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  1. Omar

    Hi mate.

    Trying to contact you about the 987 exhaust tip but cant seem to message you.

    I've been looking for one for a while. How's best to pay you?


  2. I live in Glasgow and own a 987 2.7. 40 years of age. Full no claims. Car is on the driveway. No tracker. 6k per year limited. Protected no claims £280 with admiral. Over the moon with that price.
  3. Yeah right. and it's Flied Lice You Plick Hi R1. I think the quotes you are receiving are brutal. I live in Glasgow. 10 years no claims protected. 1 vandalism 3 years ago, non fault.. 6000 miles a year, no tracker. Wife can drive it, kept in driveway, 55 plate 987 2.7 £280 from Admiral and thats for commuting and pleasure.
  4. Try Admiral multi car. Worked a treat for me and was also the cheapest.
  5. is just packing his bags for a 10 day trip to Vegas.

  6. I've just fallen out with my broker over my renewal. I'm the wrong side of 40, maximum no claims, no points on my licence and Boxster is the 3rd car in the household so I thought that over £1000 was ridiculious (nearly 3 times last years premium), especially when I got a quote of the same companies website - same car, same drivers etc as a 'new customer' which was only £470!!! Do they think people will just allow automatic renewal without getting quotes elsewhere? Been quoted £259 for the same cover by Admiral as part of their multi car Policy - will now have the Boxster, a Mini Cooper and a Peugeot 207 all covered fully comp with protected no claims and 2 drivers on each for a fraction over £500 a year, thought that was a very good deal. Well i am just of the Admiral site for a multi car quote. I am 40. with full ncb and 8k a year mileage.Its a 2005 Boxster 2.7. Car is garaged at night. They quoted £271.52 and £181.68 for my Astra sri sportshatch 1.8. So in total they want £453.20. Thats a good price in my book.
  7. I am with the AA at the moment but will be changing to Admiral. They are the cheapest i have found by far.
  8. Just went onto the Aviva website for a quote. 39 years old. Full NCB. 38 year old partner on insurance. Car garaged. 8k miles per year. No tracker. Great news - you've qualified for our 12 for 10 offer Find out more Normal premium : £445.00 Saving : £70.00 Your Quote:£375.00. Not a bad deal i think.
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