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    They will if you really stamp your feet. A Monaro owner did just this by getting his insurer to give him two quotes, then he went to the other party's insurance company, quoted the claim and asked for an additional £300. The first year was difficult but after they coughed he told them to expect his call in a years time.... He did some track days with us, so I'm sure he's registered here as Liam1986.
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    Yes, they are. I've read a long thread where someone was unhappy with the settlement offered. At first I thought they were a bit of a nutter, but they eventually got a result. The Ombudsman will basically say that as long as they are using a reasonable method to ascertain value, then they will not deem it unfair. Using a trade guide Will be deemed a reasonable method. The guy I read about actually took them to court and they eventually settled just before the court date after various threats over legal fees etc. I'll see if I can find the thread.
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    No, the insurance ombudsman is there to mediate and from personal experience I know that they do take a rational look at all of the facts before making their ruling. It is rare that an insurance company will go against the decision but either side still have the option of taking it to court. As for their bibles, they know who Autotrader are. Give them details for similar cars and see if they can negotiate them down to the CAP figures. I would echo most of the above. Threaten the insurance company with the big stick of taking on a like-for-like hire car until they settle to your satisfaction. Give your own insurance company a kick up the backside too, as they should be fighting your corner, not making you have to do it.
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    Their client hit you. At no fault of your own, you've lost your car. You should be back in a position you were before the accident. Their Parkers quotes simply won't do that. It might work for when it's your fault, but not when it isn't. Hold out. If you are a member of AA / RAC, you may have free legal advice. I'm not saying use it, but it's another threat to them, that they can drag the case out fighting with an equal rather than a greenhorn (!), or hurry up and settle it for a grand extra.
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    Stick to your guns and the price you believe to be fair, don't be pressured into accepting a low price and good luck
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    Thanks for the words of support. They insist on quoting Glass's, Parkers and CAP prices which range from £4200 to £2900! I've studied Autotrader and Pistonheads and currently, 986S's range from around £4600 (for a CAT D with a sketchy history) to £6500-ish. Of course, the insurers choose to ignore advertised prices because they are not sold prices (or perhaps it's because it suits their agenda...) Interesting you should mention posh hire cars - I've concluded that it's a scam, aimed at lining the pockets of their partner companies at the expense of their client, the motorist. My accident happened 10 days ago and if Admiral had their way, I would be in a BMW Z4 at a cost (so far) of £1400 and with no sign of my claim being settled yet, who knows how much the final bill be! I declined the offer of a car, using that as leverage with the 3rd party's insurers in the hope that they will be sympathetic to my desire to get something close to the true value of my car. Note the use of the word 'hope'... On the subject of scams, don't get me started on the number of times I've been asked whether I suffered any injuries! The FCA state that insurers 'should act in the best interests of their clients'. If only...
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    sorry for your troubles. Hope you get what you need out of the negotiations. Remember, Its just business to them.
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    Yes, £4200 is an insult but the insurance company are not expecting you to say "too much" when they offer you £7k. I'd start off at £6k for yours and let them haggle you down. As for the salvage, if you have space then have it back off them. They don't have to give all to any preferred agent they have working for them, and until you settle the car is still yours.
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    insurance companies always start on the low side hoping you accept there offer , just decline their offer and get a independent pre accident valuation by a qualified engineer
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    Sorry to hear about this Chris. I don't think £5000 is unreasonable at all considering the condition and maintenance of the car. Now you just have to convince your insurance company. Good luck with it all
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    Sorry to hear this & hope it gets sorted appropriately. If its any consolation, I had my 986 written off in a non fault accident a few years ago & ended up in my 987 which was a blessing in disguise. However, yet another example of where drivers of a certain age should be made to take a test to confirm they are still capable of driving to a certain standard. Boils my p*ss that some old people are still on the road when it is quite clear they are incapable of driving.
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    He said there were no injuries
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    Don't take the first offer they make. It's very unlikely the loss adjuster has seen the car in person and the first offer made is based on the lowest evalulation or in their parlance bottom book. As the accident isn't your fault then the amount paid out will be recovered from the other party and you ought to be paid full retail value of a similar car. Insist that the engineer sees your car so they can properly assess the condition. List all the maintenance, options and recent expenditure to prove the condition and that your car was cared for. As the others have said provide retail priced examples of similar cars to yours to back up your case. If there are no injuries and no hire cars to provide then there's no money in it for the insurers various partner companies, they will want the case settled quickly so if you provide the paperwork to back up your case you'll probbly find it all done in a month.
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    Would you consider a payout and keeping the salvage? you know the car, get a payment from the insurer keep the car and have it repaired.
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    ...that's the point entirely....
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    That does seem very low, go on autotrader and copy all the ads for cars of that age and mileage. Work out the average asking price and send to your insurance company along with copies of the ads. They normally respond well to evidence as they realise you know what you are talking about rather than just moaning. Good luck, and sorry to hear about your car🙁
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    Sorry to hear about it - hope it works out well in the end. Glad no-one was hurt. The advised technique is to find a bunch of ads of similar cars for sale, preferably close to you, at favourable prices, then give that to the insurance company as evidence. Doesn't sound way off the value of a 2.5 to me but I don't follow closely.
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    Thanks @cj225 used exactly the same speakers and a great improvement particularly for the money.
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    I don't recall it being that slow either
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    Thank God, so you're not a weirdo
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    Certainly does. Although we're quite lucky in the missus bought the house in the 90s for a normal price, heading for 9x that original price now.
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    Thanks @cj225. I copied you this evening and the sound is much improved.