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  1. It's a legitimate advertising campaign when they pop up on go-compare. So jokes aside if you leave a handbag or backpack on the passenger seat and it gets stolen. They'll cover it.
  2. They're basically admiral/elephant undr another sister brand name arent they? Least you'll get free handbag and contents cover lol.
  3. I'm not surprised. Glad they got jail just for making the opposing form go under costing over 300 innocent jobs.
  4. Locktons were fantastic when I wanted insurance earlier this year. I didn't go for them as they were more expensive than my current insurance.
  5. I would want £5k and the car in your position. Sorry to hear about the incident though. I would be so stressed and irritated. I thought they would be obliged to offer you the car back if you asked for it. As you know it's mechanically sound, the Cat-C is merely cosmetic and some can see past that if the repair is spot on. Just consider the few grand you'll have left over after the repair, which you can add back to what you sell it for in years to come. You'll have lost no/little money that way (as you'll get less for it as a cat-car).
  6. I have only been questioned by specialist insurers, never comparison site/mainstream companies. Yet they're willing to throw a policy at you/us for cheaper, no questions asked. I've never owned a RWD car before the Boxster, but my history of modified & tuned cars and Jap imports helped (when asked). All were FWD mind.
  7. Yeh. I've got that now on my own car. Was like £25 extra I think. I couldn't justify Flux for another year, nearly triple the best price and £300 more than Locktons (which included PCGB and breakdown).
  8. That was a handy perk. Made driving other people's cars more comfortable with that level of fully comp cover. One I do miss.
  9. Miracles do happy 😮
  10. Got a green miniature one in my back garden....
  11. Haha, tractors and weirdos around here
  12. I'm sure my limit is 4000 miles, and I only pay £250 FC, mods declared (and I'm a "yoof" at 28).
  13. Flux we're happy to add 2000 miles for me a couple of years ago for just over £50 if I remember correctly! They have some weird policies and rules (on top of stinging everyone if you want to make admin changes or end a policy early). I'm not with them anymore. I pay a 3rd of their premium price with eSure (mods declared).
  14. Their cancellation and admin fee's are hefty. But it is all laid out on the paperwork to be fair and clear (even if expensive). I used them for 2 years on my previously heavily modified import car. But left them for the Porsche as I got ample cover for a 3rd of the price elsewhere. Their service and call handlers were always spot on. Efficient and knowledgable, even if a rip off in charges as and when.
  15. Bargain....