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  1. You should build separate no claims bonus, so I have 14 years on my Porsche but when I insured the 107 it was a new policy so zero no claims but when that renews it would have 1 year. same with bikes, separate no claims to your car but if you have a claim on your bike you have to declare it on all policies. Great huh
  2. Big thread already running on these
  3. Ive got a spare one mate, ping me your address and its yours
  4. Well I got them today and I'm not going to fit them. The surround to the unit is chrome and I don't think it will look right with the black. Jonathan is happy to take them back unless one of you wants them for the £280
  5. Just done the diode as per the first post, took literally 5 mins. Have ordered a set of the front DRL's from Jonathan, will post pics when fitted
  6. Here are the prices for the lights without ebay... I can do the following 'from': Fronts: £265 Side repeaters: £115 Rears: £375
  7. I would imagine its a typo as he has them on ebay at £289 its more likely to be £215
  8. Yeah I figured that would be the case. I think if its combined with the diode mod it will work fine
  9. Thai version look the same, it does say on the listing with no additional fees but not sure how http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191844480463?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  10. Ok, I got a reply from the seller as follows... Just in the switch, it's side lights for the thin bar (good at night on its own), but for the DRL, pull switch out one click into front fog mode. Looks stunning. So in standard guise they are not really DRL's as the only way to have them on in the daytime is to have the sidelight on and fog light setting out. However, I am sure I am right in thinking that if you combime these with the diode mod they should work with the switch in the home setting? Looking at you @Guvs lol
  11. I sent a message to the seller asking the question, hopefully they are plug and play
  12. Does the ebay kit come with the diode and instructions ? I see the UK one is £289 and the Taiwan advert is virtually identical but £50 less. Looks loads more modern I think
  13. These ones on ebay... how easy are they to do? Is it literally swop the units over and fit a diode?
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