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    Hey guys, new to the forum. I’ve owned my 98 Boxster 986 for a little over a year now and I’ve made a bunch of DIY videos for it. I’m sure many of you have already seen one or two, but I just wanted to share the playlist that has all my Boxster content. Hope it’s helpful to all of you at some point! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8ogZBhXvNyZTsvWKpnljSlzT1zeECtqx
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    I had a reply from SAGA this morning, which included this: We would like to reassure you that as the situation changes daily, we are keeping a close eye on how our customers are being affected and have been planning accordingly, based on our customer’s needs. At the moment, our priorities have been to maintain excellent levels of service, mobilizing 99% of our staff to work from home and have made a number of changes across our range of products to ensure we are looking out for our customer needs during this crisis, we are relaxing our rules on named drivers and providing additional cover at no extra charge whilst ensuring we are protecting our most vulnerable customers. Whilst we currently do not have plans to adopt similar discount initiatives that some other insurers have, this is constantly under review during this very fluid situation. So, that's a big fat "NO" then....
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    Here is a video documenting access to the top of the engine bay, what a pain but fortunately servicing is not completed through this panel, its applicable to both the 981 and 718. Please consider subscribing to help us grow if you haven't already.
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    The poppers in the lower 3rd form part of the waterproof membrane .....the usual cause of “wet door carpet” is either someone poked a trim removal tool in too far when removing the door card and compromised the sticky strip water barrier or a lower popper was not reset and reseated properly when the door card was refitted.........nb externals water running down the window “sits” in the lower few inches of the aluminium inner membrane so its the poppers lower than that level and sticky strip that need to be watertight, you get away with it not being higher up...... A new aluminium membrane is c£200 from an OPC but you can just use a strip of Butyl “tape” (which is used to fit car windows) if the sticky strip has been compromised. I always remove the door cards from the bottom rear corner, you can get a large trim under there, lever to get 4 fingers under and give it good yank to free that corner, the other poppers come away relatively easy then 😉
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    Some weren't properly clipped in and one was broken, which I think was the main source of the leak. Someone had been there before me.....I think the window regulator may have been replaced a few years back. I'm gonna try a get a few Cayman/Boxster videos up on there so keep watching.
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