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  1. Thanks John - glad all went well!
  2. MY06 Cayman S coming up for sale - only 24k on the clock.....

  3. Free Winter check and fluid top-ups at Revolution

    1. mykie


      wish you was closer but coming from essex would be a little much

    2. Russ_S


      BoXa discounts galore at the moment - just saved a customer £200 on his clutch/rms and ds boots.

  4. the Revolution is here!

  5. just tried to PM you and same problem i think....

  6. Hi Trev,

    I think your message box is full... tried sending you a message.


  7. Got a 987S last week!

    1. r1flyguy


      And it look very nice too

    2. Russ_S


      Cheers Gaz, was good to see ya!

  8. thinks life is good!

  9. Don't worry matey.. I have a friend who could possibly log on and remove it!
  10. Those comparison websites are a farce.. that happened to me, I got several decent quotes then when you call them (or they call you or email you within a few seconds of you putting in details) every one of them ended up being at least £200 more or in one instance it was over £600 more. TWUNTS... they put it down to the site not having all the specifics required to produce a genuine quote.. I got a cheaper quote by calling Aviva direct.. a bit of flirting with the girly on the phone got some extra discount too.. I won't be using the comparison sites again.
  11. My word!! did you get all these points driving the Porsche?
  12. Tell me about it......the last one she wrote off it tesco's car park,the one before I ended up picking the tax disc out of the screen to cash it in from a ditch after she had been cut out of it a few days before........and I still let here drive the boxster? (only when im in it after picking me up after a few beers though)!!!! I'd seriously think about getting a taxi instead.... before it's too late!
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