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    I have the 981 insured with NFU and home insurance also I’m picking up the motor home tomorrow so I called to add that to my insurance £20000 on the MH protected nc And fully comp the normal i nearly fell of the bench when I was told the full cost of adding it on to my policy £38 for the year added on to the policy I thought it was an extra £38 per month at first I asked repeatedly if that was the total cost a few times. I’m over the moon. And they also don’t charge if you to do adjustments like pvt plates and stufff. So im giving the NFU a big 10 stars 🌟 Gice then a call for car and home you may get a big surprise🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤗👜
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    On a 986 it is the Alarm Control Unit which controls the alarm etc but on a 987 it's a different unit, I think, the Rear Control Unit.
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    Yeh I had just washed the car then just wiped them over with a dab on a cloth around the areas I was going to address to ensure no grease or wax in the chip holes, the paint seemed to stick pretty well. In a couple of days I’ll go over the areas with wax to reapply the protection (not planning on driving the car the next couple of days)
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