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  1. interestingly I had my March/Aviva renewal during the week and it still shows as March/Aviva/Premier Solutions...looking at the letter I got back in May 2017 it simply stated that they were ceasing to trade as Porsche Insurance and instead would be Marsh, plain and simple (no mention of Carbon like you two) Also my renewal is £369 (last year £360) and the non fault accident last year (tow bar on a 981 thread) seems to have zero effect
  2. standard 'it will take up to 5 days' surely?
  3. its the dementia kicking in, you should wait for the wife to actually get in the car before pulling away...
  4. The silver surround you mean? Yes I have that but you get used to it after a short while...
  5. he's referring to DJMC who was/is a member who liked taking Porsche (and all else) to court/complaining about wheels/tyres etc etc I didnt put the @ sign in front in case he appeared like Beetlejuice!
  6. the thread being bumped by DJ made me think... Is the modded one better than the Technowind?
  7. 80's channel 4 programme?
  8. good job
  9. found this mind maybe right up our street being Boxster drivers...
  10. agree with some of what you say there but gender neutral pricing came in in 21/12/2012 for all insurance ...having to print the previous years premium is another example of leading people to not have to think for hard is it to find last years paperwork to compare yourself at renewal (its paperwork you should have readily accessible in the event of a claim anyway)? It annoys me that we are teaching a generation(s) to have to think less and/or take responsibility for some of their financial decisions, which is what we should be doing instead of feeding them information so they dont have to think too hard about it (poor lambs)...dont get me wrong I am most definitely NOT defending the insurance industry even if I do work within it (not car insurance though)...I dont like the way they work anymore than the next person (and am expecting an unjustified premium increase for my car come renewal, due to a non-fault accident in 2016). Apparantely next week Sainsbury's are bringing out a new pricing strategy..alongside the price they charge for say a tin of beans, it will also show the price charged by Aldi/Tesco/Waitrose/Morrison etc (will it fek)
  11. Hi  can you have a listen to attached and see what you think.... thank you very much


  12. correct we only provide abbreviated accounts to Co House too...
  13. insurance is not a mandatory disclosure whereas mortgage is fully disclosable but you are correct...when you go to the local newsagent he doesn't HAVE to disclose how much he makes on a packet of polo's...*I know we are talking a vast difference in amounts but you dont get your local sparkie or builder disclosing profits on each job either)
  14. Just so you know really...its all for the good of the consumer (so what I am about to doesn't detract from my belief of that fact) but it astounds me that other industries dont follow suit i.e. your local Tesco's being forced to suggest you consider 'shopping around' and maybe trying Sainsbiry's or Lidl for a change, perhaps the local restaurant recommending you try the KFC around the corner for a cheaper bite eat etc! The FCA have set out a number of requirements with the aim of increasing transparency and engagement at renewal. These new rules are intended to address concerns about levels of consumer engagement at policy renewal, improve the treatment of existing consumers by firms; and promote effective competition in the market. This requirement will take effect on policies invited for renewal on or after the 1st April 2017. A summary of the changes are to: disclose last year's premium at each renewal, so that it can be easily compared to the new premium offered encourage consumers to check their cover and shop around for the best deal at each renewal, and identify consumers who have renewed four, or more, consecutive times, and give these consumers an additional prescribed message encouraging them to shop around. This includes consumers who renew after 1 April 2017 who may have already renewed four or more times before these rules come into force.
  15. I wouldnt extend for that price on the car (at the current value) either...