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  1. Coming back...

  2. Considering buying back in

  3. The price of silver

  4. t*ts, wine, silver, 911 (not in silver)

  5. Agrees with skid, could do with a new mug for the office too. Pm me with details

  6. Where is the arty photo?

  7. NML

    Hubba hubba

  8. My policy renewal has come through which is very low but they have bumped my excess up due to the aftermarket zorst. My excess? £950 so whats yours?
  9. I thought I read somewhere that motor dealer insurance is about £2,500 which is the way to go instead of insuring lots of vehicles seperatly or if insuring high value vehicles. I understood the only rules around this is that you need to sell a car occasionally which most people do.
  10. Head and heart stuff going on here. If you are still thinking of financing I'd say you are going to be better off going private (and being picky) and getting a warranty. Think about the price the guys got who traded in the cars you were looking to get from OPC.
  11. There are so many obvious jokes in there...
  12. http://www.nsandi.com/products/pb/applynow.jsp free withdrawals and potential of a great return
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