided me with a car so much cheaper than the accident management company provided (much less power as well!!). The hire car claim alone would have been about £33000, but by accepting the third party's offer I reduced that claim to around £900. It is stressful, I really struggled through the whole mess and you have to keep ringing everyone because I found that the communication between the independent assessor and body shop back to the insurance company was somewhat lacking! The insurance company never seemed to delay but several times they weren't aware a report had been written so I had to tell them it was available and they would then chase for it and get the next phase of the repair process approved. I really feel your pain buddy and I hope it all gets sorted quickly for you.
  24. this is only 5 pages and covers the lead up to the court case, but has links to previous iterations of the same issue that runs to 20 odd pages. Make yourself a cup of coffee and go to the loo before you start😀
  25. This I like!
  26. Thanks, I look forward to reading it!
  27. Yes, they are. I've read a long thread where someone was unhappy with the settlement offered. At first I thought they were a bit of a nutter, but they eventually got a result. The Ombudsman will basically say that as long as they are using a reasonable method to ascertain value, then they will not deem it unfair. Using a trade guide Will be deemed a reasonable method. The guy I read about actually took them to court and they eventually settled just before the court date after various threats over legal fees etc. I'll see if I can find the thread.
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