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  4. Afternoon, Just a quick note to thank everyone that has arranged motor insurance via ourselves over the past 12 months. We've enjoyed another record year and have loved catering for all our clients whether they are insuring a performance car, modified car, motorhome, RV, campervan, kit car, classic or daily drive. Don't forget we give healthy discounts to all those existing clients who take out home insurance or other motor insurance with us. Thanks again to all, it's been an absolute please looking after so many of you. For an instant quote and cover, please call our experienced team on 02380 268351 or visit https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/ Many Thanks Leah Burt AIB Insurance 02380 268351
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  6. Regulation around insurance in this country is seriously lacking. In Australia you get close to a full pro rata refund for the unexpired policy. other differences are No claim discount attaches to the individual, not the car so can cover multiple cars. Cover also extends to all drivers of the car on a fully comprehensive basis (higher excesses apply for young/inexperienced drivers). Track cover doesn’t really exist though so that’s a positive here!
  7. That's useful info. I have the 2.5, cable controlled throttle, but otherwise the process will be the same. About 6 months ago when stopped at the lights, the revs really hunted and woudnt idle. It's only happened the once in 10k miles, so I expect giving it a bit of a boot has cleared things. I also cleaned the maf at the time, which is very easy. Maybe I'll leave it then
  8. I did mine a couple of weeks ago as it had to come off to access the PS pump. I was a bit foxed when I found a vacuum pipe at each side, but turns out this is only for Tip cars. There is a nut holding the TB to the engine which was tricky to remove as access under the TB was tight. Cleaning was straightforward with a bit of carb cleaner, but there was a fair bit of oil in the black tube leading to the inlets, so I think my AOS maybe past it's best, but I didn't want to get further involved and left it for another day. Re-assembled and took it for a good thrash and all worked fine. Haven't touched the MAF as it seems to be working fine. Maybe when I change the AOS I'll give it a clean. I only did mine as I had to take it off anyway. Not sure I'd bother taking it out just to clean it if the car is otherwise running well. Always the risk you'll disturb of break something as chap above did.
  9. Anyone else have experience of cleaning the throttle body and want to give feedback, good or bad? I guess it's one of those where all being well, people do it and it works fine so they don't comment, whereas those that do have issues raise it on forums such as these. I was due to do mine this weekend, but a little reluctant now.
  10. I was insuring my Spitfire with them until I sold it a couple of years ago. Only £100 as well, although I only really thought of it as basic legal cover and expected little more of it. Never needed to change to policy details or make a claim, which is when you tend to find out why it is so cheap🤔
  11. Sad to read this - used to insure my Stags TR7 and Frog eye sprite with them years ago - as a 20 year old only used to cost me £100 a year fully comp (on limited mileage ) they were always brilliant and it would have cost me a fortune elsewhere - just goes to show how things can change.
  12. I have also had a bad experience in a similar situation with Lancaster. Hence I would not use them again and could not recommend anyone else to use them. Sad in a way, as years ago I insured several Saab 900 Turbos with them and had excellent service. Unfortunately things seemed to have moved on in a less customer focused direction
  13. Same thing just happened to a friend of mine with adrian flux. He was very annoyed. Similar cancellation after a month or 2 and they kept over 3/4 of the annual premium. Con!
  14. The exception is if you want to change to a private plate you have to do it with 28 days of taking out the policy, it is no charge. But try it after 28 days........50 notes 😕
  15. If you dont plan to keep after the term has ended the best option is to have the highest GTV value possible at the end which will make your monthly payments cheaper if the apr is the same, also to bear in mind options have very little bearing in the the final GTV.
  16. With PCP's just check the future values, it might be 2% cheaper elsewhere and monthly payment lower but you might be due more at the end so check the total payable if doing a PCP.
  17. I used a finance company promoted on one of the Youtubers (was very sceptical to begin with) that I watch from time to time, they financed the car through a finance subsidiary of a rival Car manufacturer and the car was purchased from Porsche OPC. To give an idea the PCP was 2% lower than Porsche PCP % rate and was a very easy and pleasant experience. IMHO you need to just ask what the OPC will give you if they take their finance and that value is worth circa 2% off to you. They will and are very keen for you to take their finance obviously.
  18. Have a look at these links for more info, although different porsche models, all the same type info you need https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=48&t=1830160 https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=48&t=1827658 https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=230&t=1824713 https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=183016 https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=1796502
  19. @dpg123 its all dependent on your needs, finance amount and period. If you have credit cards, look at 0% interest offers and max them out working out how much you need to pay back over the 0% interest period to clear by the end, yes you pay a fee but the overall expense will be tiny in comparison to OPC finance. As @Scubaregs states look at other finance providers for better deals. What have the OPC offered in regards to finance if you have enquired at all? Im guessing their APR will be circa. 7.9% or higher on a PCP, or if your putting in a substantial deposit and just financing to have no balloon it may be better. If your going to keep changing then a PCP with the smallest deposit may suit as although you will never own the vehicle you will be just basically hiring it for 2-3 years before using any surplus equity available for the next new one. if like me you don't change very often, borrow the absolute minimum of finance or pay it off ASAP. As not only will the interest you pay be costly but the depreciation will also be another hit, so thats 2 losses as soon as you drive off the forecourt & Cheyenne’s are not the Porsche range that hold their residuals very well. Neither matter if it long term ownership and ability to pay it off ASAP is what you do. I’ve spoken to (but never used) Oracle finance as they have offered to mstch anything Porsche offer, maybe they can do better in the current climate
  20. Marks and spencer were doing the lowest rate around when I financed the bike a few months back.
  21. Thanks everyone - FlyGuy, are we talking moneysupermarket type comparison sites or should I be approaching a specialist finance house?
  22. I took the PCP and paid it off a 6 weeks later. This was discussed beforehand during negotiations and indeed was suggested to me as a work around as my funds would not be available for 6 weeks. Part of the agreement was any charges incurred would be taken into account in the deal agreed which it was. This allowed me to get a new 718 they had just brought into stock rather than placing an order. The car was above my budget, I did negotiate a substantial discount though.
  23. Shop around, Porsche finance is notoriously expensive. Far better options out there if you need to finance a porsche vehicle.
  24. Several years ago that was a common advice on how to get a good price on a new 981 - take their finance deal, then pay it off quickly with a cheaper one. Interested to see if that's changed.
  25. Hello finance experts! We're looking into replacing my wife's non-ULEZ compliant 4x4 with a new Cayenne. We've not financed a car before but it seems the best route these days. Can anyone give me some advice on Porsche finance (Hire Purchase)? I understand that you can pay it off with one months notice (interest). If I took Porsche finance on a new car, am I likely to get a better deal on the car itself / negotiate better options etc? If so, I'm free to then refinance the car myself through a bank (or whatever) and pay off Porsche, right? Is there anything I need to be aware of here? Thanks
  26. You dont realise how good an insurance company are until you either need to claim or something like this happens. I always feel its very short sighted as it will put you off ever using the company again and also in this age of internet lots of others too!
  27. @jimmy p sounds like your end result of %of total annual premium for little over a months cover was fairly similar (and slightly worse) than mine with AIB. An absolute joke. I appreciate this thread as I will also not consider Lancaster like I wont AIB for similar reasoning
  28. So I assume this means you have now got legal protection for the year, and hence could use this on your new policy?
  29. I’m with Adrian flux, and they mirrored my main car NCD for 9 yrs, as I had none to use. Still expensive though after my adventure with a tree.
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