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  1. How would I install this if I don’t have CD changer?
  2. Thanks chaps. Heard back from the garage I'm buying from yesterday and apparently because the car is just over 8 years old, the max claim is £2k. Said thanks but no thanks. I've just emailed Lawrence at Warranty Wise with a few questions, so hopefully all will be good!
  3. Dear all, I've agreed a deal on a lovely 2002 Boxster 2.7 Only thing not sorted out is warranty. Dealer is offering 1 year AA Gold for £400. Does anybody have any experience of this warranty? It says the maximum total value of claims is the retail value of the vehicle, with the single claim limit "will be as stated on the schedule" - I don't have that yet since I haven't bought the warranty! I had a quote from Warrany Wise this morning - it was quite a lot more expensive, but they seem to be more customer focussed. I only really want the warranty to cover the cost of a new engine should the worst happen. I know warranty questions have been asked a million times. I'd just like to hear from anyone with experience of making a claim either on the AA Gold, or via WarrantyWise. Thanks all - I pick up the car next week hopefully, so very excited!!
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