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  1. How To: Find Part Numbers (PET Katalog)

    You can also run PET on a XP laptop which provides VIN lookup Just make sure you patch it
  2. Some Quotes

    A-Plan phone me every year, and can never match. They've tried for the last 8 years. Renewed with Elephant yesterday, £330. Renewal price was originally quoted at £449!
  3. Thanks guys - interesting point Stu. I'll look at that route, if we have difficulties with the insurance co. On that, is it normal to persue uninsured lossed (car hire, excess etc) through legal channels, in addition to the insurance claim? In the mean time - I'll update the insurance details for the Box . It was my wife's car that was hit. Driver had been drinking (but blew under), and admitted to 2xPCs to searching for a phone when the accident happened .
  4. What would you expect to be the outcome; Move house 2 weeks ago, don't update insurance policy to reflect move. Car is parked on street overnight, and is hit by someone not paying due care and attention. 99.9% certain car will be a write-off. Third-party completely at fault, and will take liability. Update policy to reflect move next day, and then report the incident. Will I see a penny? (Wasn't the Pork BTW).
  5. Great service as usual

    No probs - and those parts arrived, thanks mate!
  6. Thanks as always to Russ and the guys at Revolution for their excellent service. Car was in last week for an oil change, MOT and for a child seat retrofit kit to be fitted. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Cheers guys!
  7. When I widen the browser, the margins act a little strangly (FYI). Firefox here. Looks nice.
  8. Merry Christmas Chaps

    Month off here also :thumbsup_anim:
  9. Merry Christmas Chaps

    Merry Christmas guys .
  10. Revolution Porsche 2nd Anniversary

    Brakes! It's the only thing you guys haven't done for me recently! Great write up Russ, it's great to hear the hard work is paying off .
  11. You want to try adding your Mrs
  12. Car Allowances

    Cheers guys, good advice. I like the savings account idea too. Should be enough for a new GT3 on retirement day .
  13. Car Allowances

    Yes, allowance is in cash. I wondered if mandating a policy is normal practice, or if I can just ignore it.
  14. Here's a new question; I've been offered a new job. Package includes a car allowance, but there is unlikley to be any need to travel (occasional trip to the smoke, but this can be done on the train). Office is a 10min drive from house along country lanes. Company mandate that you must have a car <5yrs old, non-2door. Clearly concerned about their image. My Boxster meets none of these criteria, but is very well cared for and probably looks smarter than most 3 year old cars out there. Question is, I won't be getting rid of the Bosxter, and I don't really want to buy a second car just for this purpose, it's a complete waste of time, and money. Can a company mandate these terms? I'm tempted just to ignore the policy and rock up in the Boxster each day. Any sage advice out there?