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  1. No, these are stand alone quotes, with Admiral apparently coming out as one of the lowest prices. I do have an Admiral Multicar policy which has given us some very good prices for the last 3 years, including my youngest son at 17 recently in a 1.6 Seat for under £1200. Admiral charged £25 to put my 21 year old on my Cayman S policy for a week, which I thought was pretty good too, though I haven't had them quote him in his own right yet in a Porsche. Fortunately we haven't had to claim on an Admiral policy yet, so haven't really put their value for money to the test.
  2. My son is 21 and looking at buying his first Porsche. He has 4 years NCB and clean driving record. The online comparison sites have given him quotes on a range of cars from 986 Boxster S, 996 C2/C4 and 996 Turbo (the Turbo is a bit aspirational at this stage on his budget!), all of which are coming in around £500 to £650, though with a fairly hefty excess around £700. Frankly I'm staggered by these prices. He was only quoted around £800 on a late model 997 Turbo. Several companies apparently quoting fairly similar prices. Are there any insurance experts out there who can tell me what's going on? And no, he's not claiming to be me!
  3. I don't know what's going on with the insurance market at the moment but I recently renewed my Admiral multicar policy. I already had 3 cars on it but my Son just bought his first car - 2002 Mazda MX5 1.8 sport. He's 19 and only has 2 years NCB as a named driver on one of my cars. By bringing his car into my multicar policy, his quote (in his own name!) dropped from about £1100, which we already thought was pretty good, to £720 fully comp! Equally amazing was the effect it had on the existing cars in my policy. My Fiesta, which my daughter has now taken over, dropped over £200; my Audi A6 2.7 TDI dropped over £150 to about £260 and the Boxster dropped about £50 to just over £300. All of us have business use; Fiesa, Audi and Boxster are all on protected NCBs.
  4. I'm with Admiral on a multi-car policy (3 cars). I've just bought a new family car and still have the old one, so now have 4 cars until I sell it. I was expecting lots of hassle and big costs but it's only costing me about £30 for 1 month of temporary cover on the old car through the Admiral policy.
  5. I went with Admiral multi-car too. The Boxster was the cheapest of the three cars on the policy at £325, and our 1.25 Fiesta the most expensive at £1127 (18 year old son as named driver!). I used two NCBs of 10 and 11 years for these two. Saab 9-5 a little more than the Boxster but the wife only has a couple of years NCB in her own name on that one.
  6. I bought a new car recently and moved my existing insurance onto the new car. My broker ( A-Plan -Thatcham branch) were very good in that they issued me with a new policy on the old car with a full NCB discount, on the basis that I can cancel at any time when I sell the car, subject to a £30 admin charge and a pro-rata refund.
  7. I'm currently with A-Plan (Thatcham branch - highly recommended, generally...). Spoke to them today and I've swapped old and new cars on my current policy at no cost (2 months to run) and taken out a new one year policy on a NCB-matching basis with them for the old car for around £400. The deal is that they will cancel it whenever I sell it and give me a pro-rata refund, less a £30-ish admin fee. This looks like a much cheaper alternative than a temporary insurance, though I did need to stump up for the new policy initially. I also cleared out my garage yesterday and for the first time since it was built, it will now comfortably house two cars that it was designed for so the pressure is off in terms of having to find a new home for the 2.7 in a hurry.
  8. Hadn't thought of that! I certainly won't ask too many questions about it! My main issue now is to find a way to keep old and new cars insured until the old one sells. The ridiculous No Claims Bonus system will probably mean that I'll have to use my NCB on the new one and take a hit on short term cover on the old one. Can anyone explain why NCBs are not applicable to however many vehicles you own? I thought insurance premiums were supposed to reflect risk!
  9. I've been running some quotes through Admiral's Multi Car policy and the price for my new car (3.2S Anniversary) is significantly cheaper than my 2.7! I've no idea why this should be? It also turns out that the new Porsche is the cheapest of our three cars at £325, whereas our 1.25 Fiesta is £1130! (18 year old son as named driver on the latter...........).
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