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  2. And whenever you do receive your renewal quote - then find comparative but cheaper insurance - and you call your existing company - and they match it - F**K them right off for being so diabolically dishonest in the first place for trying to have you over, only when we all do this will they curb their less than moral side
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  5. Dad came over today with his insurance renewal from directline this morning. He is 83 and drives an old Merc less than 2000 miles a year. Last year he paid £698 Auto renewal this year =£812 Did the usual and checked confused.com and got quotes of £745 which is still too much for someone that drives once a week to do his grocery shopping. Rang directline and this years quote is now £690, which is £8 less than last year. Moral of the story, never auto renew and make sure you have that convo with any insurance company.
  6. One year. I previously had both the McCann and Box on a single policy with Admiral, changed to LV for the McCann and Saga for the box last year. Renewal for McCann came in, up by only a couple of quid - fair enough, but Saga put the arm in.
  7. You’re not a good customer. For most insurance companies a good customer is someone on auto renewal who can’t be bothered to switch. I think it’s well known in the business that Saga rely on customer loyalty more than most and drive up premiums year on year and expect their older client base not to notice/care. How long had you been with Saga? Seems a big jump that most would baulk at, far better to just slowly increase year by year, unless your previous price was below the risk level to get new business.
  8. My Saga policy increased by over £200 when the renewal notice came in. Quick shop around and I got it the same price as last year elsewhere. Why don't insurance companies want to retain good customers?
  9. Hi Rich 

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    .   Thanks Andy

  10. Ensure the intake rubber bellows are correctly on , may look OK from the top but have turned In under neath, if done correctly cleaning out should not make it run ragged, recheck your work.
  11. Never auto renew any type of insurance or cover. How long does it really take to have a quick look on comparison websites and ring original insurer for a price match?
  12. I never select auto renew as I’m sure they try it on with those who are happy for the default to be taking the renewal quote. I went with LV Classic last year for £144, renewal came last week, 4 weeks before renewal and was only £151 so didn’t even bother shopping around at that price😎
  13. I had an automatic renewal on Adrian Flux classic policy They put the price up £90 for no reason this year. I went on compare the market, sent them the alternative quote (from Hastings insurance ) that was total cost at £195. Strangly they instantly matched it when I said I'd be off. I do use Adrian Flux insurance for daily car, classic car, household building and contents &classic tractor insurance So they didn't want to lose my custom.
  14. Suzuki GSXR1000 K6 from new, Kawasaki ZX6RR track bike

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  16. Only just come across this thread. I replaced my MAF as the old one was shot and the car started misfiring all over the place. I took the opportunity to clean the throttle body which was pretty fifthly so cleaning it all out with Wurth brake cleaner. Fortunately I have a code reader to be able to reset the CEL after the MAF errors. Doing both at the same time made sense so the car could 'learn' its new settings all in one go. After just a clean, the TB could be flowing better but if the MAF is on its way out and the ECU has self adjusted to bad data from the MAF, that might explain why the OP's had stared running roughly. With a correctly functioning MAF and a clean throttle body the throttle response is definitely sharper and the whole drive train smoother on low speed/low throttle openings.
  17. I suggest you try our two insurance company sponsors first! Both have provided competative quotes for me and fellow members. I use A-Plan currently.
  18. Try a quote without the PCGB membership ,
  19. Hm is really PCGB worth £70 ? Thanks
  20. I'd try LOCKTONS I'm with them and so is my brother in law , very comprehensive cover , mine came in at £300 all in with a host of benefits , 5000 miles , PCGB member gets a discount too Good luck Sam 👍
  21. Have you checked out Churchill? I have found them very competitive and I think we have three cars with them now. They don’t worry about cars being on the drive, road or in the garage and include business use in the mileage.
  22. Hi, I'm looking for insurance for my new 986 and i can't massive amount of opitions on portals like moneysupermarket,confused etc. Can someone recommend any insurance who would have decent quotes for 1 car households. Thanks,
  23. But other than that everything went well .... Sorry to hear this mate, why is nothing easy these days 😕
  24. well I wont be renewing with these guys. 3 mistakes on my renewal form, the obvious saga of taking 9 months to never rectify (fully) an accident that was non-fault, and a premium £80 higher than a quick quote i got last year....
  25. Hi Andrew I am interested in your Boxster you have for sale. Is it still available?

    Thanks Colin

  26. Hello Carlie Thanks for your reply. I have renewed already and think that it might be too late for this year, in any case will PM you.
  27. Thank you!!! I'll pass on to Chris Sheen who you dealt with.
  28. Thanks Rog, I'm glad we got it sorted! P.s. I have a mini... love it
  29. Just had a great quote from A-plan, £279 fully comp with legal cover and £250 excess, thats for two of us to drive with 5k mileage. My E-Sure renewal was £247 but the excess was £500 compulsory and £100 voluntary, Even though it a bit cheaper I loved the fact that A-plan answer their phone straight away, are very friendly and helpful and there is another means of communication via this forum. All in all, two thumbs good from me, Im sure you'll be ensuring my Mini in a few weeks. Rog.
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