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    If you have the problem of the roof not seating in the rain channel correctly, it may be beacuse the tension cable within the piping of the roof has snapped or corroded. If you have already tried replacing the elastic, of which there are numerous other threads on here on how to do, this may be your problem instead. A new cable can be had for about £20, the part number is : 986 561 921 00 Open the roof about halfway, look at the base of the B pillar and you will see the bottom eyelet of the cable. Undo the screw and if you can pull the cable then its broken inside. It's a good idea to put a cloth underneath to avoid losing any screws etc down the drain hole! To get to the top of the cable you will have to remove the front part of the roof from the frame as it is hidden inside behind the top of the window. Firstly remove the two roof latches: Then the screws along the top rail: Then the two at the corners that hold the side seal on: Pull the seal completely away from the front and the side you're working on: Under the side seal is a plastic retainer with four screws that needs to be removed, looks like this : Under that are more phillips screws with one hidden under a piece of rubber seal that you need to pull off, took me a while to figure out why I couldn't undo it with all visable screws removed! Now the fun bit, you need to carefully pull the roof back from the frame, there's a lot of adhesive but you will see underneath an aluminium plate with the top of the cable attached to a spring in shrinkwrap, which you will need to split : Undo the top eyelet from the spring and pull it through the piping, here was mine, or at least half of it .... Thread your new cable through the piping, attatch to the spring, and re wrap. I put the plastic back around it and then electrical tape to hold it. The cable comes with the other eyelet unattacthed to allow you to thread it through so you will need to crimp it on. Then it's just a case of putting everything back together! My roof now sits perfectly on that side so I hope this helps some of you with this problem if you have tried other options. It's a shame Porsche didn't make it from galvanised steel would save a lot of hassle!
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    Having seen Ringer250's car at Castle Hedingham I decided that I wanted to fit the GTS rear diffuser to my car. So a few weeks ago these turned up I had read that it is easier to do this job by removing the bumper and I have to say that I think doing it this way saved a lot of struggling with the clips etc. Started off by removing the five small screws on the leading edge of the spoiler and removing the cover This revealed two nuts that secure the rest of the spoiler to the mechanism I then removed the tail lights by unscrewing the single bolt in the boot and pulling the lamp out. I used a tip that I found on another forum which was to use a cable tie in a loop around the rear of the lamp to pull it cleanly out of its mounting. Next it was just a case of removing the 2 screws on each side behind the lamps, the two from below the spoiler, two from the wheel well on each side, two from behind the bumper near the exhaust exit and two more each side underneath the diffuser. The bumper then could be pulled free on each side After disconnecting the multi plug for the PDC etc. I was able to remove the complete bumper and diffuser revealing the inner workings of the rear of the car which I think are a work of art in themselves. I then unclipped the PDC sensors & the various fixings that secure the diffuser to the rest of the bumper This is the rear part of the old diffuser that clips back in place to secure the new parts. And this is the bumper with the diffuser completely removed. I was a little surprised at the amount of gravel rash on the bottom corner of the bumper after 12000 miles but I don't suppose you can expect to make an omelette without .................................etc. Reassembly was basically the reverse of above and this is a shot of the completed assembly before I fitted it back to the car. The exhaust tailpipe was showing signs that I had not polished it in 12k miles so with a little elbow grease I made it acceptable. I would like to perhaps get this re-chromed in the future but as its welded in place, this will require grinding it off and welding back on. And this is the finished job back on the car. I reckon that the whole job took about three hours including photos and coffee - so not too bad.
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