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  1. Russ_S

    Total Porsche Assist

    Thanks John - glad all went well!
  2. MY06 Cayman S coming up for sale - only 24k on the clock.....

  3. So.. do you do Motor Trade Policies?
  4. Free Winter check and fluid top-ups at Revolution

    1. mykie


      wish you was closer but coming from essex would be a little much

    2. Russ_S


      BoXa discounts galore at the moment - just saved a customer £200 on his clutch/rms and ds boots.

  5. the Revolution is here!

  6. just tried to PM you and same problem i think....

  7. Hi Trev,

    I think your message box is full... tried sending you a message.


  8. Got a 987S last week!

    1. r1flyguy


      And it look very nice too

    2. Russ_S


      Cheers Gaz, was good to see ya!

  9. Russ_S

    fek you Adrian Flux

    Disappointing! Sad state of affairs.
  10. thinks life is good!

  11. Russ_S

    Would you

    Don't worry matey.. I have a friend who could possibly log on and remove it!
  12. Russ_S

    Ripped off?

    Those comparison websites are a farce.. that happened to me, I got several decent quotes then when you call them (or they call you or email you within a few seconds of you putting in details) every one of them ended up being at least £200 more or in one instance it was over £600 more. TWUNTS... they put it down to the site not having all the specifics required to produce a genuine quote.. I got a cheaper quote by calling Aviva direct.. a bit of flirting with the girly on the phone got some extra discount too.. I won't be using the comparison sites again.
  13. Russ_S

    Boxster Insurance

    My word!! did you get all these points driving the Porsche?
  14. Russ_S

    Boxster Insurance

    Tell me about it......the last one she wrote off it tesco's car park,the one before I ended up picking the tax disc out of the screen to cash it in from a ditch after she had been cut out of it a few days before........and I still let here drive the boxster? (only when im in it after picking me up after a few beers though)!!!! I'd seriously think about getting a taxi instead.... before it's too late!