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  1. 1) i went for opc repair option for peace of mind. not a lot more really 2) not sure, hence was also part of my reasoning for opc repair alex
  2. spoke to vanessa at warranty direct today, as long as servicing interval (tiem and distance) is maintained after you warranty the car its ok, just has to be serviced before the policy is taken out. they gave me the example of people covering 8 yr old cars - needs to be serviced before then maintained by manufacturers guidelines. go ther to put it in writing in my policy so went ahead and bought the platinum cover today. hope i dont need to use the warranty, but also now hope they live up to their generally positive reputation. alex
  3. technically ive gone over 30 days between my 12,000 miles and 24k service needing doing time wise , although below 24k on milage. tecnically online they say u need to be within 30 days for servicing, will call tomorrow what u reckon ? will they use this to get out of paying a claim ?
  4. test drove 996 turbo at cardiff last saturday morning. lovely, am in process of looking at finance and insurance and justifying it etc!!
  5. if it wasnt for poor service i would have gone with porsche, just mention the quote and ref number u get from NU direct and they will match it exactly!! they were very poor in how they dealt with my enquiry me so went with NU direct. they did however immediately match the NU direct quote.
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