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  1. I had exactly the same problem with my insurer - Bell Direct (see my post here somewhere about that back in April/June) its all sooo shoddy, will give your Peart Associates a try, I've had it with faceless call centres & their ill-trained, desperate for call closure comission seeking numpties. :-/
  2. Yeah thats the kicker, my first transgression (being tailgated by a police car through a yellow light) has technically 'expired' from my drivers licence (and isn't on my new photocard licence) but all the insurers I have tried ask for any accidents/convictions in the last 5 years... So I've 'done my time' but the insurance co. still penalise for it..
  3. Ok, annual renewal time coming up.. I tried confused.com - and cheapest result was still pretty painful so I did a bit of digging.. tried using elephant's website direct, as theirs is quick & easy to re-quote with different 'risks' 2 'convictions' in the last 5 years - TS10 (3pts) & SP30(3pts) and dumb woman who reversed into me in March/April this year (full recovery, no claims retained etc.) if I do the quote with the 'accident' (of her causing, fault admitted, paid for etc.) I get ~£1900 and if I take the 'accident off the online quote and redo it, it does back to ~£1400 (which is about what it currently is) WTF? - so some dumbass hits me, admits fault, pays for etc. and I am deemed a bigger risk? I have legal cover with my policy - anyone know of any scope to recover my increase in policy (not hopeful) Also - my 1st 3pointer will be over 5 years ago in December this year - thus won't be asked for by an insurer. My renewal is in November) is it possible to take a policy out for say 3 months and then start a new policy in January (when it would be cheaper, I checked - removing this 3 pointer from my profile knocks off a further £300) - anyone tried this? yes, 27, SE London postcode, Boxster S - insurance isn't cheap for me anyway but thats robbery! Insurance Scummers
  4. Mmm, yeah prob is age/postcode related. LV wouldn't quote me via the website, 26 and SE London on a Box S. *could* try bell Direct - they were the cheapest for me, but beware if you have a car with options of any value - their standard policy doesn't cover them!! - have a read of my other threads in this section on that debacle Elephant have always been cheap for me on previous cars (Golf/TT) - but again check the small print, you gets what you pays for as they say.
  5. Mmm, they wouldn't give me a quote on the website? - anyone know if this is due to age (26?) do they only insure people who are over 30 or something? and its not like I have 100s of points of live somewhere *really* dodgy Will try ringing them up when renewal time comes around, as I defo won't be renewing with Bell Direct..
  6. I heard back from the supervisor dealing with my complaint at Bell Direct. they have located and listened to all the conversations I had with their agents at the time I took out my policy. they have agreed that they have made a mistake, I did detail the extras, and they took note - however did not apply them to the policy or tell me that they would not be covered under their standard insurance policy terms (a point I specifically asked them to check at the time) so, having spoken to their under-writers they have agreed to honour my policy with the optional factory-fitted extras they have the details of without any increase up until my renewal date (at which time I will definitley be looking for a new insurer!) So, well done Bell-direct for sorting it out swiftly (24 hours) and effectivley. However I find it a bit underhanded that they don't make people aware of this, and it really is buried deep in the small-print of the policy, it also makes a mockery of why they ask for the value of the car - as I assume they use this to calculate the premium, however they totally ignore it when it comes to a claim/settlement. This is something a member of my family got caught up in - he had been driving his Renault round for years and had an estimated value of 5k at last policy renewal - he was under the (mistaken) impression that if it were written off this is the value he could expect to receive for a like-like replacement, however when it was broken into they wrote the car off for a bent door-frame and broken stereo surround and made a settlement offer of about £900... which in their opinion was market value of the car (he had probably over-estimated its value, not being a regular car-purchaser). Lets just say he wasn't happy with on xmas eve! Caveat Emptor, read small-print etc. etc. - but the whole thing stinks as far as I am concerned with insurance companies Something should be done to make the whole process more transparent to joe public when they are taking out the policy, rather than people learning by experience when they get stung after a claim.
  7. Mmmm, the courtesy car cover plot thickens I rang back and spoke to someone in Cardiff, she sorted it all out and charged me the 15 quid (ah well, all done..) Now, following some people's comments that Elephant don't cover 'extras' and knowing that Bell direct are basically the same company, I queried the amount of options they have on record.. and was shocked to find that there were none!! When i took out the policy I explicitly told them that my car had a lot of extras fitted, and whilst I didn't detail them all one by one (was told I didn't need to..) I confirmed that it had approx 16k of factory-fitted options, and was told that as long as they are factory fitted options, and not subsequent 3rd party or retro-fitted mods like re-maps/suspension etc. then it was covered. covered, my ar$e...! - they also said that technically they could decline a claim because I hadn't declared my 'modifications'...! I demanded satisfaction, and they are going to recall the tapes of my conversation and the supervisor will be going over them to find what their agent actually said, in the meantime my OPC are getting the original order sheet for the car with list of options so I can fax it to them. So, very not amused.
  8. Interesting point - but surely you are only insured on the other car 3rd party (unless you have a super-duper drive anything insurance?) mine is 3rd party only on other cars (and IIRC always has been, this is pretty standard) not sure what would happen if you did that and crashed the OPC's courtesy car?
  9. My car is going in for RMS work in a week or so, my OPC tell me I need to arrange insurance for the courtesy car they will be giving me (3-series) I called my insurer - Bell Direct, I seem to have been put through to a call centre in india (based on the accents of people in the background it didn't sound like Cardiff anyway!) They want to charge me £15 for this cover as an extra car, is this just because they are a low-cost insurer and this is an admin charge (call agent on the phone did seem a bit confused, as this probably wasn't on his script... call centres grrr ) as the car is still insured by the OPC whilst it is in their posession. I've done this in the past with insurance costs, at no extra charge? Sadly it also seems standard practice in call centres, if you can't answer or understand the question give 10secs of silence, then re-state your last sentence... "We can provide the cover at £15 per week." pause "We can provide the cover at £15 per week." pause "We can provide the cover at £15 per week." pause I'll call back pause "We can provide the cover at £15 per week." <click>
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