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  1. Yes, I saw that as well, must confess to being a bit confused by it! With Amazon confusion is an art form in my view. Let us know how you get on with it.
  2. Looks like the professional painting pen for car paint (rock chip repair) costs £26.99. Could be a worth it though.
  3. Thanks Nobbie, can't see it covered in there but it is more likely to be damage due to vandalism. I need to renew my insurance at the end of April so will check with them then. An acquaintance of mine had his BMW soft top slashed with a knife on two occasions so I'm a bit wary but my car is garaged so less of a risk.
  4. Sounds good, do they also cover damage to the soft top - most don't?
  5. Hi I'm in my seventies and having those moments more frequently, just laugh them off! I just thought that if you had told the insurance company that it didn't have an immobiliser the premium is bound to be more. Chris
  6. Hi David Are you sure about the imobiliser? I thought that was standard and that it was the tracker that need activating at a considerable cost. Chris
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