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    There isn’t much to do when the weather is good either😀
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    Have a walk into town. Not much to see but good exercise! They also have a waiting room upstairs with a TV, sofa, magazines, coffee maker etc and a viewing window over the workshop area. Take a newspaper/ book or a laptop if you need to work.
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    Sounds great, Revolution are a good crew!
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    Now then John You won't be disappointed Mate, never had anything but excellent service from Russ and his lads over the past 5 years, they know their Boxsters
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    As a quick one, with some guided photos. Tools Required - Positive screwdriver - 15mm socket/ratchet for removing bumper bar - HV5 Allen Key or T30 Torx, depending on who has been there before you - Something thin and pokeable How To First up, you'll want to raise the rear spoiler... On the rear of the spoiler cover, there are 3 plastic plugs. Pop the centre of these in, then the plug should easily lift out. Once the plugs are out, the cover should lift off easily by angling towards the rear (the back edge has a lip that needs to clear the metal bracket it attaches to) Once this cover is off, you'll see the 2 x Allen bolts (one at each end) which hold the top of the spoiler to the struts. These should undo with a HV5 attachment, but one of mine needed a T30 Torx as it was slightly rounded off. Once this 'lid' is off, you'll see a bar with 3 x Posidrive screws holding the bumper centre on. Watch the bits you popped in on the black plugs, as they will be loose inside the metal lid. Undo the three securing screws: Next up, undo the screws on the inner arch the hold the bumper corners on. Then you'll find six more on the circumference of the bottom edge of the bumper: Once the fixings are all removed, the bumper should move freely. Watch it doesn't just fall off as not much is holding it on now... With the bumper free, you can unclip any wires. I added parking sensors to mine a while back, so I had these plus the number plate light loom When I installed my sensors, I made them exit the grommet in order, which helps to know which wire is for which sensor Now, everything should be free... If you need access to the exhaust, the rear bumper brace is easily unbolted with the 2 x 15mm bolts (once each end) on the top of the bar itself (shown unbolted below). Once this is removed, it's easier to get to the exhaust. You can also remove the side pieces if necessary, with 4 10mm nuts (one plastic one in the wheel arch) holding each side on Refitting is the reverse of removal, with just a knack for getting the bumper cover back on etc.