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  1. Thanks John, will be in touch if I can organise with the other party. Mike
  2. Thank you Would a mobile bodyshop be able to do the work? ie http://www.autorestore.co.uk/ Do you think £500 for the work in total?
  3. Hi All Did something stupid earlier today and reversed into a toyota avensis when in a shopping centre car park. Low speed but damaged 2 of his pannels as seen below http://s1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb380/mda00mjc/?action=view&current=IMG_1044.jpg http://s1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb380/mda00mjc/?action=view&current=IMG_1044.jpg#!oZZ2QQcurrentZZhttp%3A%2F%2Fs1202.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fbb380%2Fmda00mjc%2F%3Faction%3Dview%26current%3DIMG_1043.jpg There were no injuries and I am happy to accept blame. I have offered to pay for the work and a loan car rather than for it to go on
  4. Thanks She was planning to buy something cheaper which I think might be the problem she may come up against. The car is a TT 2.0 FSI 2010 S-line which is probably worth about £18000 trade in and she was looking at getting a £12000 golf. Do you think a VW dealer would offer a good price for the TT settle the finance with Audi and allow her to buy the VW. I agree that a loan would be ideal but isn't practicable due to debts etc. Mike
  5. Hi One of my friends has a HPI car loan through audi for about £23500 and have paid 20 instalments on a 5 year HPI loan leaving roughly £17000 to pay back. They were looking at getting a more economical car but I was unsure how this would work given the HPI loan. Would you be able to sell the car back to a dealer to pay the rest of the finance off or is this not an option as the loan is secured on the car. How would people recommend going forward? Thanks
  6. Please see updated lint and you tube clip

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