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  1. Lifting and Jacking a Boxster

    This is what I do as well on all my cars. High lift jack for the suv helps.
  2. How to Replace a 986 Tension Rope

    Yes mine pre face-lift, 2000 registered but built in 99
  3. How to Replace a 986 Tension Rope

    No such retaining clip on mine. Maybe it was a later enhancement?
  4. Another insurance scam

    This. The fact that insurance is mandatory means the scope is almost limitless for people who want to bleed the system.
  5. They've written my 986 off

    Really? I thought they would be obliged to give you first refusal... It's your car after all! They surely can't force you to hand over ownership.
  6. Stay logged into the forum

    Snap. And I though apple 'just worked'
  7. How to understand your exhaust

    So which bit does gert remove?
  8. New Website - Your Thoughts Please

    It looks great on mobile view. Only criticism is you seem to have gotten the ordering of the cars the wrong way around, everyone knows the boxster should be at the top of the list.
  9. Use silicon grease if you ever get in there.
  10. PCP / Early Settlement

    Just to finish this off, I took the finance. As a result got a grand off the sticker price, 3 years servicing- all fluids and labour included and 2 years warranty. Pleased with the deal, asserted my right to withdraw after seven days, paid off the balance and it cost me only a few quid in interest. Less pleased with the car but that's a different story.
  11. You're confusing the issue. Admiral do not attempt to equate after-market modifications with factory fitted options. They ask if there are any modifications from the manufacturer specification. They *separately* ask if there are any optional extras fitted to the car i.e. anything above the base model and they don't specifically ask if these are factory fitted or not. These are not IMO unreasonable questions to ask, what they do with that information I don't know but you can assume it's fed into the risk assessment in some way.
  12. This is what admiral do. Specifically they ask if there are any modifications from standard or any manufacturer fitted options.
  13. Or some crazy hard cornering
  14. Multi Car Insurance

    How much??? Do you live in Baghdad?
  15. PCP / Early Settlement

    Thanks for that I was wondering what the 14 day cooling off period would result in. I asked the question of the finance guy at the dealership today directly and he confirmed the same, if you back out of the finance early you keep the discount and the service plan, which they factored into the cost of the car anyway I guess. So triggered duly pulled.