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  1. Tell them you're a member of BoXa.net, you should get a further discount.
  2. I'm only 25 and pay £1000 for my 987 with Adrian Flux, plus my last car got wrote off and I have 3 points! Just shop around. The current insurer obviously doesn't want the business anymore!
  3. As it happens I've just got a really good deal off them.
  4. Just got a fantastic deal from Adrian Flux. Boxster 987 2005, I'm just about to turn 25, had 2 accidents in last 5 years, one my fault and the other not, got 3 points for being on the phone, woops! Unlimited milage, 4 years no claims bonus, £450 excess, can drive any other car third party, £1095 and they added my 24 year old girlfriend free! Fantastic!
  5. Bell, who are a division of Admiral sent me a renewal of £2000 a ten minute phone call got it down to £1435!! Saving of £565 in10 mins, wish i could make money that fast!!
  6. I'm 24, got a Boxster 987 2005, I pay £1435, got 3 points and 2 accidents one my fault and the other not. Added my girlfriend too which brought it down quite a bit! Thye did send my renewal through at £2000, then a quick phone call to them saved me £565!! I'm with Bell. Great for young drivers with fast cars!! Always had fast cars, including a 206 GTI when I turned 19 and they only wanted £1600!!
  7. I have a 2005 Boxster 987. I am 24 have 3 points and 2 small accidents, one which was my fault, so far from the perfect record. I am with Bell, which is part of Admiral, I have both my mum and girlfriend on the policy as it brought it down significantly. I pay £1435 which given my age and record is not bad! They sent me a renewal of £2000 so I quickly called them and within 10 mins saved £565, it was certainly worth a call!!
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