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  1. Bid

    Hi edc,

    I like the contrast colour theme on the anniversary model, and have done a couple of mods to my, albeit Arctic not GT Silver, '04 model in related vein. Would a pukka Anniversary have a silver or seal grey hardtop, or were both options?  Do you have any pics of such?  

    The hardtop I have is in Arctic Silver,  but the paint could be improved. Am mulling the opportunity to get it done in seal grey..

  2. Marts, hi, can I get a set of silver background centre caps from you please? For a 986 on 17s.


  3. Sounds extremely high - unless you're under 21 or have some other compromising factor?! On GoCompare, got quotes with total excesses ranging from £250 to £650 or so, from memory - decided to stick with F-J.
  4. Triple-checked the excess, it is £100 total. If we were under 25 a further £150 excess would apply. Undoubtedly the fact it's a classic policy (10 yr+ car) and low limited mileage has a big effect. An unlimited mileage policy with FJ on the Corrado we previously owned had a £250 excess, and was only £60 cheaper. The European and breakdown cover (legal protection too) are good features too. Mazdaman got a vg quote there - more recent car and higher mileage allowance.
  5. Yes, £100 total excess. Have double-checked all the documents they say to check, but will triple check back home tonight in case there's a micro-dot somewhere.
  6. For comparison, have been quoted £347 for renewal of our policy by Footman James (insurer is Royal & Sun Alliance). Classic policy, self + wife in late '40's; 3k ltd mileage (about £80 more to go to 5k), £100 excess, European cover and breakdown inc., no ncb accumulating, but have full protected ncb on main car. Other quotes are at least £100 higher (from firms never heard of before) or/and have much higher excesses. Bid
  7. Simon That sounds like very sharp practice, which your wife's insurer should deal with. Honest John's "motoring issues" column in the Telegraph, and on-line v too, is a good read - on related issues with insurance claims, he recommends reporting the matter to the claims regulators - www.claimsregulation.gov.uk www.ico.gov.uk and www.cueuk.org - why there are three of them I don't know. Bid
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