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  1. Looking for a new Porker :)

  2. ...by which time a basic Boxster with no extras will cost you £175,000
  3. Pension funds make investments that mirror the long term liability they have to pay the pensions to its subscribers. To get the kind of returns that you would expect from a pension, they have to commit to these investments on a long term basis. If people had the option to cash in the investments they'd made in their pensions on an adhoc basis in lump sums, then they would be exposing the long term returns for their portfolio, and the knock on effect would mean that all the other subscribers would have lesser return on their individual pensions. So to cut a long story short, if you want a good rate of return, you must expect to pay for it, in this case, you cant liquidate your investment as and when you want....or translated = "you cant have your cake and eat it"
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