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  1. What's the £1.50 story? Can you go to your mate with your scrapped car and offer to swap the wheels, were they in good nick I can't remember? New thread for this one I suggest
  2. MUCH nicer interior The lights are actually useful!
  3. I still have them, no failures to my knowledge but understand that I barely use the car once a week. To gijap, this is a 987.1, I believe the .2 had many LEDs from the factory.
  4. Well we know there is a racket in hire cars after an accident. But who'd have thought there was a scam in disputing the value of those hire cars?
  5. Hope you get a good replacement.
  6. Their client hit you. At no fault of your own, you've lost your car. You should be back in a position you were before the accident. Their Parkers quotes simply won't do that. It might work for when it's your fault, but not when it isn't. Hold out. If you are a member of AA / RAC, you may have free legal advice. I'm not saying use it, but it's another threat to them, that they can drag the case out fighting with an equal rather than a greenhorn (!), or hurry up and settle it for a grand extra.
  7. ...that's the point entirely....
  8. Sorry to hear about it - hope it works out well in the end. Glad no-one was hurt. The advised technique is to find a bunch of ads of similar cars for sale, preferably close to you, at favourable prices, then give that to the insurance company as evidence. Doesn't sound way off the value of a 2.5 to me but I don't follow closely.
  9. Interesting - so you could have picked up a used one from an old Carrera GT then
  10. @Araf - are you able to transfer this classic to How To?
  11. At least you're in the country
  12. I know it might sound daft to you but do the slats remove re the condensers or have I to remove the complete bumper assy

    Any tips are always appreciated »

    Bernie Andrews

    1. Menoporsche


      Never done it myself, I don't think the slats remove. Start a new thread in Technical, title something like "Mesh on a facelift front" with the question "How did you do yours?" and you'll get a few options.  good luck!

    2. Bernie Andrews
  13. Hi, you mentioned the possibility of selling a double exhaust tip, is it still possible? And if so, how much?  

  14. Did the wife appreciate you using her miniskirt as a throw?
  15. Never needed to claim for an accident that's not my fault. (Actually that sounds awful )