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  1. Hmm I need to either fill some of the hole, or try and relocate then - appreciate the update chap
  2. I write such a clause into all my supplier agreements. The suppliers that really want to deal and grow with me are happy with it, those that complain, usually don't last too long. I have an ethical responsibility to ensure the supply chain has not been bought, and also ensure the vendor is stable enough to sustain my business.
  3. Ohh and you have to ASK to be removed from automatic renewal too !! For all you readers out there, else they will charge you an admin fee to tell the to fek orvf without THEIR specific notice period.!
  4. are the carpet grips supposed to screw into anything, or just "self tap" into the carpet ? One of mine keeps coming away from the floor - thought I'd ask before removing the carpet to find out
  5. Can I book my overdue service TBC Seriously, I hope to get Molly up to you either just before or after Chrimbo. this SAP integration is manic
  6. Ingenious Matt
  7. I'm sure I saw a 987 PSE on ebay this week Haggis. It look like a different back box to incorporate the bypass pipes. Oh and it was £850 !
  8. Yep M4 closed for a day and M3 for the night - all surrounding areas were total grid lock, even so at midnight. It took me an 30 mins to do a half mile last night ...utter chaos and it was raining so I couldn't even sit with the roof down.
  9. Simple, effective and cheap - love it.
  10. let me know how you want paying for the smoked corner chap

  11. could be worth trying the co-op. Always means a long telephone call, but worked for me all those years ago with performance cars and lots of points.....
  12. Whilst I appreciate everyone is different, here's the breakdown so far: Direct Line renewal: £ 247.47 (£250 xs) Direct Line web site £229.95 (£250 cs) A-Plan (Thatcham) £390 £200 xs) A-Plan (sponser) never called back as requested at least a week ago AIB "£400+ we can't get near" comparetheMeercat (Zenith) £ 268.28 (£250 xs) Greenlight £298.02 (£250 xs) Has legal and protected NCB etc that the others don't have. Now I was going to tweak Greenlight to match the others, however it's underwritten by Highway (part of LVE). Their policy states 14 days for a hire car and then you pay. However, in my experience, if they can't get parts for the repair then they instruct " When my old Evo VI was vandalised years ago, they were quoted 5-8 weeks delivery for the part, refused to return the car as they deemed it unsafe to drive without the spoiler and also refused to give me a hire car until the spoiler was delivered ! So, whilst the cover and service is very tempting frim Greenlight and their attitude towards modifications and track days excellent, their underwriter's are nothing short of Teflon coated crooks.
  13. always worth checking what is covered - many hike up the xs or drop all sorts of "usual" benefits to get a cheaper premium. Then try and sell them back to you once you call them to accept. And that's before they try to bully you into auto renewable policies. So far the local A-Plan came back with a slight cheaper x/s but double the policy !! Shame as they are usually in the ball park and I've had nothing but great service, including years ago when I had to claim.
  14. I have to agree, however as I am a buyer by trade, I do not let them get off lightly with quoting "their policies" as law. Well I've pinged of RFQ's to all site sponsors, I don't expect them all to actually respond. Eg A-plan called me last week while I was in a meeting, I asked them to call be back later in the day ......still waiting for that call.
  15. Direct line have just sent me thru my renewal. More than last year AND more than if I type my details back into the web site ! To top it off they are trying to charge me £47.09 if I do not want to renew with them ! I shall enjoy the telephone conversation reminding them what a 12 month contract is and how removing monies without my consent is fraud :-D