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  1. It’s actually fairly straightforward. 1. Remove light switch. Dead easy 2. Disconnect plug. Dead easy. 3. Remove wires from the holder. Dead fiddly, managed to snap a piece of plastic. No big deal. 4. Cut diode to size. Dead easy. 5. Re-cut diode cause you didn’t do Step 4 properly. Dead easy. 6. Push diode into existing wires. Dead easy. 7. Do steps 3, then 2, then 1. Dead easy.
  2. Ahh that makes sense. I had this idea that they came on each time......
  3. Eventually got round to doing this myself today. Took longer to access the wires than actually cut the diode and push it in. Similar to @chipmunk I snapped the casing off as well, but it connector clicked back into the casing and after plugging it back into the switch, it looks like it will hold fine. One question though......with the switch left in Home more, when you unlock/lock the car, didn’t the side lights use to come on?
  4. Still looking into buying a Boxster 2.7 but insurance is scaring me. Best quote I've had is £1575, cannot find cheaper - probably something to do with living in Belfast???? I'm 30, married, have the wife as a named driver (she has her own car though), no claims or points at all, full NCB, employed, parked in a driveway, all the normal stuff. How can folk who are <30 yrs be getting quotes of £1200 ???
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