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  1. Copyright?

    The problem I have with these manuals is that if there is an error, you don't know it till too late. I've seen people lose an engine because of that.

  2. The bumper can be repaired to be perfect looking once repaired and painted to match by an experienced shop, no need to buy a new one. AS is difficult to match but I swear it can match perfectlt. Been there, done that, both front and back and you could never tell. One thing you do need to do is look at the bumper shocks and cross bar and make sure they are functional. Could save you lots next time. Looking at the pics, I think it is probable they are all right. But look.
  3. Be aware that those manuals are not updated for any recent 986 model years and do not have TSB's applied. So, while they are useful general guides, the exact details as they apply to your model year may or may not apply.
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