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  1. Hi,

    I posted the query below and someone suggested you may have a solution?

    I have had my 2005 987 for 10 years and the condition of it is still very good. The exception is the heater buttons which have worn and look a mess. Has anyone found a solution to this?


  2. if you or anyone in your household have another car you can take admiral multicar , I have 3 cars with them that was cheaper than insuring 2 separately - Boxxster renewal was 260 this year (albiet 1000 excess)
  3. No one will believe this but last year I insured our 3 cars with Admiral Multicar. Boxster 987 2.7 , Mazda 6 2.3 , Citroen Xsara 2.0. All my wife and I as drivers SDP & Bus. Fully Comp. Prices were £188, £211 & £144. for between 10 & 12 months. I was a new customer so suspect it will be a fair bit higher this year. I put a £1000 excess on each & live in a low risk area.
  4. The choice of something practical or fun is a difficult one, most of the compromises don't seem to really be good enough for either. I had a 3.0 406 coupe a few years ago, no where near the fun of the boxster, yet didnt feel very practical either, depreciation was way more than some extra insurance cost. My view is that you can put up with something a bit boring if you also have a Boxster, you can then depreciate that with winter driving & long journeys etc. Also you wont have the hassle / loss involved in selling your Boxster. Try admiral multicar (online) can work out very much cheaper
  5. its still OK , the insurance on each car runs from date of expiry of your existing policy.
  6. admiral multicar online gave incredible quotes for our 3cars (£211 for the Boxster) albiet with high excess selected & mileage up to 7000. I don't think NCB makes that much difference on the 3rd car with them.
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