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    i did, broke it down to some on multi and some single.... saved me a right few quid 1500 of them. Sorry you missed a chance to quote i did email twice as well...
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    Having noticed a bit of condensation in the car over the last couple of weeks I decided as a precautionary measure to check the soft top drains. I'd already had a good feel around the carpets and there was absolutely no sign of moisture and to be fair my DD Corsa has been worse than the Porsche, but I felt it was worth doing for peace of mind. Please bear in mind this is simply what I have done to satisfy myself that the drains were clear. So first off all I opened the hood until it reached the point it was as far down as possible until the two side (tonneau?) flaps wanted to start to close. A wee bit of practice had them fully open at the right position. Once opened, it is not immediately apparent where the drain holes are as they are covered by flexible tubing as shown below. In the above pic, the drain hole is to the front of the flexible tubing on the left as you look at it. You need to reach in and "tuck" the flexible tubing out of the way to allow the drain hole to be seen, as in the next pic. This was hard to get a torch in to give light whilst taking a pic as I was on my own, however if you look to the far left you can see the maglite torch, follow the beam down and you will see the drain hole illuminated. Now it was a case of seeing what I had it the garage I could utilise and voila; I managed to insert the end of the flexible funnel into the drain hole whilst ensuring the flexible tubing normally covering it was still pushed to one side. Now it was simply a case of pouring a little water into the funnel to check it was not blocked and was running out underneath the car. Once I was sure there was no blockage I slowly emptied the bottle of water into the funnel, refilled the bottle and repeated. Video below. Once you are satisfied the drains are clear it is simply a case of ensuring the flexible tubes are reinstated in their original positions and close the hood.
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    Hi Folks,Just a note to thank all of you who have come to us for quotations and arranged insurance through ourselves over the last 12 months.We've had another great year and we owe a massive thank you to all members of BoXa.net.We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year!Don't forget, those of you who aren't already insured with us, give the team a call today on 02380 268351 or visit https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/Leah BurtAIB Insurance02380 268351
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    Not sure i completely understand. Did some work today ro try to refinish one spot. Initially tried mixing base and clear together but that gives a very opaque finish without sufficient depth of colour or hence cover. So, have done 2 coats each base and clear with touch up rather than spray, gently sanding each coat before the next one. Have now left the final coat to cure overnight before sanding tomorrow. Looks promising so far but ultimately will depend how it turns out after polishing.
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