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    I think considering how bad they were they have come out well. I have only ever repainted calipers that have been originally red so I’ve never had to etch primer. I tend to put a coat of lacquer over even if the red paint I’ve used says you don’t need it. I find they stay glossier for longer with the extra coat of lacquer. You haven’t got to go crazy, just a couple of light coats will do it 👍
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    Jumped in the car on Monday to drive home to find the from screen covered in thick mist that wouldn't clear and a overheating coolant smell. The water temperature remained normal, after a bit of research the heater matrix seemed the most likely culprit. As it turns out it's not that big a job as it is on normal cars where the heater matrix sits on the inside of the bulkhead in a Boxster it 's on the outside so easy replacement. I expected the matrix to quite expensive OEM £416 or Hella £120. Guess which way I went? Hella, correct. Anyway this how to swap one out. Remove the wiper arms, then the 3 Torx screws on the plastic scuttle At either edge of the windscreen are 2 nuts Disconnect the wiring to heated washer jets and remove the wiper scuttle in the centre you can see where the matrix is, behind the battery under the membrane Remove the wiper motor 3 screws,no need to disconnect the wiring just move to one side Disconnect the 2 struts, 3 screws each Clamp the two hoses Remove the membrane and undo the jubilee clips The matrix is held in by two screws and spring clips Reverse the procedure to finish off. You may will need to bleed the coolant system after I filled the matrix up with coolant before I put it back in.
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    It’s actually fairly straightforward. 1. Remove light switch. Dead easy 2. Disconnect plug. Dead easy. 3. Remove wires from the holder. Dead fiddly, managed to snap a piece of plastic. No big deal. 4. Cut diode to size. Dead easy. 5. Re-cut diode cause you didn’t do Step 4 properly. Dead easy. 6. Push diode into existing wires. Dead easy. 7. Do steps 3, then 2, then 1. Dead easy.
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    I just had a good quote off them, thanks. You only really know how good your insurance company is though when you need to make a claim so I am hoping I never find out!
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    I mentioned a few years ago, that the 996/ 986 17 inch space saver will fit on a 987 / 987S. Since I had to change the rear tyres at the weekend , I took the opportunity to photograph the stowage location for the removed wheel on the rear trunk / boot. Using some simple bungee chords and a rubber mat ( all of which can be stored in the spare wheel cover ) the removed rear 265/35/19 wheel can be carried on top of the rear luggage compartment to a convenient point to have the puncture repaired or tyre replaced. The only addition I would make to the photographed procedure would be to raise the rear spoiler to act as an additional stop to ensure the wheel is supported a little more. The procedure allows for a swift roadside repair without compromising the passenger or luggage already in the car. Carrying a spare wheel will also allow for onward travel should the tyre glue be unable to repair the tyre as in the case of a ruptured sidewall or significant split (ie hitting a pot hole). The first step is to change the wheel , If you buy a used wheel with the foam insert containing tools you have everything you need including jack and wheel spanner. The 986/997 17" space saver is a 105 section , so can fit in the front luggage compartment and still allow space for a suitcase. The next step is to fit the bungee chords to the slots on the underside of the rear luggage/ boot cover. The more chords you use the more secure the load in transit Next you need to ensure all the ends are on top of the cover before closing Place a rubber mat over the top of the cover to protect the wheel and paintwork. It also prevents slipping. I guess you could use the interior car mats for this if nothing else was available. Gently place the wheel on top of the boot cover , remember the rear cover is aluminium so can dent easilly if you drop the wheel on it. And ready for onward travel , Ideally I would raise the spoiler too , to act as additional support.
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