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  1. https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/recentlyinsured was it worth insuring that MG?
  2. D8EAN

    AIB Insurance

    just a reminder that these guys have sponsored us for a number of years now and to give them a try!
  3. who took out the dealer approved wheel and tyre insurance? anyone made a claim yet?
  4. Have you got any window stickers left?

  5. i see them mentioned over on the macan forum my broker won't do gap and porsche do offer it..... my sales guy was great and if i did go through him I'm sure he'd get a brucey bonus out of it which i don't mind
  6. Need to get this sorted pronto.... dealer wants 600 lids anyone else use another company? best prices got? Will go with dealer if i don't find anything else out there as it will make my life easier
  7. Been so busy of late just realised the MOT is out of date and the Insurance has expired!!! Need to pull my finger out and get things sorted.... don't really want to 'go-compare' so will give a-plan a bash on monday unless they are open tomorrow? also who else is worth a call? my guys are coming in too hot at 2200!
  8. Hi D8EAN,

    I have recently bought a Boxster 987 3.2 and was sent a cd changer for it as it didn't have one fitted, I know I'm old school but still like cd, I have had a look behind all that plastic in the front boot and only found a MOST conector which was located in the right hand corner, It looks like I need the MOST lead which goes from that to the cd changer, My question is where can I get a MOST lead from and also I need a bracket to hold the changer. My final question is, Do you have to run a separate power lead from the fuse box to the cd changer or should there be one there somewhere?,

    Thanks for reading, await your comments,

    Andy Hart.


  9. Hi,

    Is it stool possible to get a couple of stickers?



  10. Hi Dean,

    How do I go about getting a couple of BoXa net stickers?



  11. I'd like to donate...been here long enough...where/how to do it?

  12. @neil@greenlight Can you quote me then please? what do you need to know... ?
  13. and ultimately who does the policy get placed with? or is there multiple choices depending on price i guess? like all these things you only find out how good the insurance is when you make a claim
  14. not sure spacers and lowering springs are performance enhancing, but they improves handling certainly. im 35, not 21 - i find it mad that a insurance company comes up with a no... i'll just have to move elsewhere
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