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  1. 987.1 is identical. I went through this procedure recently myself. What never comes across on any video is the difficulty in popping the clips and get the inner door card off. Your video looked like they came off fairly easily?
  2. Starter motor is making the strange whine every once in a while when starting. I’ve looked everywhere online but cannot find a decent guide on accessing it. Plenty around for the 986 but not 987.1 thanks
  3. Certainly it’s under tension, but I am sure there’s nothing on the other side. I must check inside when the roof is actually up to see if anything is visible.
  4. So I got the replacements in the post today, swapped them with the broken ones and everything seems to be back to normal. The old ones were a bugger to get off mind you. Whilst doing it, I noticed on the drivers side that there appeared to be a couple of elastic straps that were connected to the "door pillar".when the roof is in the down position, they appear to be quite stretched. I couldn't see any similar ones on the passenger side. Ive circled them in the photo attached. Picture is taken looking down in the roof mechanism, back of car at the top, front at the bottom. Outside of car is to the left.
  5. A further check this evening and that waterproof membrane seems to be in one piece. No obvious piercings or holes in it.
  6. Thanks for the link. Exactly the same as me. Two bits I learnt though, use wd40 and use the pry bar in the tool kit. Must remember when the replacement parts arrive.
  7. Where and what is the boot membrane? Is it visible in my pics?
  8. Good call about metal ones not snapping and possibly causing more issues....never thought of that. Couple of YouTube vids I watched pointed out about putting tape on the arm to mark its location. What would be the outcome if you didn't fit the new ends pin the same position? Would the top not fold down correctly?
  9. Was a lovely day. Came out of the coffee shop with my son. Popped the release lever/handle in the roof and hit the button. Managed to not pop the lever/handle enough and the roof didn't seem to want to move much. Stupidly I persevered and next there was a loud snap. Turns out I've snapped both of the push rod ends. I heard that Porsche only sell the full arm with the end, so ordered some new ends off eBay. Couldn't find metal ones, so have just gone plastic again. Managed to get the old ends off ok. Access to the arms/ends is a bit fiddly but doable. Anyone had this problem? Anything else I should look out for?
  10. I sprayed lacquer over them ... just to be on the safe side. I tested the lacquer on a spanner and sacrificed one of the decals as a "test subject" ..... there wasn't any reactions etc
  11. @dpg123 I ordered them from https://www.ccdecals.com/. I recall someone else using that site. £4.99 plus £1 for postage. Arrived in a couple of days. They were the white, 3 inch ones. 6 in a packet.
  12. tell me about it.....they were looking great until I was putting them on and started to get them dirty and the odd scratch made with the ratchet
  13. So I eventually got one caliper done and lacquered and back on the car again. Only 3 more to do, before I even go near bleeding them....... Before and after shots:
  14. I thought I’d test the laquer first in case it went t*ts up and ruined everything. Anyone for a fancy lacquered spanner.....
  15. Its not 100% perfect but way better than it was. Doesnt have any laquer on it....should I?
  16. Update. I sanded down the little spots mentioned above. Primed them and respirated. Unfortunately you can see the difference in thickness where I sanded. Ended up wirebrushing the whole caliper again. Will be spraying primer over it this morning and starting again! The other caliper seems to be okay. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Colin.
  17. I’ll be trying some etch primer later on the spots.
  18. Thanks. I’ll try sanding down the small area and adding some primer. The paint stated that primer wasn’t needed, hence the reason I didn’t use any.
  19. Removed the calipers over the weekend and brushed them down. Washed them with paint prep wipes and brake cleaner. Sprayed the caliper paint on, and did many fine coats, however there were always a few spots that didn't see to want to take the paint.....it seemed like the paint physically wouldn't stay on. I've circled these in the below photo. Any ideas? Should I just mask off the area, sand it down a bit and respray? Or do I sand the whole caliper down again and start from scratch? I'm trying the next caliper with a different brand of spray incase there was something strange going on. Other than those marks, they seem to have come out okay, just need to apply the decals........
  20. It’s actually fairly straightforward. 1. Remove light switch. Dead easy 2. Disconnect plug. Dead easy. 3. Remove wires from the holder. Dead fiddly, managed to snap a piece of plastic. No big deal. 4. Cut diode to size. Dead easy. 5. Re-cut diode cause you didn’t do Step 4 properly. Dead easy. 6. Push diode into existing wires. Dead easy. 7. Do steps 3, then 2, then 1. Dead easy.
  21. Ahh that makes sense. I had this idea that they came on each time......
  22. Eventually got round to doing this myself today. Took longer to access the wires than actually cut the diode and push it in. Similar to @chipmunk I snapped the casing off as well, but it connector clicked back into the casing and after plugging it back into the switch, it looks like it will hold fine. One question though......with the switch left in Home more, when you unlock/lock the car, didn’t the side lights use to come on?
  23. Still looking into buying a Boxster 2.7 but insurance is scaring me. Best quote I've had is £1575, cannot find cheaper - probably something to do with living in Belfast???? I'm 30, married, have the wife as a named driver (she has her own car though), no claims or points at all, full NCB, employed, parked in a driveway, all the normal stuff. How can folk who are <30 yrs be getting quotes of £1200 ???
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