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  1. I had the same issue when I first got my Box...
  2. Just disabled my iPhone wireless to force it to use 4G and a different ip address. All my devices are still working merrily. Strange one.
  3. I don't get logged out every half an hour or when I swap between devices. Just sat here with my iPhone, laptop and tablet all logged in with no problems. But I do have to log in (with cached credentials so it's no hardship) for no apparent reason sometimes. No idea what triggers that. Probably not happened to me for a week though. So we have three different scenarios triggering a login request so far... No consistency!
  4. I forgot to say I also moved to Admiral for house and contents insurance a couple of weeks ago as a linked customer for car insurance and managed to knock about £150 off my renewal with Nationwide for a better specified policy.
  5. I have multicar with Admiral and my 987 is also the cheapest of the three cars insured but is worth the most and is certainly the fastest, and is not even the car that covers the least miles on the policy!
  6. Thanks, I knew I had seen that somewhere in the past!
  7. Just out of interest did you find any easy guides to removing this unit - I would like to treat my two worn buttons and out would be better than in I guess? Cheers.
  8. Really useful. Thanks for posting.
  9. I have just spoken to Admiral. Gave them all my details and asked the question about factory fitted and delivered condition and they have confirmed that as long as my vehicle is to the specification as delivered by the factory and matching the delivery specification as detailed in the service book then that is fine, no additional charge or notification required. So I am going to park this one and stop worrying
  10. Apparently this was not good enough... Also I needed proven history of driving a similar car for at least a year.
  11. I think after reading all of this discussion I will definitely call Admiral and run this past them - and offer to provide the service book sticker detail to indicate factory fit options. If notifying them of the factory fitted wheels now counts as a modification to the policy so be it. To be honest after spending over an hour on the phone sorting out my multi car policy I don't remember exactly what I was asked about modifications or if they asked about factory fitted options but to the best of my knowledge the car is currently as originally delivered in terms of specification. Thanks again for the opinions presented!
  12. I tried Greenlight first. I don't have any personal no claims, only company. And no history of rwd experience that counted either. Maybe next time...
  13. Mmm. I think I will call them and make sure. I don't ever want to claim. but I need insurance to be insurance that's going to work if I ever do need it. No point in taking any chances. Thanks for the insights.