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  1. More info here possibly: -
  2. I have been reading on a couple of other forums of people replacing the clutch assist spring with a lighter spring, has anyone tried this? Have a look at : - and
  3. I had a similar problem recently - not Adrian Flux though. I sent a polite and brief e mail to there customer services pointing out that I had effectively paid a lot of money for a couple of months insurance after taking the cancellation fee into account. I got a phone call back and they made an offer - to make amends - which I accepted - give it a try and keep it polite and to the point...... Good Luck!
  4. Hi Geraint, 

    Can you just let me know please - do you think that it's normal for the hids to flicker for a couple of seconds when they are first switched on?

    I'm sorry to say that I got a hids direct kit -

    And I've just re read your thread about hids direct.........other than are start up flicker everything else seems to be ok.


    Thanks for your help.




  5. It's very easy to take out.
  6. Yes, no problem, the info is here, good luck!
  7. I painted mine with a rattle can as well and got a good result. I took the unit out of the car to stop any over-spray etc, which was very easy to do.