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  1. On a 986 it is the Alarm Control Unit which controls the alarm etc but on a 987 it's a different unit, I think, the Rear Control Unit.
  2. Do check for water but I very much doubt it's that. IIRC the electrics under the passenger seat is a rear control unit dealing with electrics at the rear of the car. My guesses are: 1. Wiper relay fail (try removal, cleaning contacts and refitting); or 2 wiper switch fail.
  3. @Araf could this post be moved to the technical forum where it'll get more attention. It's not a "how to" post rather a "how do you'.
  4. Have 3 cars and house insured through A-Plan. Consistently good quotes often bettering the premium of the year before.
  5. @Araf any chance this thread could be moved out of the "How to" forum? (And this post deleted?)
  6. Not on insurance premiums! What about a basic mini?
  7. Probably explained by the fact that the Citroen C1 is a learner and new driver car and therefore involved in more accidents. Consequently it's rated by insurance companies as a higher risk car. Solution? Your wife gets a Boxster! 😀
  8. This. Whatever you do on the financial side (and if knock for knock then he should pay for 50% of your repair rather than you just paying 50%) shouty aggressive behaviour is so inappropriate to use against a woman on her own. As your wife is badly shaken and they have her mobile phone number I'd want the matter logged with the police in case more threatening behaviour follows.
  9. With a protected no claims bonus the NCB will be protected. However your premium is likely to be raised (for all cars) before the NCB is applied. I have known people where there's been no discernable difference in financial outcome but others where there has been an increase (but not a "horror show"). I guess it depends on the insurance company.
  10. Remember it's the job that became redundant not you. Your talents and skills will find a job elsewhere. Good luck.
  11. Your phone records might show that you called Admiral if you were wanting to reassure yourself you're not loosing it!
  12. Logging in on second device does log me out on the other. Thought that was normal until I read this thread. Wonder why it does that? Fortunately don't have the irritation of auto log out every 30mins!
  13. You could do worse than given the different forum sponsors a call.
  14. You'll need to pm @vroomba. The Facebook page appears to be an advert for Z-art Design rather than an enthusiasts FB page.
  15. They have a limited number of insurance companies they deal with. A-Plan provided a competitive quote but when I mentioned spacers the company would not insure. The quote with spacers (from another insurance company they deal with) was not competitive by some margin. Another of our sponsors helped me out.
  16. They discount for BoXa. net members and are generally very helpful. This year though they could not assist me as I had spacers (a modification!).
  17. Swap the footstool for a sun lounger and you could catch a nap too!
  18. My idea is to drive the car to the weigh bridge at our local community tip and give the operator a fiver! I admire your ingenuity though If you haven't, read Marseille's thread about taking weight out his car. He removed nearly 100 kilos!
  19. Had to swap insurance company this year as they didn't like the spacers on my car! Seems to be going around. ( pun not intended).
  20. I didn't know that. Presumably you could claim off them personally. Absence of insurance cover does not remove the liability. So, if you have track day cover but cause an accident to an uninsured driver/car then you could be personally liable as they wouldn't have cover. Is track day cover a compulsory requirement of track use?
  21. My own view and I suspect the view of the "man on the Clapham omnibus" is that a factory fitted option is not the same as a modification. If insurance companies wanted certainty then they could ask whether the car has "factory fitted options or modifications" or define modifications in the small print to include factory fitted options. If they do not then following a well tested legal principle the document would be construed against the party that drafted the document. Further the insurance industry will not have helped itself when it has been inconsistent in its own interpretation (in the absence of specific wording). On renewal this year I mentioned I had added spacers. I was asked whether they were factory fitted or fitted by me. It was the latter and I had to change company to one which was not sensitive to my modification. Given the potential for insurance companies to exploit the wording best to be upfront about factory options AND modifications thus drawing attention to your distinction and to check the small print.
  22. Large screwdriver can be used to lever the pistons back into the caliper.
  23. Good job. Looks very smart. Move to "How to" forum?
  24. Did you check the links listed by NebO above? Still working for me.
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