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  1. @Araf What is it about this thread that attracts to*sers (I know I started it🤣)
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  2. I have my 986 insured with A Plan as a second car and it costs me £160 per year. A couple of months ago our house insurance came up for renewal and, as it had gone up quite a bit, I decided to get an alternative quote. Anyway I rang A Plan and the price was very good and they were quite helpful so I renewed with them. I forgot all about it until this week when 2 x £25 M&S vouchers fell through the post. It seems that as a new customer (for house insurance) I get a voucher and for recommending myself I get another one. A very nice surprise even though I don't know
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  3. What a coincidence, you own a Porsche and are also on a Barbados travel group I frequent. So, this second job as a scamming piece of shyate, get much satisfaction from it?
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  4. Do two SP30s make a difference? First one added about £35 to the premium of the M2. Asking for a friend 😇
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  5. That's a large increase. It does vary with insurer, some load 10% some 25% for example - it depends on their stats of their risks insured with/without sp30s, also if you go with a budget insurer they do tend to be slightly higher, same with their admin fees (some are cheap to start up like you see on comparison sites but will make money back on changes throughout the year with large fees etc) Generally with specialists, if it's your first/only one then it doesn't have much of an impact - happy to take a look for you? 01635 874646 Club discount for mentioning BoXa.net and obviously I'
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  6. got my first one in 15 years the other day.... i already pay enough ......
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