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  1. just did the Spyder driving day. What a car.

  2. Warrantywise quoted me £640 odd for my 2006 987 3.4S. Limit is 3k, and can't remember if there is an excess on the quote - not much if there is.
  3. Actus, I did the Silverstone thing yesterday, it was great!!! I did a quick write up in 'Boxster chat' and reckon you will really enjoy it............

  4. I got my confirmation for Silverstone today!!!!

  5. Friends have been there for the past couple of upgrades. I'd like to add you, unless you want to remain solo.

  6. I wont be buying one either, I will rag the ar*e off their car though if there's half a chance........

  7. Ah right I still await the email confirmation, they spoke to my mate about five minutes after I gave them his name and telephone No.

    9.35 on 11 March.....have to get my ar*e out of bed though.....

  8. confirm your spyder drive!!

    did you phone the number,I did about a hour ago ann got a booking there and then........

  9. When I was 21 and insuring my first ever car, an Almera GTi, Directline were absolutely MILES cheaper than everybody else. I'm still with them now after briefly defecting to Admiral. Keep an eye out though - Directline are RBS owned, but due to be sold off soon which might make prices more competitive...
  10. I'd certainly rather have my car back and save a shedload of hassle - on the proviso it's recovered quickly. Which it should be - theoretically, if the system works, Tracker will ring me when it gets nicked, I then call the old bill and they send out a veritable fleet of Volvos. The thief then drops the Volvos and they send up a helicopter. Since my missus will have been last driving the tank will only be 1/4 full at most, and so the bizzies catch their man somewhere around Cambridge and return my car as was, only now empty of gas, and with 80 extra miles on it. If the car's gone for a while I presume they'll find and remove the tracker. So I wouldn't get it back anyway.
  11. Just 30, 3yrs NCB, no points - £850 from Directline (but need a tracker to get theft cover). Second the advice about adding a second driver - means you get better discounts usually. And no, don't let 'em drive it.
  12. When I rang Porsche Insurance it was MUCH cheaper to insure the car with my other half on the policy as well as me, rather than me alone - saving was something like £600 (their quote was daft btw). So might be worth checking to see if you can get discounts by insuring your girlfriends/wives/mothers/secretaries...
  13. Just thought I'd say that I'm speaking with MHC Finance at the moment, and so far they've impressed me. Much more competitive than OPC finance (at a glance), and seem like friendly guys with it. Anybody else taken the plunge with MHC? I'd be very keen to hear any more comments...
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