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  1. Revolution Leeds

    Thank you for the feedback Eddie, I'm pleased to read you are enjoying the car and were happy with our service. Russ
  2. That is very true Patt! The guys always feel better to know their hard work is appreciated.
  3. Thank you John, I'm pleased you were happy with the work we put in and I'll pass the message on to Joe. Hopefully the car feels that bit more special for you now too. Kind Regards Russ
  4. First visit

    Hi Nath, happy to hear you enjoyed your experience. Thank You Russ
  5. Feedback On Your Dealings With Us

    All sorted.. thanks Woody
  6. Exciting Times Ahead

    Thank you Clive, I'm really impressed with how the Birstall branch is going and I'm pleased you were happy with the service received. I've passed this on to Danny. Cheers Russ
  7. Exciting Times Ahead

    Thank you chaps.
  8. Exciting Times Ahead

    Cheers chaps!
  9. Exciting Times Ahead

    Thank you Tony!
  10. Exciting Times Ahead

    Hi guys, great news for our Leeds and based customers... you have much shorter journey times now! http://www.revolution-porsche.co.uk/news/revolution-porsche-expands-into-leeds Thank you to all of our existing customers for helping to make all this possible.. Russ
  11. New Website - Your Thoughts Please

    Thank you Simon.. see you soon
  12. New Website - Your Thoughts Please

    VAT prices for Servicing added.
  13. Feedback On Your Dealings With Us

    Thank you Tony, I'm really pleased you feel this way about our efforts. Russ
  14. Feedback On Your Dealings With Us

    That's exactly it Paul and I'm hoping that the our happy customers can help us grow by feeding back their positive experiences for others to read to help them make a decision on where to take their car. Thanks for that.
  15. Feedback On Your Dealings With Us

    I've never said I wouldn't post genuine feedback. I can take it on the chin if it's the truth. It's people assuming I wouldn't. It's difficult to host a website and not have it attacked by a whole host of bots and bitter ex employees or rival companies that want to try and spoil it for you. Our website is a platform to push us and what we do and if people want to compliment us then I'd like to show that off. If they want to slate us I'd like to discuss it with them first and try and resolve any issues. It happens, you can't have everything go your way no matter how hard you work at it. Many people send emails or comment on forums about us, but getting them onto the website wasnt easy before. This is giving us a better way to get the feedback on there and if it means I have to accept it before it goes up then I'm happy with that. That isn't going to change. If someone has something bad to say after we've tried resolving it then I'd be very disappointed and Id expect if they wanted to, they'd leave feedback somewhere in a more open platform.