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    I think you are right Richard, after all, that is probably how Porsche would do it if the original unit had failed like mine and they had to set-up a brand new unit. But you know me, (I used to be a project manager), I will always opt for the plan that has a greater certainty of success ...... I can't help myself, it's how I was trained 🙂 Thanks again for all your support cheers Tony
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    Strange, in my experience adding a spouse or partner to a policy usually decreases the premium. Might be worth checking that you have entered all her details correctly?
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    Try aviva, admiral etc. I'm about £550pa for the 718 f/c and a mini tpft with aviva, 55. GF down as a driver on both, bit younger than me.
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    Cougars come at a premium mate.😀 Might be worth calling around a bit, see if you can get an explanation. Does your partner have a car also? If so try multi car insurance.
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    We must have at least quadrupled diode sales between us! I ordered 10 only to find 4 kindly sent foc with the DRL's I bought.
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    That will do nicely, cheers Jason, ordered 👍
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    Its a great low budget OP mod. Two methods for fitting now documented. Give me a PM if you get to carry it out on the car although I have listed all the learning I discovered. Figuring out the clips (pics posted on the thread) and having some trim tools are key getting the job done.
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    I also struggle with the online manuals. I found this link with downloadable manuals. Are these the same PDF's that were being shared at the start of the thread? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ouzakynhqguc3nc/AABotbLZRbNcdOJH7MfHbIaIa?dl=0
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