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  1. Yes it really is a piece of p. I had to remove mine when the passenger window switch failed. I bought a new one on eBay from Lithuania (I figured that it couldn't be worth counterfeiting such a small and relatively intricate part). The new part was identical in every way except from the Porsche sticker with the part number and I figured that it came out of the same factory, perhaps on the night shift. The original switch had 'made in Lithuania on it'.
  2. Thanks for the positive comments guys. The foam probably doesn't attenuate the signal too much especially compared to burying it in the console or even having it in the car in the first place. Many years ago I lived near a very busy road (now the A14) and from one direction I effectively had to drive past my house for half a mile and then double back to get to it. As I flashed by at 70 I would zap the garage door so that when I arrived 2 minutes later the door would be open and I could drive straight in. I did have to modify the remote a little to turn up the power slightly I used a switch with a legend as it had the 'cut out' bit to accommodate the chrome bar. I am going to take the Dremel to one of the blank switches and if successful look out for a decal with a suitable legend.
  3. Almost certainly, just have to source the binnacle with the switches. There is one on eBay but the reason I didn't is because I find trying to locate a switch in that location by feel, especially in the dark is a pain.
  4. There is a kit on eBay from a 991 GT and it has a switch with the legend 'PIT SPEED' which I think is pretty cool but it's £170.
  5. This is something I've been meaning to do since I bought the car. I normally have to scrabble around in the centre cubby to find the garage door remote as I was too mean to specify it as a factory option as it was about £200. I did a similar mod to Mrs Radio's Mini and it works great so it was time to take the 981 apart. I removed the switch cluster behind the gear selector to look into the feasibility of enabling one of the spare switch blanks, The unit simply pulls out by getting your fingers between the open ashtray lid and the switch. This is my unmodified switch There are six screws on the back to open up the cluster and the pcb just lifts out along with the rubber contact pad. You can just see from the pic that the three sliding actuators are missing from the unused positions. So after popping out the blanks this is where I was I had been looking around on eBay to find a donor switch but they are about £100 which is a little steep just to cannibalise it for a couple of parts. So I asked on here if anybody had a spare one and @Greenman offered to send me one that he had. Its from a Cayman and all the positions are populated with the actuators as well as a selection of switch covers some with legends and some blanks. It also has the little chrome dividers that sit between the switches and add a bit of bling. So I fitted one of the donor actuators to the spare slot below the auto stop/start switch and selected a cover with a legend for an option that the car doesn't have (I think its the switch to lift the front end for speed bumps on the 718) I then soldered two wires to convenient pads that connected to the switch contacts. You can see the resistor that I removed to isolate the contacts from the rest of the components. I left it in place on the outside chance that I might ever need to reverse the mod. I routed the wires through a convenient hole in the bottom of the enclosure and soldered them to the switch contacts on my garage door remote controller. I then wrapped the remote in foam to stop any rattles and cable tied it in the space under the switch making sure that it was well clear of the gear selector cables - there's actually loads of room. I then refitted the switch block. The finished job I just need to think of some things to fit in the spare switch slots, ejector seat or machine guns perhaps There's loads of spare bits left from @Greenman kit so if anybody else fancies doing something similar then I have the parts.
  6. So this was the donor deflector Simply prise apart This is what you now have Lift away the mesh and use the frame as a template Use a fine toothed jigsaw to cut the 2mm Perspex And you should have this Check the fit Press the two halves of the frame together and you will have this And this is it fitted
  7. Hi Jimmy. Photobucket now charge for 3rd party hosting and so all the links no longer work. I will fish out the images and host them on a better site and then post the links here.
  8. Doesn't sound particularly cheap. I pay a total of about £950 for four vehicles - 981, 986, Clubman & Astra van (commercial) all with separate policies.
  9. As this thread has been resurrected its interesting to note that this appears to not be true anymore and perhaps the politicians will no longer feel held to ransom by the oldies. Or, it will now be even worse and the party that promises riches to both the old and the young will get into power.
  10. Obviously my car doesn't fall into that bracket value wise, but the reason I went with Marsh originally was because they were one of the only ones not to insist on a Tracker. I don't want the car back anyway once its been who knows where? I'm now with Carbon (who sort of took over the Porsche business) and they seem ok, the premium actually fell £10 to approximately £290 and they haven't mentioned a Tracker.
  11. Yes I noticed that immediately I fitted my Perspex one but as Stuart says the brain seems to filter it out pretty quickly.
  12. BTW I don't think you need a vent in the bottom. I didn't get chance to check Dan's one when we got together a couple of weeks ago but I suspect that the gap is something to do with it being glass. The Perspex one from the States doesn't have a gap and if you put your hand in front of it at speed the wind pressure is pretty low.
  13. The mod is really easy to do and it will only cost you about £6 in Perspex.
  14. Do you have the prep kit for the mesh deflector fitted?
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