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  1. I got an email today too. Three cars worth being refunded.
  2. @Bike Loon, this is at odds with what's on their website. It says: Am I still eligible if I still need to use my car or van? Yes - the refund has been calculated based on the lower driving frequency we’re seeing, so all policyholders are eligible, including those who still need their vehicle. Link below https://www.admiral.com/stayathome
  3. We have an Astra as our family car. It's needing a new windscreen. We're insured with Aviva. They don't consider claiming for a windscreen as a claim that would affect NCB. My question is, are there insurance companies out there that would class it as a standard claim therefore affecting subsequent premiums? I'm obviously a bit concerned for when we renew and possibly move company.
  4. Jonnyspin, thank you for the offer. I used to be with Aviva a couple of years ago, however they introduced a very high excess for any repairer you happen to take your car to other than their own approved one. Something I wasn't particularly happy about. By the way, that's a good spec of boxster you've got there.
  5. On the basis that Nick_USA has confirmed that the glass is not available separately, then it would be a claim on the main policy. I'm just thinking worst case scenario if it did ever get broken. Frankly, I've never heard of one going. It may be worth putting the question to someone like K Baggs, as paying a couple of hundred quid for a replacement glass (if an upholsterer can do it) may be cheaper in the long run, than claiming off the main policy. The problem is in my line of work it is all too often our cars are vandalised. Haven't had it happen yet - touch wood - but I know plenty have p
  6. On the basis that Nick_USA has confirmed that the glass is not available separately, then it would be a claim on the main policy. I'm just thinking worst case scenario if it did ever get broken.
  7. I am just in the process of getting insurance quotes for this year's insurance. Firstly, does anyone know if on the 987 the rear screen is available separately or does it come as part of the soft-top? Also, does anyone know if the rear screen is covered under the standard glass cover of the policy (£75 excess) or would a broken window be treated as a regular claim? My admiral renewal has come through and, just like every other company they have bumped up the renewal. This appears to be par for the course for insurance companies. I have phoned them and they have lowered the price but I still wa
  8. has not set their status

  9. I use Admiral. They seemed very reasonable. Don't know about mirroring NCB though. Congrats on the purchase. Looks like it's got the Aerokit 1 added to it. My previous boxster had one of these kits as a factory fit.
  10. Stupid question, but, could you not just tell them to eff off and go elsewhere for your insurance?
  11. Thanks for the reply MikeJ, I think I'm going to go ahead with it.
  12. Does anyone out there have a dealer warranty? My dealer tells me they can sell me one for around £720 and includes porsche assistance. However on asking them if they could send me details of whats covered, they were less than forthcoming. Does anyone have a copy of the agreement for the warranty? Any chance some one could scan and post them for me, or give me a pro[er idea as to whats covered and more importantly whats not. Has anybody out there ever made a claim on this warranty and if so did you have any problems? N.B. my car is a 99 S reg with 68K miles, so can't get a comprehensive 'warran
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