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    This worked well on the Borders run when I calmly and logically explained to Lynn that she had to relax and enjoy the drive. The specialist says the ringing in my left ear may lessen slightly with time. Oh, and I can no longer have children or pee straight.
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    Are you sure you are married?
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    If it's a private road that means you all own it then get some of those things they have in carparks that let cars go over them the correct way but puncture the tyres if they go the wrong way...she'd only do it once!!!!!!!😎
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    I can vouch for the above. I got the contact details from Simon and sent my spare key, which was in a sorry state, to Matt. The service was fast and efficient and the product is top quality. It feels much more solid than the scrawny original item. I’m sending my other key to get done next week. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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    I suspect your new insurers will require proof of ncb. Your renewal should have stated your ncd accrued, if not give them a call first and ask for the proof of ncd