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  1. https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/recentlyinsured was it worth insuring that MG?
  2. D8EAN

    AIB Insurance

    just a reminder that these guys have sponsored us for a number of years now and to give them a try!
  3. who took out the dealer approved wheel and tyre insurance? anyone made a claim yet?
  4. i see them mentioned over on the macan forum my broker won't do gap and porsche do offer it..... my sales guy was great and if i did go through him I'm sure he'd get a brucey bonus out of it which i don't mind
  5. Need to get this sorted pronto.... dealer wants 600 lids anyone else use another company? best prices got? Will go with dealer if i don't find anything else out there as it will make my life easier
  6. Been so busy of late just realised the MOT is out of date and the Insurance has expired!!! Need to pull my finger out and get things sorted.... don't really want to 'go-compare' so will give a-plan a bash on monday unless they are open tomorrow? also who else is worth a call? my guys are coming in too hot at 2200!
  7. @neil@greenlight Can you quote me then please? what do you need to know... ?
  8. and ultimately who does the policy get placed with? or is there multiple choices depending on price i guess? like all these things you only find out how good the insurance is when you make a claim
  9. not sure spacers and lowering springs are performance enhancing, but they improves handling certainly. im 35, not 21 - i find it mad that a insurance company comes up with a no... i'll just have to move elsewhere
  10. I'm up for renewal in March so may be a good time to get quotes including the mods, then change and purchase mods - job done. be interesting to see what some of the sponsors say on here?
  11. Just been speaking to my insurance about adding spacers and lowering springs to my Audi S3, via my broker. I have sent details of the springs and spacers as advised to them in which they have notified my insurer think its Aviva... anyway, they say that they wont insure my car with these modifications - is that barmy or what? with the world of modified cars growing by the minute and that's not just your RS turbo crew surely it would make more sense to offer insurance and pump the premium up a bit? How do you who have modified your boxster / car get on with your insurance company? I wouldn't NOT tell them about the mods, don't see the point in that. But these are small modifications.... wonder what would happen if I started banging 20" rims on it and pumping it to 500 hp surely some of the Instagram'ers are not declaring all
  12. digging the work! well done nice plate
  13. Will give you a shout Steve once i have a delivery date for the car. hoping its landed by the end of March thanks Dean
  14. AIB Insurance We are delighted to announce new sponsors AIB Insurance. AIB specialise insuring Porsche’s and have access to schemes and facilities to cover those daily drives as well as those limited mileage vehicles. Some of the benefits they are able to cater for: Tailoring your policy around your individual needs;Modification friendly insurersOwners Club DiscountsMulti Vehicle PoliciesEuropean Breakdown CoverLimited and agreed mileage discounts Car security discountsPlus lots moreIn addition, they and they have agreed to provide a 10% discount for anyone who mentions BoXa.net when calling. Please visit them at www.aib-insurance.co.uk or telephone them on 02380 268351 and they will be delighted to assist.
  15. i need them to quote me on something a little more interesting then a polo
  16. my folks renewed their house policy with A-Plan Great service, great policy, great price! very happy and will show them the car policies as and when they pop up
  17. sorry, what was the diff with A-plans package? more ££ or not quite right in the small print? as you say not porsche approved repairers?
  18. cushty!!! i'll be bearing you in mind once the ole smoker x5 comes up and the SL55
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