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  2. Lucky b....r! Have a good one.
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  4. I got a very good deal with Aviva...but of course it depends on all sorts of factors.
  5. Stick your details into Depending on your personal circumstances, you might be surprised how competitive some of the mainstream names can be, particularly for new business.
  6. So names you havent heard of wont be any good then? Some brokers are better than mainstream companies and offer better policies
  7. Hi hopefully buying a 987 2.7 on Wednesday next week which is the best / cheapest to go with on insurance ? Only want names I have herd of not billy baileys uncle !
  8. MUCH nicer interior The lights are actually useful!
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  10. Brilliant marketing then! Funny but be wary of the PC Police......................... oh no surely you're not gonna tell me..........
  11. Thanks - think I'm going to give it a go, did a similar change to my old BMW and made a world of difference on the interior
  12. Good points raised Gorsh & thanks for your input 👍. I've been driving those nearest & dearest to me mad due to my mutterings about 'what happens if....' scenarios. I'm a natural born worrier & over analyse things & to be honest I'm driving myself mad considering it! I did complete a ficticious online quote with LV & with no ncb & a claim within last 12 months the annual premium roseto over£1600 - there is no way I would pay that for a second car doing circa 6/7k miles pa. Mannings offered an ok quote with agreed value, choice of repairer & keeping my ncb intact for only £50 pa more than my renewal, but car would be limited to 5k pa which is a bit lower than I want to be honest. Choices choices....
  13. I still have them, no failures to my knowledge but understand that I barely use the car once a week. To gijap, this is a 987.1, I believe the .2 had many LEDs from the factory.
  14. I've yet to hear from Locktons despite filling in their online form a couple of days ago, but I will see what they say about this - it sounds just like another quote I have from a 'high net worth' policy where there is loads of great cover and benefits but at a price - they too don't use the ncb system. Providing Locktons play fair with you in future you would be OK staying with them. I am a bit skeptical of the 'protected' part of the ncb system - it's great when you have a few years with no claims, but if you have an 'at fault' accident the price goes up even if it's protected because going elsewhere the claim will load your premium no matter how many years protected ncb you have. Say you stay with Locktons and you are unfortunate enough to have a fault claim, if they keep to their word you would pay just a little more at renewal. Then consider if you move and the same happens - you would end up paying a bit more then too in my opinion. A tricky decision for you. If you can get equal cover elsewhere (keeping your protected ncb) at a reasonable price then it might be worth moving, but it might be better to stay for this year and shop around in plenty of time for next year - if Locktons have a lot of customers unhappy or leaving they may change their stance by next year.
  15. @Menoporsche hey buddy - how are you finding these LEDs, still have them fitted? Any failures?
  16. Think they also cover the hairdryer in the boot too...
  17. Just renewed with Locktons under the PCGB scheme, but stressing about whether I've done the right thing.... Detaied on another thread below - happy with the policy benefits / premium (agreed value / choice of repairer / EU cover with breakdown cover / trackday cover etc) but due to the 'Competition & Markets Authority Investigation' which the output came into force last year - Locktons now do not use no claims to rate premiums or recognise ncb protection. End result is that if I were to have a fault claim I lose the 9 years ncb I've built up on a second car. Locktons suggest that with one claim it wouldn't make a huge difference to renewal premium next year but obviously things coukd change with ratings in that time. If i were unfortunate enough to have to claim then potentially I'm faced with having to stay with Lockton's (where they are free to abuse via the renewal premium) or faced with the prospect of taking the insurance elsewhere with no ncb & a claim registered within the previous 12 months.... Not an attractive thought either way! Although I've just renewed I'm thinking of cancelling & going elsewhere where I can protect my ncb...
  18. It's a legitimate advertising campaign when they pop up on go-compare. So jokes aside if you leave a handbag or backpack on the passenger seat and it gets stolen. They'll cover it.
  19. Funny but be wary of the PC Police!
  20. They're basically admiral/elephant undr another sister brand name arent they? Least you'll get free handbag and contents cover lol.
  21. That time of year again ,hunting around for insurance , for some reason Sheila's wheels have come back as the cheapest option . Has anybody had any dealings with them , good bad ,average ?
  22. Porsche Club insurance is now Loctons. I was with Aviva for a few years before switching to AiB with whom I renewed again just before the insurance premium tax rise - which was nice! I did get a quote from Loctons, which was very close and included my Class 1 business cover (photographer), limited mileage allowance of I think 7k and agreed value of £12k (although whether you'd actually get that in not sure). The windscreen cover I think is an important factor - have heard lots of complaints from folk having had a third party screen fitted only to find one or more of PCM, radio or mobile aerials not working. Or worse still, it simply not fitting properly and leaking!
  23. Forgot to mention @Gorsh Henderson & Taylor only insure sports cars thus the macan is insured elsewhere its £500 excess, porsche approved repairer. And insure for 10k miles per year plus selected track day cover included.
  24. Hi @Gorsh We may be able to help ... we have some fantastic schemes ... feel free to PM me you details or click the link on my signature, either way we will call you back Clare
  25. Hi @Gorsh im insured through 'Henderson & Taylor' with the 911 & A-plan with the macan. I have a tracker on both as they spend prolonged periods unused whilst away, albeit the macan is used if SWMBO wants to get out of the company Audi. There are many reports of car key burglaries at present in the surrounding towns/villages so the tracker is useful however i do agree, the subscription is expensive for effectively doing nothing unless the unfortunate happens and think there should be a joint tracker policy available as to have 2 cars stolen at the same time is bad luck! And i also agree that should one of them be stolen, i wouldnt want it back having witnessed how they are driven in my previous life. Maybe when the renewal for the macan comes around there are 2 subscriptions i wont renew, tracker & car connect (doesnt have the plus) as i just think connect is a complete waste of money and can count the amount of times on 1 hand i used the 'gimmick' app.
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