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  1. Several years ago that was a common advice on how to get a good price on a new 981 - take their finance deal, then pay it off quickly with a cheaper one. Interested to see if that's changed.
  2. I've been frustrated for years that my 2008 family Toyota doesn't have this, so watching with interest
  3. Sounds like it doesn’t it. Thanks Carlie, good luck with the maternity!
  4. @Araf , given the excellent pics and details in this thread, I'd propose to adjust the title and move to How To, could be useful for others.
  5. Is that a Maestro?! Must be worth a fortune for rarity value!
  6. @Araf I suggest this goes to How To.
  7. Have heard several similar stories like that mike Was also going to suggest meeting the guy to pay for the mirror only at a police station, then thought I'd probably get the response "what's a police station?"
  8. If you gave out home address in good faith due to a car accident, and ended up getting threatened, I'd like to think that the police would have something to say. Maybe you don't know where they live but they should be able to find out if necessary. Unless of course it's a caravan of sorts (like my brother's dodgy builder - left a nasty taste paying him, but the alternative was months of sleepless nights - not worth it).
  9. The other side - two guys happily driving along, Volvo comes round the corner, doesn't leave room, smashes their expensive heated mirror and just drives off, no attempt to stop. Both infuriated, get buzzed up by the chase of this arrogant miscreant, and vent with a volley of insults once they arrive. I like the comment about maybe they have calmed down now, and I also suggest 50/50 of a sort (remembering that some mirrors can cost a fortune these days) and if he doesn't play ball then pointing out that two guys threatening a lone woman might give him a lot more costs than half a mirror - his choice. Also point out that next time they phone her if they are anything other than polite it will be considered a continuation of the threatening. did she get any ID like a number plate?
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