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  1. Good post sure that will help a lot of people out!
  2. BTW still keeping the Boxster just need a cheap daily work hack!
  3. Hi Have the Boxster insured via Adrian Flux and pay around £350 per year,have changed jobs and need a diesel so bought a 52 plate Fiat Stilo(Yes I know but it was cheap) Insurance is coming in over the £500 pound mark which is daft for a £200 car.... Any ideas? Tried my current insurer who wont add an additional car to my policy. It seems I also can't carry over my 11+ NCB over to this car also Tried all the comparison sites,and tried going direct to the companies they recommend but no cheaper! Do I have to bite he bullet (think the biggest killer lack of NCB on new car) Not bothered about multi car insurance as will have to cancel policy on the Boxster and probably will get nothing back? Ideas Guys?
  4. Have you seen the Yorkshire mini meet thread in the lounge? You'd be most welcome to join the next one. Probably Saturday 3rd.


  5. That's the problem had so many loans credit cards as a youngster can't remember who they all were with. Some companies have merged ETC,used to bounce a loan amount on a credit card from 0% ones to the next when the term ran out, so have probably have used most of the major lenders!
  6. All the constant adverts ETC blagging on about PPI Im thinking of looking into it. Has anyone on here made a claim,I know you can do it yourself but basically can't be bother so looking at getting someone to do it for me. Have had loans/credit cards/ mortgages for the past 20 odd years so can't remember most of them who they were with. Im sure I was always quite careful to tick the box not wanting payment protection on the forms. I know some of the companies take 40% or more commission but I will never have the time to do it myself so will take a hit. Anybody recommend a company/gone through the process or is it even worth bovering? Any help ideas greatfuly acepted.
  7. As per Purdie......although warranty wise are one of the better ones(i make claims againt such companies as part of my job) Also watch out for maximum labour rates,use of pattern parts or recon parts supplied by themselves,only paying for the failed item eg IMS bearing would only pay for the bearing replacement not other damage ETC..... Also many have milage limitations and insist vehicle is serviced to shedule(which im sure you do) Had many a claim for eg. a water pump leaking denied as classed as wear and tear,or customer missed service by 1 month ETC. Beware many of these are classed as a 'mechanical breakdown' and not a bumper to bumper warranty!
  8. Nice write up.......just one thing to add....maybe hover the carpet 1st before you lay head down on it!
  9. Make sure the bodyshop is ATA accredited this means they 'should' work to all Thatcham/manufacturer approved repair methods .
  10. Used Flux for years always competitive,never used them in anger though.....as above they are just a broker.
  11. Had to take off the GF as it would of cost nearly another £1000 she had had 2 crashes in a year though!
  12. Had the same quote from AF of £680 tried Aplan but were closed called back AF and got it reduced to £440....result with a lower excess!
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