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  3. Marts,

    Could I get a set of coloured central caps please?

  4. Afternoon,AIB are thrilled to announce the appointment of our newest team member, Becca Milles.Read more here: https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/beccamillesMany thanks again to all members for your continued support.Leah BurtAIB Insurance02380 268351
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  6. hey buddy - need a set of centre caps for my 2010 Spyder - the wheels are just about to be refurbished silver - so silver would be ideal - please email me the price and payment details - mail@slk.ccย 

  7. Hello Mart,

    I had a set of centres for my winter wheels, I have just put my summer wheels back on and notice that the OEM centre caps are looking a bit worn. The wheels are 20 inch carerra S painted in satin platinum I am enclosing a very poor photo to helpย  identification

    Could you let me know if you have a set of caps in this colour ? also your payment details, I seem to recall I did a bank payment but I do not have the details now.



  8. Is it wrong that the one I like most on that page is the cheapest one right at the bottom? Still 987S money though and I know which I prefer ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  9. The story is that the wife insured one car for use at work (private cars are not insured for work use unless you tell them) and added the other one to the same policy but without use at work due to the extra cost. The person at the brokers took it as being if you are not using the car at work you would not commute to work in it. Hence gave us a cheaper premium. They didn't tell us this and the wife didn't pick up the clause in the policy till she had a bump. The wife was in a total panic for a few hours, She now reads every thing thoroughly.
  10. search and the answer is there for you;) https://www.rally24.com/make/Renault-rally-cars-for-sale/
  11. You're probably right but I'm sure a Renault is not the answer ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Good find, I used similar, but they were 125mm in length and I had to cut them down. Just checked on them over a year later and all is good.
  13. Just done mine a few days ago now, had a spare hour, very easy to do once the car is raised, my sleeves were so old the bolts were gone, and the crappy A clamps were so corroded I wangled them off with a screwdriver. If I had a few quid more I'd replace the U pipes for something shiny but the old ones are perfectly usable for now, so a good clean and some paste has made a good seal. It has made a big different in how the car idles now that there's no gases escaping, very smooth, and it now sounds like it should with a throatier burble, so sounds awesome just pootling around the lanes. More importantly it now passed it's mot. Thanks Boxob for the how-to, very helpful.
  14. he has a point...what car is not suitable for commuting?
  15. I'm intrigued that there is a car that it is not feasible to own without commuting in it๐Ÿค” What car is it that compels you to commute? Vectra?
  16. We have two cars insured with them. Had a bump in one that had written into the policy not for commuting that we had not picked up on. They agreed that it was not feasible to have such a car not for commuting, they changed it and paid out. Sadly would not insure the 986 on the same policy and it was more cost effective to go with Saga. Benifit of being older. I Use them at work for vehicles and the main working Estate and they have always paid out when used. Nothing but good experiences and helpful.
  17. My current car is insured with NFU, as was my previous one. Had a good experience with them when my blue car was written off.
  18. They are great to deal with, unless you want to cancel, then they bend you over.
  19. Just renewed with AIB, had a little haggle & now 10% cheaper than last year with the same cover. Canโ€™t argue with that & they are great to deal with.
  20. I have the 981 insured with NFU and home insurance also Iโ€™m picking up the motor home tomorrow so I called to add that to my insurance ยฃ20000 on the MH protected nc And fully comp the normal i nearly fell of the bench when I was told the full cost of adding it on to my policy ยฃ38 for the year added on to the policy I thought it was an extra ยฃ38 per month at first I asked repeatedly if that was the total cost a few times. Iโ€™m over the moon. And they also donโ€™t charge if you to do adjustments like pvt plates and stufff. So im giving the NFU a big 10 stars ๐ŸŒŸ Gice then a call for car and home you may get a big surprise๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘œ
  21. Earlier
  22. Can't fault Locktons, I had to use the breakdown service and it was great, very fast, I have agreed value with them as they accepted the PCGB valuation, track day cover for PCGB arranged events if I ever need it. and the price has stayed at ยฃ315 for the last two years.
  23. Certainly itโ€™s under tension, but I am sure thereโ€™s nothing on the other side. I must check inside when the roof is actually up to see if anything is visible.
  24. just checked on mine and don't appear to have those (987.2) - but there is some elastic straps either side which appear to tension in the inner head lining - could that be yours too?
  25. Hi Martin

    Seems you are the "go-to" man for centre caps!ย 

    Can you pm me details/price/what you need to know please?

    Looking for silver with coloured crests please.

    many thanks


  26. So I got the replacements in the post today, swapped them with the broken ones and everything seems to be back to normal. The old ones were a bugger to get off mind you. Whilst doing it, I noticed on the drivers side that there appeared to be a couple of elastic straps that were connected to the "door pillar".when the roof is in the down position, they appear to be quite stretched. I couldn't see any similar ones on the passenger side. Ive circled them in the photo attached. Picture is taken looking down in the roof mechanism, back of car at the top, front at the bottom. Outside of car is to the left.
  27. On a 986 it is the Alarm Control Unit which controls the alarm etc but on a 987 it's a different unit, I think, the Rear Control Unit.
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