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  1. search and the answer is there for you;) https://www.rally24.com/make/Renault-rally-cars-for-sale/
  2. he has a point...what car is not suitable for commuting?
  3. Black is terrible for showing up chips....when I got rid of my Basalt 987 the bonnet looked like the opening credits to Star Wars! ....so I went googling for the screen grab and after 20 mins stumbled across this! I'm sure @John K will find it amusing..
  4. self abuse? thought you were better than that Steve...
  5. @rowbos left the door open there with the nice clear crisp photo we could market these along with the 'posh pr*cks' .... I think I could have my first sale with @rowbos wife
  6. I sorted the custard for you...and olives...really...they're tooth picks....seem you need them too (th)
  7. used for covert car paint correction (by said family)?
  8. mmm...do you have 750 little pr*cks or is that a library picture....I'm calling custard on this!
  9. I ordered one of those tools and it came yesterday...looks well made but I've not used it (and not likely to until the weather is warmer and dryer)
  10. I did better than that in 2013 I moved from a £10000 987 2.7 with 245 bhp to a 981S worth near £60000 and 315 bhp and the premium went down £100 odd quid (even after the mid term admin fee) - so they refunded me when I switched car less than 2 months after renewal
  11. 50/50 move on, if he doesnt like it then remind them of the frightening situation given by them and their actions against a lone woman and suggest Police are involved if he isnt happy...I would not report to insurance company unless intend to claim
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