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  1. That seems very familiar. I insured my Cooper s with privilege but didn't find out til 3 weeks later when they asked for comfirmation of the NCB. I'm sure I told them it was a second car too..... They then told me they couldn't insure me on the cooper with no NCB. Great. They did fully refund the premium though, but of course what would have ha0pened if I'd had a prang in that 3 weeks??
  2. Too late matey. Already gone with bell direct as the chick on the phone was real nice.. Bugger
  3. hey. I didn't realise that no claims only applies to 1 car. I had to insure the Cooper with zero no claims even though I'm the only driver on both and have full on the Porker.. It actually costs me more than the Porker too Bloody insurance companies
  4. Blimey. That's brilliant. You must be the Pope You gotta quote for the S yet, G?
  5. I've just renewed with Directline. £800 with £600 excess. Not bad considering I've had 2 prangs in 2 years..
  6. Jeez. My premium only costs a bit more than that!!!
  7. Hope they're better than tescos. Very cheap, but took ages to approve the claim. Still waiting to get my motor back, although that's probably more due to Lancasters Bodyshop than Tescos..
  8. Tesco for me, although they haven't been too great now I've had to make a claim. And as it's cheap you don't get courtesy car, but got spare motors at the office so OK in that respect. 2.7 02 at £42K is £770 with 7+ years no claims..
  9. Amazing variety of quotes! I'm with tesco... £770 on ungaraged 02/2.7 at £42K and 10,000 pa. And I'm an old fart at 42...
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