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  1. Left work tonight, wound the window down and bang,  cable snapped.  Bummer:wacko:

  2. Took the boxster out yesterday for the 1st time this year.  Didn't realise how much I've missed her!!!

  3. I claimed off admiral in 2012 on the boxster and I used a local body shop who I know and trust. The only difference is if you don't use their recommended repairer you are required to submit quotations from 2 companies for the work. Phill
  4. Just added the boxster to my multicar policy with Admiral. £126 fully comp garaged. £116 fully comp parked on the driveway!! How do the work that out. Policy runs from 1st may to 4th Feb so only 9 months but at £116 it's a no brainer Phill
  5. Real 1st day out in the Boxster today. Ride up to Malton for the big breakfast, then across to Scarborough for cuppa on the seafront, then back home. Cobwebs blown off, Job's a good one

  6. Just enjoyed Porsche Experience at Silverstone this morning

    1. PowerMalc


      I was there too. Fantastic day. Cooked the tyres though!

    2. topradio
  7. Topgear Now 911 against retro 911 style

  8. Why is my alarm going off!!!

  9. Hi. New to the site and to Porsche's. I've just bought a 53 Boxster with loads of options. added it to my Admiral multicar policy and the premium is £127 until March 2011. They even mirrored my NCD. Well pleased. Phill
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