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  3. Fantastic find !!!
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  7. You still got it mate ?

  8. Mine must be the only damn car that this fix doesn't work on
  9. Thanks for this
  10. Brilliant
  11. So this was the donor deflector Simply prise apart This is what you now have Lift away the mesh and use the frame as a template Use a fine toothed jigsaw to cut the 2mm Perspex And you should have this Check the fit Press the two halves of the frame together and you will have this And this is it fitted
  12. excellent mate mine is doing the same cheers for posting the vid
  13. This August we want to give our clients the chance to win a Dash Cam. To enter simply obtain a quotation, take out a policy or renew a policy with A-Plan Insurance Cherished Vehicle Insurance throughout August. Give us a call on 01635 874646 or Click the link on my Signature and quote reference CLW0817! *Drivers over 25, must have held full uk driving licence for 2 years. Quotations for policies due in August 2017 – 15 September 2017, one entry per person. No cash alternative will be offered. Subject to availability. Closing date will be 31/08/2017, winner will be announced on 01/09/2017. Offer only available at A-Plan Cherished Vehicle Insurance, Thatcham.
  14. Hi Jimmy. Photobucket now charge for 3rd party hosting and so all the links no longer work. I will fish out the images and host them on a better site and then post the links here.
  15. The photos at the start of this are no longer visible, can this be re posted as I would like a clear deflector on mine
  16. Nearly all of the boosters I look at have either one side or both sitting outide of the gulley when closed. I found lots of articles describing the problem and suggested fixes but recently came across this video which helped me immensely to fix my own roof. Here you go
  17. Recently water damaged :(

  18. As a newbie, looking to buy a Boxster, I found this guide excellent. I am still digesting !!! thanks very much for posting...
  19. To bring the matter of which insurance to choose to a close - until next year at least, I have gone with NFU, very happy with the cover and price - plus they have a local office so I can deal face to face if I want. The all - singing high net worth/private client policies offer excellent cover but at a cost which I can't justify, as even though I've scraped enough money together for a new 991.2 I don't consider myself to be in that category of customer.
  20. Ok looks like the side wheel is working fine it just the centre slider that has no effect on the fins in behind Neil
  21. R
  22. Still trying to get the rear up/down vents to work from the finger rotating wheel but without any joy. Is there any info on here about actually getting the vents totally out, i can see what looks like to plastic spring clips on the bottom any help appreciated neil
  23. Tequpment Roof Transportation System

    What do you really want for it?

    Would suggest £ 150 is nearer the mark.

  24. If I had researched before buying 4 weeks ago I would have bought an MX5 instead My Jag and my Jeep are a breeze compared to this 986
  25. More info here possibly: -
  26. Can't find mention of a lighter spring. Its either in or out (broken). If the clutch is too heavy remove it. When you've done the right up the Q will be in the right place
  27. I have been reading on a couple of other forums of people replacing the clutch assist spring with a lighter spring, has anyone tried this? Have a look at : - and
  28. Thanks Red Rocket
  29. If you mean the ones in the original post they are lost and gone for good (see Photobucket has gone rogue' thread and lots of recent comments) unless T24RES finds another hosting site and edits his post.
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