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  1. It's an optional extra and I think not often specced. Some have had thoughts like you and paid to retrofit it. There used to be a magic underseat bar / seat buckle combo, then somewhere around 2006/7 it changed to a weight sensor in the seat for auto on/off. I don't know when was the changeover. Someone just paid for it here a few months ago ISTR. Controversial statement - I think no law says you have to deactivate the seatbelt for a front facing child seat, only for a rear facing one. Put the seat all the way back, to minimise airbag reach, and off you go.
  2. According to Richard Hamilton on 3 May, it (probably) won't do a handover, which I think is what you need. Happy to be corrected.
  3. Brilliant ...and if anybody quotes that post entirely, I hope they get banned....!
  4. I think 2.0 is nearly past useful update, but await Richards comment.
  5. Watched a silver 986 reverse out of a parking space last week, right into a concrete corner. I shouted but obviously too late. Pushed the bumper in a good inch and a half. My daughters were shocked. He pulled forward and it immediately reformed, near perfectly. Daughters even more shocked! Driver got out to look, there was barely a scratch. Drove off. “Do all cars magically repair themselves like that Daddy?”
  6. Several years ago that was a common advice on how to get a good price on a new 981 - take their finance deal, then pay it off quickly with a cheaper one. Interested to see if that's changed.
  7. I've been frustrated for years that my 2008 family Toyota doesn't have this, so watching with interest
  8. Sounds like it doesn’t it. Thanks Carlie, good luck with the maternity!
  9. @Araf , given the excellent pics and details in this thread, I'd propose to adjust the title and move to How To, could be useful for others.
  10. Is that a Maestro?! Must be worth a fortune for rarity value!
  11. @Araf I suggest this goes to How To.
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