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  1. Hi Andrew I am interested in your Boxster you have for sale. Is it still available?

    Thanks Colin

  2. So... take the car off the road to protect it from the salt and it repays me with a puddle of oil.! Joy.!

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    2. T24RES
    3. Andrew McD

      Andrew McD

      One washer later and all is well..... :-)

    4. T24RES


      cool, i have one of those and a cap spare :)

  3. Now to play hunt the oil leak..!

    1. T24RES


      I must admit the Boxster is a never ending challenge

    2. Andrew McD

      Andrew McD

      Lol... You think your there and then something else appears. Irritatingly most of the things i'd just sorted on my last car before it sank.

  4. Lovely sun.... must deal with the squeaking windows.

    1. T24RES


      I did this on the passenger side, last 6" squeaked. Door card off, spray lube on the wheels where the cable runs and silicon lube the little plastic sliders = Smooth squeak free action.

  5. Suspension mod... fill the car up with petrol.!

  6. dayinsure, seems to not like boxsters. :-(
  7. Hi Steve, funny you used to insured my old MGF for years and wifes cars up until this year. We are borrowing a colleague of my wife's Boxster to test drive and get it checked over by our local specialist. Her insurance gives her 3rd party and fire and theft, but the insurance we have/had on the old Boxster doesn't cover the use of any other cars even 3rd party. We have looked into being added to the owners insurance as named drivers but it isn't possible. So that's the problem, any help would be welcome. p.s. We'll need new insurance on any new Boxster, when we find one....... ;-)
  8. Anybody know of a company that will give temporary insurance on a Boxster that you don't own?
  9. Hi, my wife and I are with Bridle and are both a few years younger that your good selves. Ours is £350 a year. Confused did exactly that, as the ones it recommended to be the lowest price, turned out to be anything but when we phoned them.
  10. Well I think we'll end up going for Bridle, £350 including 5 trackdays.!! :-)
  11. Just spoken to Bridle, so fingers crossed.
  12. Hi, Can anybody recommend an insurance company? Thanks, Andrew.
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