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  1. Black is terrible for showing up chips....when I got rid of my Basalt 987 the bonnet looked like the opening credits to Star Wars! ....so I went googling for the screen grab and after 20 mins stumbled across this! I'm sure @John K will find it amusing..
  2. self abuse? thought you were better than that Steve...
  3. @rowbos left the door open there with the nice clear crisp photo we could market these along with the 'posh pr*cks' .... I think I could have my first sale with @rowbos wife
  4. I'm sure you wouldnt be the first.....
  5. I sorted the custard for you...and olives...really...they're tooth picks....seem you need them too (th)
  6. used for covert car paint correction (by said family)?
  7. mmm...do you have 750 little pr*cks or is that a library picture....I'm calling custard on this!
  8. I ordered one of those tools and it came yesterday...looks well made but I've not used it (and not likely to until the weather is warmer and dryer)
  9. Stuart21UK

    Stunned - in a good way

    I did better than that in 2013 I moved from a £10000 987 2.7 with 245 bhp to a 981S worth near £60000 and 315 bhp and the premium went down £100 odd quid (even after the mid term admin fee) - so they refunded me when I switched car less than 2 months after renewal
  10. 50/50 move on, if he doesnt like it then remind them of the frightening situation given by them and their actions against a lone woman and suggest Police are involved if he isnt happy...I would not report to insurance company unless intend to claim
  11. Stuart21UK

    Will it be covered?

    sue the bitch
  12. Stuart21UK

    Alloy and tyre cost

    so £700 covers the cost of 2 tyres and 2 refurbs then....I wouldnt bother
  13. Stuart21UK

    981 clear wind deflector MK2

    no, not that posh here Patt...